YOU -Dennis Bergman

The world says you need to work harder and do better. 

Telling you that you are not good enough or exalting you above others. 

The world allures you into temptation for things that hurt you. 

That lead to death. 

deceiving the hearts of men. 

and by the world I AM talking about MEN who do not confess Jesus Christ let alone follow HIS instruction and example. 

JESUS says you are wonderfully and fearfully made. 

Precious in HIS sight. 


YOU are HIS everything. 

Those who know HIM know THIS. 

YOU do not have to PROVE yourself or your love to HIM. 

YOU just need to pray and allow HIM to answer. 

Seek JESUS CHRIST and YOU will never lack any good thing. 

No matter how many lies the evil one hammers you with. 

YOU are beautiful in HIM. IN SPIRIT and in TRUTH. HE WILL REMOVE THE WANT in us all to be pleasing to men. 

And meet our needs so we can truly be PLEASING to one another.

 serving faithfully with grateful and cheerful hearts. others above self. 

Next time the LIAR comes at you with anything but love walk away. 

Or overcome evil with good. 

DO NOT LET the snake whisper in your ear. 

OUR GOD has a WISE council with a witness. 

OUR father makes clear His will for us.

He is not the author of confusion. 

That is the world and the desires of YOUR wicked heart. 

As JESUS has made clear. 

The hearts of men are deceitful. ONLY IN HIM can we find our true beauty and love for all people.

 I pray you understand that sooner than later.

 Time is short. 

 Thank you my blessing. 


 HIS glory is YOU friend


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