Wheat and Tares

Thank you Jesus for the strength and courage to live past the things around me that are not of you. 

Thank you for my faith in you and the promise you have made for us all. 

Thank you for your mercy when I let the world in my heart and for your forgiving spirit of love when others afflict me with carnal thinking and spitefully use me. 

YOU continue to lead me through the things I do not understand and transform my heart making me more like you as time passes. 

YOU alone are my understanding and wisdom in my time of need.

Thank you for keeping us all safe as we seek you and allowing us to share in your love without fear and doubt. 

You remove the things in us that are not good. 

YOU allow us time and the choice to do good unto others. and give us the power of your holy spirit and your blood in your name. 

YOU are all that is good in me. 

Especially in a world Trying to shut you out of our hearts. 

Thank you for keeping me close to you and my heart in your hands. 

YOU are faithful. 

Help us to be to. 

This day and always. 


 praise your holy name. 

Above all else. 

 I love you and my mind is on you always. — with Mark Grenshaw and 47 others.


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