THE TRUTH.-Dennis Bergman

I love you JESUS. 
May I always demonstrate my love for you the way I love and care for those in my life. 
May I be a blessing this day and edify your living loving body. 
May others see the bridge you are between us and the LOVE of our Father.
 The bridge you are in relationship where we lack mercy.
 YOU give us forgiveness. 
YOU alone deliver us to the promise you have set forth in our lives. Thank you for all you are doing in the many lives you are touching this day. 
And with each new day I pray YOUR word is HEARD.
YOU alone are the TRUTH where LOVE is concerned. 
YOUR righteousness has made me who I AM even when I AM NOT. thank you for loving me into grace and purity, 
Without you I AM a sinner looking to please myself and find acceptance from men. 
YOU remove my fears and doubts. 
YOU lead me in all I DO like a bridge over troubled waters. 
YOU never let me go. 
YOU never fail when It comes to protecting my heart. 
Thank you for this day and the things I have. 
Thank you for helping me overcome the way I THINK and allowing me to walk with you where my thoughts are of peace. of HOPE. and GOOD. 
No matter how bad things get or how I FEEL, YOU never let go and you alone cover the things in me that keep me from giving you all I HAVE. all I AM. and I DESIRE. you are my KING.
 MY way. 
My first LOVE.
 I love you and give you all of me the best I can. 
Please be with and protect all those who seek YOUR face this day. reveal yourself to my people. 
Show them you are in control even in a world that has fallen. 
YOU keep me in the spirit. in your promise. 
Do the same and more for the lives I touch. 
Open Hearts. 
Open minds. 
Open eyes and ears to see the deceit and temptations. 
And also to Feel YOUR GLORY. YOUR LOVE. for US. ALL. thank you for surrounding me with others who care for me and for giving in me a heart willing to let go of the world and the things in it so I may care for them. 
Thank you for coming for me and changing the way I think. YOU are all that is good in me. 

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