DENNIS BERGMAN: "Public Schools"

If YOU have children in PUBLIC SCHOOLS please take time to KNOW what is being done to them through conditioning and control being exercised over them. 

We have let our children fall into the hands of SATAN through men who serve HIM. 

This entire LIFETIME is a LIE. 

only the LOVE we feel is TRUTH where YOUR heart is concerned. 

MEN are at work to implement lies cheating killing and destruction in all our lives.

 OUR CHILDREN NEED US. OUR CHILDREN NEED JESUS MORE than ever in a world placing expectation and burdens on them. 

With television turning their hearts against JESUS and making it ok to think of SELF, it is time to care. 


They are our most precious resource being stolen from us. 

After many generations where we have all been trained to accept this crap, and have had JESUS REMOVED from the PUBLIC SQUARE, 

We are being divided and turned to war against the very children JESUS came to set free. 

I pray you place your children first and fight for them through prayer and relationship. 

I pray LOVE covers them while you are separated and the evil things being taught to them are removed so they may come to know and trust JESUS. 

And love one another in return being loved back. 

Thank you for those of you who take time to care for our children. 

YOU are doing a great thing. 


thank you JESUS for comforting me when I can DO nothing to help my own children 

I trust you will return them unto me one day.

 And in the time I wait keep my heart open to love without bitterness. 

Help to always forgive and not allow the evil one to place thoughts in my mind. 

I give you all I AM Jesus and ALL I HAVE.

 including my own children. 

I AM sorry for what YOU feel seeing your own children going through this world. 

Help me help them ALL. 

and lead a nation back to you. 

YOUR will be accomplished in all I AM by my faith alone. 

Thank you for the works produced in my life and the worship I have for you. 

our secret place. keep me from getting caught up in the systems of this world. 

Meet our needs this day and help us meet the needs of others.

 Always thank you Father thank you beloved.

 I pray you share a love with your children found in JESUS CHRIST where forgiveness is always ready to give.


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