-the Preacher: " Jesus is coming to THIS GENERATION "

Jesus is coming to THIS GENERATION

Don't tell me your children will grow up;
they won't.

Prepare them for the Soon Return of Jesus.

Don't tell me to plan an education and avocation;
just like noah you better be planning an exit route.

This is no joke and it isn't a doomsday message.

It's called being stupid and you get to decide who is.

Prepare to meet your God and you may be wise;
Pray to be counted worthy to be spared and maybe you will.

The rapture is promised to no one and many will be left behind.
Who we are not told.

But make no mistake, you will see where you go by what you sow.

Sow to the Flesh, you will reap corruption.
Sow to the Spirit and even if you are left behind;


No matter the Way; you better get ready.
-the Preacher


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