DAILY DEVOTIONS: "the word of the Lord " -Raul Ries

God's Word
Now the boy Samuel ministered to the Lord before Eli. And the word of the Lord was rare in those days; there was no widespread revelation.
1 Samuel 3:1
Underline this, And the word of the Lord was rare in those days. People did not know what was going on. They did not know the Word of God, and Eli the priest did not know what was going on. He was not listening to the Lord.
Think about it. If he was hearing from the Lord, he would have known what was going on. He would have known God was not pleased, and he would have disciplined his children. If he really had the fear of God, he would have removed the leaven from the temple, even though it was his own sons.
These same words could be spoken today. The Word of the Lord is rare, which means not everybody is teaching and not everybody is listening. That is the bottom line. That is what is happening today.
It is all about entertainment. They want to show you something to shock you. It is happening all over the United States right now. The Word of God is no longer the main thing. People no longer come to church to hear from the Lord. They come to be entertained. They do not come to be convicted by the Word. They come to feel good.
Just as God removed Eli and raised up Samuel, He will remove those who do not know His Word and put His priests in His pulpits.
The Bible is not an entertainment. It was never designed to amuse. -J. I. Packer-


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