DAILY DEVOTIONAL: "God-honoring missionary" -A.W.Tozer

The Use of the Missions Dollar

The God-honoring missionary society will be quick to invite inspection of the missionary dollar. But the gay adventurer who wants to go a-roaming at the honest Christian's expense will feel hurt and will no doubt accuse me of attacking the missionary enterprise. Forty years' association with a society where missionaries practice frugality, self-sacrifice, lifelong committal to the task, lonely pioneering, painstaking language study, and where deprivations, dangers and actual martyrdom are accepted as matters of course should acquit me of this charge.

The Christian with money to invest in world evangelization should, as he shall surely face his Lord at the judgment, approach his responsibility carefully. He should demand a reckoning and insist upon knowing how his money is being spent. And he should see to it that he is helping to support only humble and devout men and women who love not their lives unto death. Not one cent should he give to aid the selfish activities of the happy adventurer who seeks to pass for a messenger of Christ.

This whole thing is too sacred to treat lightly; and the judgment is too near.


He said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation." Mark 16:15


Understanding of the biblical principles of missions is invaluable in evaluating missions programs. Is the communication of the Good News primary? What about the use of "work specials"? Is their inequity in their use? Is the national church being drawn into mission dependency? Are churches being planted that plant churches within and beyond their own ethnic identity?


Lord, may I not forget that until the Good News is shared with people around the world their most basic need is unmet.


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