THEY MAKE DO DO out of What God has done because they don’t Pray.


I don’t know about you but the latest “craze” “fad” and self help idea to come along in Christendom is to sign a petition. Whether to “free someone” “protest something” “contest something else” or change. People tend to “Sign a Petition” more than actually Trust in the Lord because it is easier “to do” than to wait.

Prayer CAN BE a petition but the most effective form of prayer is negotiation. Negotiation NOT BARGAINING.

I suppose Moses could have gotten about a million signatures and certainly had a million Jew march at Mount Sinai, but God in talking privately to Moses said; “The People have sinned so I will wipe them out and start over with you and build a great nation from you”


Somebody could have said at that moment “THY WILL BE DONE” and for the Jews it would have been done and over with and we would all be MOSAIC……sort of. But Moses negotiated.

He talked to God. He reasoned with Him.

ABOUT THE SAME THING happened to Abraham. God’s messengers show up as angels and strangers and Abe decides to feed them because he suspects there is something going on. The angel of the Lord opens up and tells Abram, “YO” “DUDE” Sodom is dusted and Gommorah is busted and we’re going downtown on them cuz God heard it and it ain’t good'

ABRAHAM negotiates. ABRAHAM talks to and with the angels. ABRAHAM has a conversation with the Almighty.

Lately I am sure most of the world has seen Christian Protest. I am sure the World has seen Christian Contest some law of issue someone doesn’t like. I am sure the World has see Christian Politik and even take up arms in the Name of God.

What most Christians and the World does not see is the ONE PERSON who actually causes the Change that Happens that no one sees.

The person who not only prays, but has a conversation with God that causes some people to think some silly petition or foolish vote really made a difference with God in control when all along it was one man or one woman negotiating with God to save a Nation, a person, a soul.



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