WordDevo: “THE TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN:” [WDPW-001] Prophecy


If you consider the Largest Christian Organization in the World (whether you accept them or not is irrelevant) is about to make a HUGE DECISION that will likely be the person who sells out his denomination to actually become the prophesied FALSE PROPHET as it was stated by God would happen in our generation.......

I would say THAT is a pretty big deal and should in some way affect ALL of CHRISTENDOM in some ways and especially those of the "Spirit of God".

As we are twilighting into the Pre-Great Tribulation Phase where if you haven't learned to be filled and walk in the Spirit, I would hate to think of anyone being half full that knows the times we are in not being ready for a "rapture" of some.........

Then we can with accuracy say a "time of God's grace and mercy" is withdrawing to the time God said:

“He that is Unjust; let him be unjust still. He that is merciful merciful still. He that is holy holy still........”

What you are is being confirmed unto as you have made your choices and will soon reap as you have sown…,

and if you are to be an overcomer, you had better know what Jesus said to do in these times.

In others, the party is about over and last call was already given and now we will see as darkness fall those in the Light shining brighter and those who should be light acting more like darkness and those in darkness getting darker still.

This "spiritual tribulation" we are in precedes the Rapture and the Great Tribulation and "reveals" attitudes, actions, intents and "sins" of men.

It is a humbling time and many will have no idea they are in it or reveal themselves by thier own words much less thier deeds,



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