WordDevo: "the Last Crusade"

of sorts

Billy Graham did a Crusade
the association made a movie
some people 'got saved'
some people got assured

Today the seed will germinate or terminate
That which was good soil
they will grow, develop, 
become plantings of the Lord

They may even one day bear fruit.

The number will be few.


God desires that all would be saved
He stated his will that none should perish.

Most of those who "pray" don't stay.

The majority of people who make a profession
often admit in confession days, weeks, months later
it was a spur of the moment idea.

Some are led astray by the devil
some are led by their own lusts
some are not followed thru
some are never talked to.

Some even think they are saved;
not matter what they do now.

Jesus Said 
Follow me

You cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven
without knowing and following Jesus

The End of your Life 
will determine if you have eternal life.

He who has the Son........
has life.

Follow Jesus
because he said not everyone that says to me Lord Lord
Shall enter into the Kingdom of God

God Gave Billy Graham What He Asked For
One Last Warning

"Deny Yourself, Take up your Cross, Follow Jesus"


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