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November 29, 2013 –FRIDAY- Kislev  26, 5774

   Vol I. No.1


"News is the propaganda of the truth" -MJS

China sends aircraft to new air-defense zone, 
but dials back warnings


China responded on Thursday to growing international defiance of its new air-defense zone in the East China Sea both by sending advanced fighter jets to the area and trying to play down any threat of military retaliation—underlining the confusion and escalated tension over territorial disputes in East Asia.

The announcement by China's air force that it had sent fighters and an early warning aircraft to patrol the zone came just a few hours after Japan and South Korea, following the U.S. lead, said their military aircraft had flown into the zone without notifying Beijing over the past few days, and would continue to do so.

The U.S. challenged the zone's credibility on Tuesday by sending in two B-52 bombers without informing Chinese authorities, who had warned when they declared the zone on Saturday that such incursions would be met with unspecified "defensive emergency measures."




Chinese flies fighter jets into disputed air defense zone; 
Japan remains defiant



Featured News 

Iran deal a failure, says Israeli
ex-national security chief

Rouhani touts 'brotherhood' with
UAE as Iran looks to improve
relations with Gulf states

Netanyahu vows to banish ‘darkness’
of Iran nuclear program

Hanukkah 2013: Thanksgiving, Hanukkah fall on rare same day 

UN rings in 'The Year Of Palestine' by passing six resolutions condemning Israel 

‘Joint US-Israel drill to
serve a warning to Iran’

Ison: Critical time for
‘comet of the century’

Congress, White House Set for
Iran-Sanctions Showdown

Iran Checklist: What Needs to Happen
(and What Could Go Wrong)


Latest News 

Hezbollah Policing Lebanon Streets 

Awesome New Digital Billboard
Identifies Flight Numbers as
The Planes Pass Overhead

New, Aggressive HIV Strain
Found in West Africa

Syria Report Reveals Refugee 
Children's Bleak Future

Nigerian police destroy 240,000
bottles of beer in public
display of strict Islamic law

Thanksgiving: Food stamp cuts
leave pantries struggling to 
meet rising need

Christian bookstores create Amazon
like app for the faithful

U.S. military: 'Improvised launch 
device' found outside base
in Japan

Karzai says U.S. drone strike
killed child, won’t sign security
deal if similar attacks continue

UN atomic energy chief: Iran
invites inspectors to visit 
Arak nuclear facility

At least 8 dead, dozens hurt,
in quake in southern Iran

Comet Ison destroyed
in Sun passage

Turkey picked clean, shoppers 
head out to pick up deals

Egyptian Christian rights group
alarmed by consideration of
Sharia law in new constitution

Bitcoin price zooms through
$1,000 as enthusiasm grows

U.S. Holocaust Survivor Reunites
with Polish Savior

World Cup Stadium Collapse:
Two Killed

Pizza Hut offers job back to manager allegedly fired for refusing to open on Thanksgiving 

CBS suspends Lara Logan and 
producer for Benghazi report

Nurse dies protecting patients in 
Texas surgical center stabbing

The US housing market in charts 






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