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November 30, 2013 –SATURDAY- Kislev  27, 5774

   Vol I. No.2


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Iran will not dismantle nuclear sites


Iranian President Hassan Rouhani 
Photo: AFP / Getty Images

In an interview with the Financial Times on Friday, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani clarified that his country has no intention of disarming its nuclear facilities.

"One hundred percent (no)," he said when asked whether he would concede to the demands of Israel and US hawks. The Iranian president stressed throughout the entire interview that Iran maintains the right to enrich uranium for peaceful purposes. He also tried to minimize the effect that the sanctions are having on Iran.

Rouhani also noted that the interim nuclear deal that was struck and the future negotiations with the world powers is "the best test" of whether trust could be restored between the US and Iran. "Iran-US problems are very complicated and cannot be resolved over a short period of time. Despite the complications, there has been an opening over the past 100 days, which can widen later," he said.



Netanyahu vows to banish ‘darkness’ of Iran nuclear program


Melding the Hanukkah holiday and foreign affairs, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu solemnly vowed to serve as a “light unto the nations” and act against Iran’s nuclear program should diplomacy fail Thursday night.

Speaking at the Western Wall for a Hanukkah candle-lighting ceremony, Netanyahu compared Iran’s nuclear program to a darkness that would be forced out by Israel, referencing a popular children’s song for the holiday.

“We came to drive out the darkness, and the largest darkness that threatens the world today is a nuclear Iran,” he said. “We are bound to do all we can to prevent this darkness. If possible we will do this diplomatically, if not we will act as ‘a light unto the nations’.”



UN's Ban Ki-moon to Israel:
Stop building settlements in West Bank, east Jerusalem


UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon 
File Photo: Reuters, Ki Price

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in a message on the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People called on Israel to stop building in the settlements saying that the surge in Israeli building was a "cause of grave concern."

"Announcements of thousands of new housing units cannot be reconciled with the goal of a two-state solution and risk the collapse of negotiations," AFP quoted him as saying.

Ban called for an end to all new settlements in the West Bank and east Jerusalem but he also condemned rocket attacks from Gaza into Israel and the building of tunnels from the coastal strip into Israel by militants, according to the report.


Featured News 

‘US freed top Iranian scientist
as part of secret talks ahead 
of Geneva deal’

'Washington Post': White House 
omitting facts about Iran nuclear 

Israeli officials denounce Obama
for giving Iran right to enrich, 
destroying sanctions

UN's Ban to Israel: Stop
building settlements in
W. Bank, e. Jerusalem

US: Tough sanctions on Iran
remain despite deal

China scrambles jets after
U.S., Japanese planes fly
through disputed zone

Iran deal a failure, says Israeli
ex-national security chief

Hanukkah 2013: Thanksgiving, Hanukkah fall on rare same day 

UN rings in 'The Year Of Palestine' by passing six resolutions condemning Israel 


Latest News 

Iran: Intel ties with Turkey
have improved

Pakistan promises to help Afghans
meet former Taliban chief

US commercial airlines advised 
to notify China of flight plans

Ukraine police disperse
EU-deal protesters

Frugal Seattle man leaves
$188M secret fortune

Accused of spying, American held 
in North Korea issues 'apology'

Deadline's here: Is Healthcare
.gov fixed? Sort of

U.S. extends Iran oil sanctions
waivers to China, India, South

Iran nixes possibility it would
attend nuclear talks with
Israel present

Helicopter crashes into
Glasgow pub roof

Institute: North Korea resumes
work at old launch site

Hong Kong ferry hits 'unidentified
object', 85 injured

Hezbollah Policing Lebanon Streets 

Awesome New Digital Billboard
Identifies Flight Numbers as
The Planes Pass Overhead

New, Aggressive HIV Strain
Found in West Africa

Thanksgiving: Food stamp cuts
leave pantries struggling to 
meet rising need

Christian bookstores create Amazon
like app for the faithful

U.S. military: 'Improvised launch 
device' found outside base
in Japan

At least 8 dead, dozens hurt,
in quake in southern Iran

Comet Ison destroyed
in Sun passage

Egyptian Christian rights group
alarmed by consideration of
Sharia law in new constitution

Bitcoin price zooms through
$1,000 as enthusiasm grows

U.S. Holocaust Survivor Reunites
with Polish Savior



Ukrainian demonstrators converge outside monastery

Houston Chronicle - ‎28 minutes ago‎
KIEV, Ukraine (AP) - About 10,000 anti-government demonstrators angry about Ukraine's refusal to sign a pro-European Union agreement converged Saturday on a square outside a monastery where protesters driven away in a pre-dawn clash with police ...

Unforgotten fighter of Korean war: US pensioner a POW at 85

Reuters - ‎31 minutes ago‎
SEOUL (Reuters) - As autumn descended on a Korean countryside devastated by three years of intense war, a group of anti-communist guerrillas presented U.S.

Pakistan PM Sharif vows help for Afghan Taliban talks

BBC News - ‎18 minutes ago‎
Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has promised to help facilitate peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban. Mr Sharif was speaking after meeting Afghan President Hamid Karzai in Kabul.

Security alert as Thai protesters seek PM's downfall

Hindustan Times - ‎1 hour ago‎
Police tightened security in Thailand's capital on Saturday as thousands of protesters rallied outside a state telecommunications group and vowed to occupy Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra's office to paralyse her administration.

Namibia police: 33 dead in Mozambican plane crash

USA TODAY - ‎3 minutes ago‎
JOHANNESBURG (AP) - A Mozambique Airlines plane carrying 33 people crashed in a remote border area, killing all on board, Namibian media reported Saturday.

Syrian chemical arms 'to be destroyed on US Navy ship'

BBC News - ‎4 minutes ago‎
The body charged with overseeing the destruction of Syria's chemical weapons has confirmed some will be "neutralised" aboard a US Navy ship.

Shark kills 19-year-old body boarder off Australian coast

Fox News - ‎1 hour ago‎
SYDNEY - A shark killed a teenager off Australia's east coast Saturday in the nation's second deadly attack this month, police said.

Daily grisly discoveries in Philippines continue

USA TODAY - ‎1 hour ago‎
More than three weeks after Typhoon Haiyan slammed into the Philippines, rubble still blankets much of the hard-hit city of Tacloban and decomposing bodies remain trapped underneath the debris.

Police in Egypt clash with protesters

USA TODAY - ‎3 minutes ago‎
CAIRO (AP) - A top Egyptian government official strongly denounced a new protest law Saturday as police fired tear gas and used batons to beat back stone-throwing demonstrators in Cairo.

Syrian refugee children work, provide for families

Businessweek - ‎21 hours ago‎
ZAHLEH, Lebanon (AP) - Every morning in northeastern Lebanon, hundreds of Syrian children are picked up from refugee settlements, loaded onto trucks and taken to the fields or shops for a day's work that earns $4 or less.

Sex workers and prostitutes protest outside French parliament while sex bill is ...

euronews - ‎47 minutes ago‎
Prostitutes and sex workers in masks protested outside the French parliament on Friday, while legislators debated a bill against prostitution and sex trafficking inside.

South Africans call online for Zuma's ouster after report on spending

Reuters - ‎1 hour ago‎
JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - Thousands of South Africans on Saturday called online for the impeachment of President Jacob Zuma, after a newspaper revealed a government document detailing the use of public funds for lavish upgrades to his private home.

Four killed in Syria-fuelled sectarian violence in north Lebanon

Al-Bawaba - ‎11 minutes ago‎
Sniper fire claimed the lives of Abdel-Rahman Merhe, 16, Al-Taqwa Mosque guard Omar Hasnawi and Ramziyeh al-Zohbi, the wife of a Tripoli mukhtar, a security source said, adding that 30 people including two soldiers were also wounded in the clashes ...

China, India spar over disputed border

Reuters - ‎1 hour ago‎
NEW DELHI/SHANGHAI (Reuters) - China on Saturday urged India not to aggravate problems on the border shared by the two nations, a day after the Indian president toured a disputed region and called it an integral part of the country.


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