MJS: "Melanie is Dying...."

My Niece Melanie is dying.....
In a Few short days or weeks I will likely get the call she has died miserably.

Mel has a hole in her heart. 
It was undetected till a recent drug abuse took her too the Emergency Room.
Kidney Failure, rampant infections, complications.

The Prognosis was months of anit-biotics and I.V. Therapy as well as eventual need for a heart repair.

A Short time after my sister visited with her, Melanie checked herself out, called her mother, my other sister, and is basically:


Mary Lynn has come to visit her and care as she has over the years watching Melanie destroy herself as many do in Oregon. Hopeless, purposeless, sex and drugs the only solution, consequences of her life and choices she has made have come upon her as God has visited them to her.

We all do reap what we sow, and that is even with mercy and grace. 

Mary Lynn asked Mel last night, have you asked Jesus into your life.
Melanie said Yes.

As Short time after that Melanie left the hospital...........

Jesus said I present to you Life and Death. He that believes in me shall never die, but he that believeth not in me is already dead because he has not believed in the only begotten of the Father.

I hope Mel dies peacefully but I doubt it, she may agonize in her death till God takes her home.
No it wasn't a perfect life.
No it wasn't a "Christian Life"

In fact I don't know anything about the life she lived because I can't see her heart.
I do know all her life God Loved Her and Jesus cared for her and if she said 
She asked Jesus into her life.

I trust Jesus enough to care of the rest,
Man can argue theology over every situation and not have a clue what God can do.

I only know if you aren't telling people as much about death as you are life;

and just might have someone's blood on your hands.

You did as God has said.

You asked.


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