MJS: "Living Waters" -Chuck Smith (Holy Spirit Bible Study) 1


While Jesus was upon the earth, He was the Person of the Godhead with whom
man most closely related. Jesus was here to represent God to man, which He did
wonderfully - to such a degree that He could tell Philip, "He who has seen Me has
seen the Father ... I and My Father are one" (John 14:9; 10:30). Jesus was God
in flesh upon the earth.

At first the disciples didn't recognize this. But over time they came to realize that
when they walked with Jesus along the road, in fact they were strolling alongside
of God. Eventually they saw that when they laid their hand upon His shoulder, in
reality they were laying their hand on the shoulder of God. They recognized that
when Jesus talked to them, they were hearing the very words of God. They
understood that when they saw Jesus and His compassion for the sick, they
glimpsed the heart of God and His desire to make right that which was wrong.
When they saw Jesus take the scourge and drive the money changers out of the
temple, they witnessed the determination of God to bring purity to man's religion
- or more accurately, to purge man of religion and bring him into a pure
relationship with God. When they saw Jesus weeping over Jerusalem because its
people had failed to understand the opportunity for salvation that God had given,
they watched the heart of God breaking over man's lost chances.

During His roughly 30 years on the earth, Jesus taught the disciples thoroughly
and gave them many commandments. But on the day He ascended into heaven,
He told His friends He would thereafter give them commandments and direct
their activities in a new way. From that day on, He would guide and direct them
through the Holy Spirit.

It's critical that we understand this. The Holy Spirit is the primary agent of the
Godhead working in the world today. He is the person of the Godhead to whom
we relate most closely. He is the One who is gathering a body of believers - the
bride of Christ - to present unto the Lord. And the church through the Holy Spirit
is doing the work of God in the world.

The Holy Spirit is called the Paraklete, "one called alongside to help." He has
come alongside to help us in every situation. He is here to be our strength. He is
here to be our provider. He is here to take care of the emergencies that arise in
life. Anytime that we need help in any kind of situation, we can know that the
Holy Spirit is here to be our helper. He is the One who has been called to come
alongside to help us.

The Holy Spirit desires a personal, loving relationship with all of us. He wants to
come alongside of you and help you in and through every situation you may
face. That is why it is so vitally important that each of us come to know the
person of the Holy Spirit, to know Him in His fullness. Only in that way will we be
able to experience the comfort, help, and strength that He provides and which all
of us so desperately need.


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