DAILY DEVOTIONS: "a single lamb in the morning" -Jon Courson

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"Honoring God in the Morning"


And ye shall offer a burnt offering, a sacrifice made by fire, of a sweet savour unto the LORD; thirteen young bullocks, two rams, and fourteen lambs of the first year; they shall be without blemish.
Numbers 29:13
From the sacrifice of a single lamb in the morning and in the evening, seen in Numbers 28:4, the sacrifice grew to over a ton of flour, one thousand gallons of wine and oil, thirteen thousand oxen, and sixty thousand sheep given annually (Numbers 29:13–39).

“That’s an awful lot of giving,” you say, “a huge sacrifice.”

Wait a minute. Suppose my nine-year-old son Benjamin said to me, “Daddy, can I have ten dollars to get you a Father’s Day gift?”

“Sure,” I say, and give him a crisp ten dollar bill.

Father’s Day morning, sure enough, I get a homemade card from Benny and inside the card is the crisp ten dollar bill.

“Thanks Ben!” I would say excitedly - even though I gave him the money to give to me.

That the Israelites gave thousands of livestock, a ton of flour, and thousands of gallons of wine and oil meant that God had blessed them with these things in the first place. As I did with Benny, God provided His people with everything they would give back to Him.

So too, God gave us all that we have, all that we are. If we lay down our lives for God, it’s only because He gave them to us in the first place.


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