AFTER-WORDS: "Healing" pt 1 of 2

"Learning What To Do After-Wards"

Wednesday night study with Tooele Springs Calvary Chapel Pastor Chris teaching was good.  The chairs seemed full and everyone had a bible. 

I enjoy going thru the Word of God and this was no exception.


The Story was about "Silver and Gold have I none but such as I have give I thee, in the name of Jesus Christ, rise up and walk and so the person did. 

(As recorded in the Book of Acts)

I was sitting in the back row as Pastor Chris commented on miracle healers and false teachers. The "faith" movement and references to healing......

It was along time ago. I was on my first real Missionary Outreach in the 70's or 80's. Jon Courson's church Applegate Christian Fellowship was sending some missionaries to Mexico to build a Church and two of us from Klamath Christian Fellowship went also.

12 of us loaded into a School Bus full of wood, pulling a trailer with wood and in typical Dave Staicoff style.....(planning was in God's hands) we drove to TJ Dump........I think it was 12 hours driving if I recall.

Mix ups at the border, issues with not knowing where we were going I suddenly was thrust from relative obscurity to "up front" being the only spanish speaker in the group.

I was immediately made into translator and while I was Ok on my own........TRANSLATING?

Not a Chance...........yet I did.


Mamacita took us to the hovel. The other "zealous" missionary dragged me along with him telling me what to say and wanting to know what was said.

"Oh God" I thought.

The man was old, feeble and toothpick legs lying on a blanket on the ground in his hovel. Mamacita shoved her Wesson Oil into the "zealous" missionaries hands and she pushed me onto the other side of the man. She said "pray" and I saw a vision of what was about to happen.

Miraculously I could see it as clear as day.

We were going to lift the man up. The man was going to fall straight on his face. (I was going to feel like a fool).

Sure I tried hard in every way possible to prevent this vision from happening.......I only felt worse when no matter how hard I tried........I was looking on the back side of a man flat on his face 



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