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  AuthorTopic: “Walking on….,water.” (Chap 1:5) (Read 1 time)
Michael James Stone
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 “Walking on….,water.” (Chap 1:5)
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“Walking on….,water.”
(Chap 1:5)

“Were you thinking of me?”

A voice traveled softly across the water. Its gentle tone carried to the ears of the person who had just washed his face in it. As refreshing as the water was, the voice was instantly recognized.
Sputtering with surprise the reply came, 

Hardly visible, not too far from the distant shore, an outline of someone was walking towards Eben from across the water. Walking on water as if it was the most natural thing to do. Natural for some maybe, but certainly extraordinary to Eben.

Smiling Eben thought to himself, 

I’ll never get used to that.

He watched at what could have been a ghost come walking towards him. Fascinated he stared as the person approached. Looking down he noted how each foot was placed in the water displacing the liquid. 
Every step almost forming a footprint in the water.
Some people could leave footprints in the sand, only the Son of God would leave them in the water. The water hid his trail as soon as he walked on.
But it was obvious to Eben, only one would be walking on water to him.
When each foot was lifted there was obviously water being splashed; but the depth should have almost drowned the person walking calmly across it. He had to be walking on top of it..,

Eben was obviously focused on the thoughts of the water. For some reason Eben was overly focused on the water.
The wet water.

Looking at the figure in the middle of the lake, without a boat, wasn’t something Eben really wanted to do. Eben was well aware of drowning. He never learned how to swim. Looking at someone in the middle reminded him of that.
I’ll never get…,

“…used to it”

Jesus added speaking out loud, reading his mind. 
Eben laughed out loud. It was just like Jesus to do that; read his mind. As awe inspiring as the Son of God could be, there were times like these when Eben enjoyed that it was just, Jesus. Jesus and he himself alone.

“Come up here” 
Jesus said,

Last time I heard that one I wound up in the highest heaven…,

thought Eben to himself though he might as well as said it out loud. 

and the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

Jesus had a habit of surprising personal expectations. Today was no exception. Just when you thought you had him in a box of your own understanding, he taught you origami. And the box became a butterfly.

There was no limiting what Jesus could do, or would do. He would always surprise you out of complacency.

He called to Eben from the middle of the lake.

He was still walking towards him, but for Eben to ‘come up here’ he was going to have to meet Jesus somewhere in the middle. Somewhere in the middle of the lake.

The “Here” was where HE, Jesus was, not where Eben would have preferred to meet him. Like on dry land. Middle of the Lake?, not exactly what Eben had in mind.

The wet lake; the lake full of water; the cold lake; the one Eben was more familiar with being on….if he was in a boat. A solid boat or even a raft, maybe a canoe would do.

Any of those would be fine if they had a life preserver. But on just the water?...well…Eben did not know how to swim.

Still, Eben got up and promptly started walking to meet his Messiah in the middle of the lake. He knew he needed to learn this; he knew he had tried before; he knew he wanted to learn this; so gently humming the Song of Limmud he stepped forward gingerly….,

I will walk where you have…, 

Before he could say or think “walk” there was a loud splash.

Eben wasn’t swimming, nor was he walking on water. Eben couldn’t swim which was obvious now, but he probably couldn’t drown either. He sure couldn’t walk on water, so there He was flat on his face in shallow water.

Shallow water that he had fallen forward in. He had barely walked a few feet, “on the water” till something gave way, or someone.

That someone was obviously Eben.

Still near shore when he went down instead of up, he started spluttering and giggling; rolling over on his back. Hard to imagine an old man laughing and lying there. Lying flat on his back now in humor all wet….,

but that was Eben.

Flat on his back looking up, all wet, laughing.
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Christian Fiction :: One Thousand Years ::Genesage :: “Purpose-Full Life” (Chap 1:4)

"Last Generation Forums" :: Christian Fiction :: One Thousand Years ::Genesage :: “Purpose-Full Life” (Chap 1:4)
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  AuthorTopic: “Purpose-Full Life” (Chap 1:4) (Read 3 times)
Michael James Stone
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 “Purpose-Full Life” (Chap 1:4)
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“Purpose-Full Life”
(Chap 1:4)

What have you walked with your own feet?

Eben was almost singing the words now with humming interspersed.

Eben Abram was a teacher in the little village of Bethleben. A small community nestled in the midst of the Promised Land. 

It was his purpose-full living to prepare the people of Bethleben. Prepare them first and foremost to Live.

To move past just surviving the Tribulation period.

When the refugees of the World Greatest Tragedy first arrived it was simply a matter of helping them recover from the World Holocaust or Great Tribulation. They had been thru it. That part was obvious. Anyone who had been there was damaged goods.
Should anyone have to have had to go through it, was not so obvious.

They were all in a state of shock. Spiritual, Emotional, Physical, Mental, Moral and Psychic Shock. Devastated on all levels.

It took years for them to get some semblance of sanity back. Most were in point of fact quite insane. Healing memories, though the mind often shut down to protect itself, was no “quick fix”. 

Sometimes traces remained. Thought bombs, memory fragments, associative cognizance, not to mention the damage “The Evil One” had inflicted.

Years went by before the Survivors began to realize where they were. Or recognized the simple fact they were alive. Some still did not really know. Others took it one day at a time. Years of Peace and little or no “sensory input” did start the process of healing.

Do you know what I have known?

Eben was preparing his community so one day they could leave the Land of Promise. He was getting them ready, willing and able to go out into the rest of the World. 

Even Eben was a little curious as to what the rest of the World looked like now. He had been here in Bethleben for sixty-nine years tending the Land and the People. He had been faithfully watching both heal and grow.

He had invested all his life and all his time in them these sixty or seventy years now. They were healing nicely as the land and the people responded to the great care extended them.

Peace like a river flowed to them as though a Great Spring Festival had come upon the world and all that inhabited it. A Season of growing in the Land. A time of refreshing.

The rest of the world outside of Israel, it was not so fortunate. It had been devastated. 

Everything began in Israel, it flowed downhill from there.

Healing was first to the Land, then to the World. It began in Jerusalem and went forth from there.

What the outside World was now Eben did not know.

The 144,000 had concentrated their efforts for forty nine years on Israel. The last twenty years they had gone out; mapping, repairing, and restoring what they could of the devastated lands.

The rest of the World was now the devastated lands.

Since they had been working on it these last twenty-nine years, Eben guessed the world was well on its way to recovery. He doubted it was a garden spot, but it certainly would not be the Hell mankind had left it.

It had been Hell on Earth with Mankind inviting it in.

The Survivors were to resettle this New World they lived in; to be fruitful and multiply in a manner of speaking. They would repopulate the earth in this the Kingdom Age so few had survived to see.

From Seven Billion strong to roughly seven thousand seemed wrong, but that was in God’s Hands and not his own. He was just glad again he had been picked to be spared all that.

He knew He didn’t deserve it.

Like so many others who were spared the Shoah, the Time the World would never see again, He was SO glad he hadn’t been there.

I will see what you have seen…, 

Helping them prepare to go forth into a New Land with a new world order. One ruled by Jesus, the Messiah, reigning as King from Jerusalem.

That was Eben’s assigned purpose and while little was done to prepare Eben for this “assignment”. He enjoyed it and did the best he knew how.

Peaceful and happy to do so, Eben hummed away adding words at times to the melody he knew so well.

All I need now, he thought, is a…….,

Just then a hummingbird flew by. Eben stopped humming long enough in the dark to hear the flitter of the wings. Beating fast and rapid, the hummingbird seemed to stop where it was headed in order to discover what Eben was doing.

At that moment, Eben stopped what he was doing to see what the hummingbird was doing.

Nose to beak both observed each other scarcely an inch or two away from rubbing noses, beaks, well, beak to proboscis. Anyone watching would have had to laugh by the stark contrast of “nose to nose”.

They looked at each other for a moment or two before the bird moved on and Eben went back to humming.

Eben enjoyed the responsibility he had been given by Jesus to teach this community.

No pressure with any real time constraints, Eben had time to enjoy the little things in life. He was never in a hurry. Of course it had a lot to do with longevity. He wasn’t going anywhere real soon. He had plenty of time.

A thousand years was a long time in the Kingdom of God.

Everyone had plenty of time to take or make of it what they would. What some might have said were the actual greater realities of living. Taking the time to live it rather than be oblivious to it. 

Noticing life around him and enjoying it for what it is, as it is, in the moment it is. That was life.

This was a new life order.

Ordering life according to living it rather than working it to make a living. Life was fulfilling. It was greenie, it was Godly. God created, so now man participated in God’s creation.

He enjoyed it.

Or he could if he did it with God.

Thinking about his community Eben admitted he was still learning himself. He wasn’t sure how much he could really teach anyone. He wasn’t sure they were willing to learn.

But it was his task to prepare them in The Way of the Lord.

One day they would be on their own in a world they did not know and might not recognize. What he had learned so far could help them. If they learned it now, it could be so much easier on them later…, if they learned it now.

“I will hear what you have heard…, “

He sang out loud at last. 

Getting them ready to live for a thousand years was a profound experience. It was life changing just to think about.

Preparing them to live in peace was a whole different matter. That would be a process. An effect of obedience to the Ways of the Lord, by being in harmony with his will.

Obedience not to a rule of law, but recognition of existence.
Recognizing life was all about living harmoniously with oneself and one’s environment. A completed existence in union of all plains of being; Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, Temporal, Eternal, Corporal and Individual. 

It would take time, lots of time.

It took time for people to change. Fortunately in the Kingdom, there was lots of time.

The plan was to do more than survive.

To live in as perfect an environment as God had done in Gan Eden or Garden of Eden. After seeing the effects of Judgment on the Earth; it was hoped that sometime during this Thousand Years, some would swear fealty to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
They would choose to lay down their life, give up their will, and declare their choice for the one who had saved them.

He who had delivered them from themselves.

Freely chose to follow a man and honor a King. The same King who had come and saved them from the “End of the World” as they had known it.

“I will walk where you have walked…,” 
sang Eben
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