SUNDAY EDITION (20): "Bill O'Reilly" WEEK-IN-REVIEW May 6, 2012 Iyyar 14, 5772

Bill O'Reilly
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New crossword: Going Native
Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren's claim that she is 1/32nd Native American made us think of other American Indians, all of whom have a more legitimate claim to that heritage. Play online or print it out for the road.
Bill's New Column: It's Boring, People
Bill's new column for this week is now online! Bill outlines all of the phony, annoying, and boring issues that are floating around alongside the presidential campaign.
Another new Backstage Conversation webcast
 Got a question? Bill has an answer! Check out the newest installment of the Backstage Conversation webcast! Britain's Strategy
In a continuing series of articles, this week's Intelligence Briefing examines Britain's current geopolitical strategies and what those mean for the rest of the world.
Factor Flashback: Baywatch
 This week in our Factor Flashback, we take a look back at our "American TV Icons" segment on "Baywatch" and discuss what it meant to the culture.
The O'Quiz: See how you do
This week's brand new O'Quiz is now online! Can you beat last week's average score?
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oreillyfactor New Crossword: "Going Native" · reply · retweet · favorite

oreillyfactor VIDEO: Congressman thinks Solyndra makes cars-- Watch: · reply · retweet · favorite

oreillyfactor VIDEO: Stunning revelation about bin Laden raid-- Watch: hours ago · reply · retweet · favorite

TALKING POINTSRace attack in Virginia and possible obstruction of justice
O'REILLY FACTOR CLIPSEx-CIA chief: Pelosi did not object to waterboarding
VIDEO OF THE DAYStunning revelation about bin Laden raid
Sen. Rand Paul pushes online petition to 'end the TSA'
"The American people shouldn't be subjected to harassment, groping and other public humiliation simply to board an airplane." 

Osama bin Laden raid documents released - adds to Obama PR blitz
One of the most notable memos was aletter insulting the vice president and essentially exempting him from Al Qaeda’s efforts to kill leaders.

Veterans group behind video criticizing president's bin Laden comments considers TV buy
Watch it HERE.

Rights Activist: Administration ‘Willing to Sacrifice’ Chinese Dissident for ‘Unimpeded Trade Talks’

Students Suspended For Hugging
Kevin Taylor says he gave his girlfriend a simple hug in between classes.

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  • A new biography of President Obama is about to hit book stores (and Amazon and WalMart and iTunes and wherever else people get their long-form printed material these days.) Is this in-depth tome - "Barack Obama: The Story," by award-winning historian David Maraniss - a threat to the president's reelection effort?
  • Junior Seau's apparent suicide stunned an entire city and saddened former teammates who recalled the former NFL star's ferocious tackles and habit of calling everybody around him "Buddy.''
  • Week two of the John Edwards criminal trial continued Thursday with testimony from a former aide about the details of Edwards' affair with videographer Rielle Hunter.
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