PROPHECY WEEKLY UPDATE: (16) "Lamb & Lion" Saturday May 5 2012 Iyyar 13, 5772

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Christ In Prophecy

Jesus, the Lamb and the Lion

Jesus, the Lamb and the Lion | The Lion of Judah: When Christ Returns

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Jesus, the Lamb and the Lion

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PROPHECY WEEKLY UPDATE: (25) "Rapture Forums" Saturday May 5 2012 Iyyar 13, 5772

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Welcome to Rapture Forums

Confused about rapture of the church and the coming tribulation? You'll find answers to your questions about the rapture, Antichrist, Armageddon, the Tribulation, and much more. And we'll help you understand how news headlines relate to the rapture of the church as we count down the days until the return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Rapture Report

April 2012 Israel and Middle East News Review 
Iran nuclear talks fall flat, calls made for more sanctions 
March 2012 Israel and Middle East News Review 
Russian Troops Arrive in Syria to help Assad 
Gaza ceasefire crumbles as rockets hit southern Israel 
Gaza ceasefire starts to take effect after Israeli strike 
Gaza escalation as Israel strikes terrorist leader 
February 2012 Israel and Middle East News Review 
IDF fears Syria attack as pressure builds on Assad

Rapture Alert

The Rapture Alert

Dan Savage: 'Tolerant' Bully  
Is President Obama hostile to Christianity?  
Limbaugh and the, um, Lady  
The Militarization of The EU  
Gog-Magog: Turkey and Hamas Relationship Blossoming 

The Latest Featured Commentary

Sinai: The New Egyptian Plague 
The Call of Isaiah: Isaiah 6:1-13 
The Tragic Statistics of Our Nation’s Decay 
Israel's early election and its effect on striking Iran 
The Decay of Society: A Biblical Type of America 
The Imminence of the Harpazo 
Rep. Buck McKeon accuses President Obama of doing 'nothing' to stop automatic defense cuts 
The Decay of Society: Discipline for Nations 
The War on Terror is Over? I Wonder Who Won? 
The Decay of Society: Road to Depravity 
Obama Funds Terrorists 
Bin Laden's death marks end of an era in young war on terror 
Itching Ears 
Ten Absolutes That His Bride Will be Removed 
China's Patience 
Europe Back to the Boiling Point 
Peter's Confession 
The Decay of Society: Rejecting the Ten Commandments 
Sharia in Moscow 
The Promise of a Lifetime 
The Bride of Christ and the Jewish Wedding Model 
Weaning Evangelicals Off the Word - Part 1 
Weaning Evangelicals Off the Word - Part 2 
Weaning Evangelicals Off the Word - Part 3 
Pride...The Worse SIN Ever!! 
Jeremiah 49: Will a Coalition of Nations Move Against Iran? (Yes, They Will!!)


The Rapture Forums The Rapture Forums 
The Rapture Forums is an interactive community featuring a message board for discussing a wide range of breaking news headlines and events.
The Rapture Report The Rapture Report 
The Rapture Report is a indepth analysis of up to date world news as they relate to the signs of the rapture of the church, the apocalypse, and the end times.
Featured Commentary Featured Commentary 
Find enlightened and timely commentaries regarding a broad range of subjects pertaining to the rapture, bible prophecy, and world news happenings.
Rapture News Headlines Rapture News Headlines 
Want to keep up with the latest news as they relate to the rapture and the end times? We've got all the Israel, Iran, and Middle East news headlines here.
Prophecy Charts and Timelines End Times Prophecy Charts 
Looking for prophetic charts and aids to help you understand when the prophetic signs occur? Then click here to review our complete collection.
The Book of Revelation The Book of Revelation 
Accurate and detailed articles on the Book of Revelation. Topics range from the Antichrist, 666, Babylon, Armageddon, and the apocalypse.
PreTribulational Rapture of the Church The Rapture of the Church 
Is the pretribulation rapture of the church the same as the second coming of Christ? Learn why the mid-tribulation, pre-wrath, and post-tribulation rapture theories are false.
End Times Signs The End Times Signs 
The prophetic puzzle isn't laid out in chronological order. It's scattered throughout the scriptures. Do you know the end times signs? Don't be left behind today.
The End Times Events The End Times Events 
Will the tribulation and the foretold end times happen tomorrow? The prophetic sequence is discussed including the Book of Daniel, Gog and Magog war, and Armageddon.
First Coming Messianic Prophecies First Coming Messianic Prophecies 
Commentaries about Jesus and how he fulfilled the prophecies about the coming Messiah. Subjects include the virgin birth, resurrection, crucifixion, and the Star of Bethlehem.
Second Coming Propehcies Second Coming Prophecies 
This section details the prophecies of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Issues include the sequence of end times events and the nature of the Lord Jesus Christ's return.
Israel and the Middle East Israel and the Middle East 
Commentary regarding Israel, Iran, and the rest of the Middle East. Does Babylon and Israel still have a place in God's plan for the end-times? Find out here.
Bible Study Bible Study Articles 
Articles and commentaries are here including examinations of many of the cardinal doctrines of the faith. A wide range of biblical issues are covered.
Scripture Verses by Topics Scripture Verses by Topics 
Looking for scripture verses by categories? Our collection of scripture verses by topic is divided into over 700 different categories for your quick and easy reference.
The Rapture Dictionary The Rapture Dictionary 
Confused about Biblical terms? Our rapture dictionary has the meanings to almost 4,000 scriptural terms and places. A very nice and useful reference resource.
Bible Maps, Atlas, and Charts Bible Prophecy Charts 
This section includes an interactive satellite map application that allows you to zoom in on modern day Israel to help with your biblical studies. History will come alive here.
Bible Prophecy Guide Bible Prophecy Guide 
The Bible Prophecy Guide is a good starting point for articles on the rapture, tribulation, and other end of times related material. A good place to start.
Charles Spurgeon's Daily Devotional Charles Spurgeon's Daily Devotional 
Looking for daily inspiration from the Holy scriptures? We have the complete calendar of Charles Spurgeon's "Morning and Evening" daily devotionals for your reading pleasure.
The Best of the Christian Classics The Best of the Christian Classics 
Enjoy timeless sermons and classic writings from Wesley, Luther, Darby, and other great men of the Christian faith. We've got a complete library of resources for you.
Cults, Islam, and Pagan Religions Cults, Islam, and Pagan Religions 
Learn more about Christian cults and false religions. We've got information on Buddhism, Islam, Mormons, Freemasons, Jehovah's Witnesses, and other pagan religions.
Creation vs. Evolution Creation vs. Evolution 
One of the most controversial issues in the world is whether the biblical account of Creation from Genesis is the real account of mankind's origins. Find out here.





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