PROPHECY WEEKLY UPDATE: "Prophecy in the News" (Early) Saturday April 21 2012 Nisan 29, 5772


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Programs from
the PITN Archives

  • The Mount Hermon Roswell Connectionhermonroswell-program

    According to the Book of Enoch, 200 fallen angels descended to the top of Mt. Hermon before Noah’s flood. These corrupt angels entered Earth through a “space portal” and proceeded to pollute the human genome. What is their connection to the UFO crash in Roswell? Was this an orchestrated event? How is this connected to the Transfiguration?Don’t miss this program!

  • Mythology and the Coming Great Deceptionmythology-program

    The OT prophet Amos said the Amorites were the size of cedar trees! Can we take that literally? Cedars were 30-150 feet tall! The Titans of Old? The Nephilim? The ancient gods of Greek mythology? Real? Imagined? Exaggerated? Or was this the world the Israelites knew all too well? Gary interviews Rob Skiba and opens our eyes to some strange possibilities! Watch it!

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