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Explore the Garden Tomb

The Jewish Jesus: Lamb of God

The Jewish Jesus: Lamb of God

Gordon Robertson reports from Israel and looks at Jesus' fulfillment of Jewish prophecy at Passover.

Part Two: Journey to the Cross

Part Three: Suffering Servant

Part Four: Light to the Gentiles

Part Five: Galilee Teaching

Also: Gordon teaches on the Passion Prophecy Fulfilled: 
Part One | Part Two | Part Three 
Part Four | Part Five | Part Six

A Physician's View of the Crucifixion of Christ


" seemed to me that as a physician I might pursue the physiological and anatomical aspects of our Lord’s passion in some detail."

David Garibaldi: Portrait of Christ

Gil Amelio: The Face of Christ

The Passion: Prophecy Fulfilled

Learn how the many biblical prophecies of the Messiah were fulfilled in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Pat Robertson on the Passion Prophecy Fulfilled:
Part One | Part Two | Part Three

Crucified: Jesus' Experience on the Cross

Jesus Christ

Crucifixion was indisputably one of the cruelest and most barbaric forms of punishment in the ancient world. Flavius Josephus, the Jewish historian, described crucifixion as “the most wretched of deaths.”

Gordon Robertson Teaches on Jesus in Psalm 22

"Can you imagine, a Psalmist a thousand years before it actually happened describing exactly what people are going to be saying to Jesus as He's hanging on the cross? It absolutely boggles your mind."

Educational Resources

Resurrection: Jesus First, Then Us

Buried & Sealed: Jesus in the Tomb

The Tomb is Empty

The Unknown Soldier

The Reality of Salvation: He Rose

Dr. J. Rodman Williams on the Death & Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Pat Robertson on Jesus in Isaiah 53

The Shock and Awe of Good Friday

An Easter Disciple

Jesus Christ, Our Burden Bearer

Easter: Saying It Like It Is

Easter Every Day

Jack Hayford: Jesus Meets a Realist

Passover: The Feast of Unleavened Bread

Jim Caviezel: "We're all culpable in the death of Christ" 

Special Booklet: Max Lucado's 'He Did This Just For You'

What is Truth?

Read Easter Devotionals

Resurrection: He is Risen, Indeed!

Once for All!

Thorns and Thistles

We Watched

Browse Easter Devotionals

Guided Video Tours & Animations by iLumina

Guided Tour - Gethsemane Guided Tour - Gethsemane

Guided Tour - Golgotha Guided Tour - Golgotha

Guided Tour - Garden Tomb Guided Tour - Garden Tomb

Animation - Crucifixion Animation - Crucifixion

Animation - Jesus Appears Animation - Jesus Appears

Knowing Jesus

Do you know Jesus?

Find a Church this Easter

Share the Meaning of Easter

Online Course - 'Who Jesus Is'

Prophecies Fulfilled by Jesus

Answers about Jesus from 'The Passion of The Christ'

Message Board

Why do you think so many people who consider themselves to be Christian only attend a local church on Easter or Christmas?

Easter Facts

Did the Resurrection Really Happen?

Linking Astronomy, History to Easter

Jerusalem Bears Witness to the Greatest Story

Is There Proof of Christ's Resurrection?

Defending Christ's Resurrection?

Jesus and The Garden Tomb

Jesus on the Cross: A Violent Grace

The Stones Cry Out: Archaeology Bears Witness to the Gospels

The First Easter: Key Historical Facts

The Meaning of Passover

Celebrating the Passover Lamb

The Traditions of Easter

Answers About Jesus' Death and Resurrection

Why Jesus is Our Passover Lamb

Who is Jesus Christ?

The I AM Statements of Christ

Resurrection Proof: The Disciples' Sacrifice

Max Lucado: He Chose the Nails

He Chose the Nails: Chapter One

Through the Cross, Joy!

700 Club Interview with Max Lucado

Resources from Shop CBN

The Easter Promise

Creation By Design Trading Cards

The Easter Promise Book

A Glimpse of Eternity

The Case for Easter

The Easter Story Comic Book

The Awkward Season: Prayers for Lent

The True Easter: The Promise Kept

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SPECIAL EDITION: "Easter 2012" The Christian Post

Christians at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in the Old City of Jerusalem.
(Photo: Reuters/Ammar Awad)

Egyptian Copts Join Thousands Celebrating Easter in Jerusalem

By Anugrah Kumar

Defying a decree issued by the late Pope Shenouda III prohibiting members of the Coptic Church from visiting Jerusalem, Egyptian Copts are for the first time flying to the Holy Land in large numbers to celebrate Easter. However, it has now been reported that some of them are being denied entry into churches upon arrival.

Santorum Cancels Monday Schedule to Remain With Hospitalized Daughter

By Paul Stanley

Bella Santorum, who was rushed to a Virginia hospital on Thursday, remains hospitalized. Her father, Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum has canceled his Monday schedule to remain with his 3-year-old daughter.



Obama Reflects on Jesus' Death, Resurrection in Easter Address

By Anugrah Kumar

President Barack Obama spoke about the significance of Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection in his own life and that of other Christians as he offered his greetings to all those celebrating Easter and Passover this weekend across the United States.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama rarely, if ever, agree on anything. But they and other top politicos are walking in unison when it comes to the issue of Augusta National Golf Club – the site of this weekend's PGA Masters Tournament – allowing women as members of the exclusive club.

At a time when homosexuality has become almost fully normalized in the U.S., one theologian is responding to the question of how the church should answer the challenge.

Christian author and apologist Lee Strobel had no reason to believe in God for most of his life as a skeptic and self-proclaimed atheist, he writes in his best-selling book, The Case for Christ, published 14 years ago.

Church & Ministries

Rick Warren

Rick Warren Gives Easter Message in 3D?

By Alex Murashko

Perhaps the reason many people don't get excited about Easter is that they do not know the full meaning of Jesus' resurrection and are not viewing the holy day in "3D," said Saddleback Church Pastor Rick Warren during one of the first of his weekend service messages Friday.

The final countdown to Easter Sunday is here. Churches across the nation are putting the final touches on sermons, worship songs and preparation for large crowds on a day when many unchurched and dechurched decide to attend services.

Former Crystal Cathedral pastor Robert A. Schuller recently released an inspirational new memoir chronicling the "dark period" in his life when he left the California megachurch and how the challenge of being "down to nothing" taught him to put more trust in God.

Mark Driscoll, pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Wash., recently wrote in an editorial that Christians who rail against other believers for partaking in non-religious Easter traditions are comparable to "those who murdered Jesus."

'Church Online' Boasts 100,000 Viewers a Week

An online church with weekly worship services and ...

'The Esther Call' Attracts Over 4,000 Women in Prayer, Worship for Life

The birthplace of Roe v. Wade was the backdrop ...

School Reverses Decision to Remove 'God' From 'God Bless the USA'

A Massachusetts elementary school that made plans to change the words of "God Bless the USA" to "we love the USA" for a school presentation has decided to revert back to the original lyrics following public outcry.

Good Friday Tweets by Influential Pastors

As Good Friday is being observed by Christians ...

Rick Warren on Economy, Mormonism and Jesus the Only Way

Pastor Rick Warren spoke to ABC News and shared ...

Study: 'God Gap' Present Among Latinos Also

Latinos are also influenced by the "culture war" ...

Evangelizing the (Code) Blue States

Can the spiritual condition of a people reflect ...

They Cut Because They Hurt

Her name was Randy. She was working in a fast ...


Tim Tebow

Tebow's Easter Sermon to Draw Tens of Thousands in Texas

By Anugrah Kumar

A church in central Texas is preparing to host a crowd of over 30,000 for its non-denominational, outdoor Easter Sunday service where New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow will deliver the sermon.

The producers of the "I am Second" Christian video testimonies debuted Cy Young Award-winning pitcher of the Los Angeles Dodgers Clayton Kershaw's story about his Christian faith on Thursday – the opening day of Major League Baseball season.

Entertainment software company Electronic Arts is under fire for including same-sex relationships in its new video game, "Star Wars: The Old Republic."


Egypt Church

Coptic Teen Gets 3 Years in Jail for 'Offensive' Muhammad Illustrations

By Katherine Weber

An Egyptian court has sentenced this week a 17-year-old Coptic student to three years in jail for posting drawings of the prophet Muhammad on his Facebook profile in Dec. 2011. The court ruled that the images were offensive to Islam and mocked the prophet.

Christians in Israel have marked Good Friday, the day Christ was crucified, with annual ceremonies re-enacting Jesus' Stations of the Cross.

British Prime Minister David Cameron has pleaded for Christians in the country to stick by him despite his attempts to legalize same sex marriage in the U.K., prompting the question how much support can he really enjoy from the Church?

Former Korn Member Returns With Christian Metal Band Love and Death

Brian "Head" Welch, former Korn guitarist and ...

What Makes The Hunger Games So Popular?

Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games is all the ...

Jonathan Antoine's YouTube 'Got Talent' Audition Attracts 2.6M Views

A video of a British teen auditioning with his ...

Jeremy Lin at Center of MSG, Cablevision NYC Media Battle?

Jeremy Lin, New York Knicks starting point guard ...

Riva Tims Opens Up About Failed Marriage With Late Pastor Zachery Tims

Months after the death of Pastor Zachery Tims, ...

Anger Management and Domestic Abuse

Maybe you have seen the movie Anger Management ...

European Court Set for Landmark Abortion and Eugenics Cases

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) is ...

Prostitution Not a 'Choice' Says Sex Trafficking Organization

Prostitution is often not a "choice," according ...

Egypt's Coptic Christians Quit Constitution Talks: Participation 'Pointless'

As the highly awaited new Egyptian constitution ...

Worship Service Targeted in Deadly Grenade Attacks in Kenya

Two twin grenade blasts Saturday killed an ...

Christians Consider Fleeing Syria Amid Fears of Intolerance

As the violent conflict between rebels and the ...

Cuba Makes Good Friday National Holiday for 2012

Pope Benedict XVI's visit to Cuba last week has ...

Tech & Biz


Half a Million Mac Computers Infected: How to Know If Yours Is Too

By Brittney R. Villalva

More than 600,000 Macs have been infected by a Trojan Virus, which could steal personal information from user's computers.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is now expected to launch on May 22 in London thanks to a leaked Samsung press invitation that recently surfaced on the internet.

Google has unveiled a new project which until now has been quite under wraps. The extensive projects results in only a small pair of glasses, but ones that could just change the way you view the world.

Apple is reportedly testing a 7.85-inch iPad in its labs, according to DaringFireball's John Gruber, who revealed the information in a recent podcast.

Former Atheist Activist Patrick Greene Responds to Critics

By Jeff Schapiro

Patrick Greene was an outspoken atheist until recently, when the generosity of a few Christians caused him to reconsider his beliefs. He now says he is a Christian. But some people – atheists as well as Christians – aren't just taking him at his word, and are openly criticizing both Greene and his conversion.


How the Resurrection Undoes Our Need to Be Proven Right


Sometime before dawn on Sunday morning, a spike-torn hand twitched. A blood-crusted eyelid opened. God was not simply delivering Jesus (and with him all of us) from death.


The Resurrection of Jesus: An Unlikely Easter Conversation

Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally One Easter, a relative cornered me at a family reunion and wanted to talk about the resurrection of Jesus. Let's just call her my dear Aunt Sally. Some people try to stay away from politics and religion a parties. Not Aunt Sally. :-) Aunt Sally was Religious Studie


Easter Eggs, Jelly Beans and Jesus


How do we as Christians deal with the whole topic of the "pagan" celebration of Easter verses the Christian holiday of Resurrection Sunday?


Why Jesus Had to Die, Part 2

The most painful moment for Jesus was when He bore the sin of the world. This is what He recoiled from in Gethsemane


How Does Suffering 3 Hours on a Cross Deliver People From Eternity in Hell?


The answer is that the degree of suffering, indignity, reproach, degradation, and fall that Jesus endured is not simply determined temporally. And it's not simply determined by the exquisiteness of the pain of a nail cutting through a nerve in your wrist.


Theologian Gives Top 10 Myths About the Resurrection

tomb of Jesus

Did the disciples think they saw Jesus after his death on the cross as the result of hallucination or did they really see a resurrected Christ?


Considering (and Surviving) Unhealthy Christian Organizations, Part 1

Redeemer Lutheran Church

How do you know if your Christian organization or church is dysfunctional? The organization or church thinks everyone else is wrong and only they are right.


Go to Dark Gethsemane

Sometimes we picture Jesus far too serene. We imagine him in the garden praying rather stoically, "Not my will, but yours be done." But the mood at Gethsemane was anything but tranquil. Jesus was facing more than death or sadness. He was facing God-forsakeness.


In Pushing Homosexual Agenda Globally, Obama Admin Seeks to Co-opt, Marginalize Religion

obama clinton

Harnessing a "good religion vs. bad" theme to advance divisive social policy strikes a favored administration chord. Just as the White House has promoted ObamaCare's abortion pill/contraception mandate by using "Catholic" spokesmen such as Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and Vice President Joe Biden to blunt Church disapproval.


What Are the Chances that Jesus' Corpse Was Left on the Cross?


With few exceptions, even the most skeptical scholars admit that Jesus was crucified—and with good reason. Not only Christian authors but also the Roman historian Tacitus mention the crucifixion of Jesus. It's highly unlikely that first-century Christians would have fabricated such a shameful fate for the founder of their faith.


Why Going to Church Is Important, Part 2


The church exists for three purposes. The first purpose of the church is to exalt God


Seven WRONG Reasons for Dating a Guy!

Perry Noble

"He cute!" – give it time, he won't be! ... "I'm lonely!"


How would Jesus rate GCB?

Kristin Chenoweth

Watching a whole episode of ABC's GCB, based on the book Good Christian B*tches, is like sitting through an hour of offensive blond jokes--only GCB is not funny. It mocks Christian women, stereotyping them as calculating, over-sexed, hypocritical, egotistical, silly and shallow.


Is Christianity Ready For The 21st Century?

I believe in the truth of the bible. There are some however who confuse truth of the Bible with truth of interpretation. There is a difference. We have had many truths of interpretation over the last 2000 years, some accepted as gospel and some not so much.


The Triumph of Greed

Ken Connor

Capitalism has become the blunt instrument of unrestrained greed. This is the spirit of social Darwinism run amok. Only the strong survive, while concern for one's neighbor or for "the common good" is pooh-poohed as weakness masquerading as altruism.


What Was Jesus' Best Day?

The Whip, Hammer and Cross

When we think about someone's "best day" we associate it with something good happening — a great adventure, a rewarding experience, or a joyous occasion. What was Jesus' best day? Was it at the wedding in Cana when He performed His first miracle? Was it in the countryside when He fed 5000 hungry people?


'Suing the Devil' Reminds Christians the Devil Exists

Exclusive: "Suing the Devil" Reminds Christians the Devil exists

Tim Chey tells The Christian Post about his powerful film Suing the Devil while opening up about where inspiration for the film came from.


A Holy Week Reflection

In Christian tradition, Holy Week retells the story that begins with Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem and ends in Resurrection Sunday, or Easter. But it’s really more than just a revisiting of an ancient narrative. It’s an intensely theological journey that speaks deeply about God’s initiating work of love in and through Jesus, for the sake of the world.


Atheist Activist Becomes Christian After Believers Show Him Compassion

Patrick Greene and his cat, Big Boy, pose for the camera.  Greene is an atheist activist who had to back off of his threat to sue Henderson County, Texas over a nativity scene a few months ago after he rapidly began losing his sight.

A few months ago Patrick Greene was an atheist who was threatening to sue Henderson County, Texas, if the county didn't remove a Nativity scene from its courthouse lawn. Today he is a believer in Christ who underwent a radical change of heart that was catalyzed by the compassion of one Christian woman.


The Good Friday Fiasco is Utter Foolishness

India Good Friday protest

Let me see if I have this right. You Christians believe that the Son of God suffered and died on a cross 2000 years ago...and that somehow, this helps you get connected to your God. Yep. That's right. That is the teaching of the Bible. And is utter foolishness to the natural way of thinking about God.


Why the Blood of Jesus is Related to the Care of Our Body

How does the blood of Jesus relate to the care of your body and health? Jesus paid a high price for our lives and for our freedom from sin. As Christians, we're especially sensitive to this during Easter Week as we're reminded of what he went through in the hours before he was crucified on the on the cross and of the horrific death he experienced.


Seven New Trends in the Pastor Search Process

thom rainer

If there is anything consistent about the current state of how churches find and call pastors, it is the inconsistencies of the process for each church. It is inconsistent by denomination and by each church individually.


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