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The Christian Post Front Page Tuesday March 27 2012 Nisan 4, 5772

Over 700 Pastors, Ministers Answer 'Battle Cry' to

Suicide More Likely With Protestants Than Catholics

By Napp Nazworth

Religion can influence suicide rates, a new study shows. While data have long shown that Protestants are more likely to commit suicide than Catholics, the relationship remains little understood. The study by Professors Sascha Becker and Ludger Woessmann demonstrates a causal link between Protestantism and suicide.

Fla. 'Stand Your Ground' Law Under Microscope in Wake of Trayvon Martin Shooting

By Paul Stanley

The shooting death of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin has created an outcry over the state's self-defense statute, commonly known as "Stand Your Ground." What is being debated is whether the law could be used as a viable defense in Martin's death.


Rick Santorum in front of US flag in Wisconsin

Santorum Open to VP Slot, Says He'll Do 'Whatever Necessary' to Help Country

By Paul Stanley

Rick Santorum has shown he is a tireless campaigner and is the number one choice of evangelical voters. Now the former Pennsylvania senator is saying he is open to the idea of filling the nation's number two slot if his fellow GOP front-runner secures the party's nomination.

An atheist activist leader says that atheists are discriminated against socially and politically in the U.S., and compares their struggles to that of African-Americans during the era of Martin Luther King Jr. and the homosexual rights movement of today.

The U.S. Supreme Court will not review Idaho's ban on books and documents in public schools deemed to be religious, it was announced Monday.

A host of activists and political figures are gathering in front of the U.S. Supreme Court this week during oral arguments to decide the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act.

Church & Ministries


Mitt Romney's Cousin Says Mormon Church a Fraud, Divides Families

By Stoyan Zaimov

While GOP presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney is not known for a willingness to discuss his Mormon faith in detail, at least during his political speeches, a family member and former Mormon has come out to accuse The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints of being a cult and a fraud.

Christians have a Gospel that is profoundly influential, transformative, and significant in the way we think about race, said author and pastor John Piper.

Christians across the country went to church on Sunday wearing hooded sweatshirts to show solidarity with Trayvon Martin, who wore one when he was killed by a neighborhood watch volunteer in Florida. Pastors called for justice for the slain black teenager as part of their sermons.

A congregation that broke away from Presbyterian Church (USA) a couple years ago is being brought before an ecclesiastical court over claims that it should have monetarily compensated its regional body for the property it kept.

Dale Settle Jr. had a vision to take the business degree he was working toward at The University of Akron and use it to establish a ministry that would help people with both their physical and spiritual needs. He was killed by a gunman before he ever saw the ministry take form, but the vision he had is being carried on today by his parents and the foundation that now bears his name.

A plan to hold Easter service at a Sacramento, Calif., mosque is drawing a mixed reaction from the Christian community. Some are commending the event, especially the generosity of the Muslim community. But the good news of a resurrected Christ won't be part of the service.

What is your church denomination?

'Hunger Games' Box Office Record: $155M Domestically, $214.3M Worldwide

"Hunger Games" box-office records shot past many ...

Americans Likely to Spend $16.8 Billion on Easter

While Easter is a time to meditate on and ...

White House Defends Obama's Trayvon Martin Remarks

White House senior adviser David Plouffe sought ...

Atheist Group Demands Pa. School Remove Ten Commandments Monument

A Pennsylvania high school is facing a legal battle to keep its monument of the Ten Commandments, which it has had for decades, after an atheist group threatened to sue the school district for violating the separation of church and state.

Will the Supreme Court Repeal Obama's Health Care Law?

The U.S. Supreme Court will begin Monday hearing ...

Dick Cheney Recovering After Heart Transplant

Former Vice President Dick Cheney underwent heart ...

Poll Shows Romney Leading in California

Republican presidential candidate front-runner ...

Thousands Take to Streets Nationwide to Protest Trayvon Martin's Killing

Thousands of Americans called for justice in ...

Atheists Rally for Reason; Urged to Mock the Religious

Thousands of atheists showed up at the National ...

Gingrich Calls Obama a Christian Who Behaves Like a Muslim

Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich, ...


Kirk Cameron reading the inscription on the wall of the Jefferson Memorial in Washington,

Kirk Cameron Tells of God's 'Monumental' Role in America's Founding

By Katherine Weber

In his new documentary "Monumental," actor and devout Christian Kirk Cameron goes in search of the "secret recipe" that has made America the "richest, freest nation the world has ever seen," ultmately unveiling to viewers his belief that God played a pivotal role in the nation's founding.

The Game Show Network, or GSN, has siged on stand-up comedian Jeff Foxworthy to host its new game show, "The American Bible Challenge," which will test contestants' knowledge of the Bible.

October Baby Opens Strong

By Thom S. Rainer

October Baby had a strong opening this past weekend placing eighth overall at the box office with an opening weekend gross of $1.7M and third among major releases in per screen average


Pope Shenouda III

Egypt's Copts Debate Role of New Pope After Shenouda III

By Anugrah Kumar

A little over a week after the death of Pope Shenouda III, the Coptic Orthodox church of Egypt is facing a crucial dilemma in the face of the rise of Islamism. Should the next leader speak for the rights of Christians, like his predecessor did, or should he be a peace-maker?

Suu Kyi, a democratic leader hoping to win election in the Myanmar district of Kawhmu, has announced her intention to suspend the campaign and recover from exhaustion.

Pope Benedict XVI arrived in Mexico Friday as tens of thousands in the world's largest Roman Catholic country lined up along the streets to greet him with cheers and tears. He encouraged the nation and the church to fight the evils of drugs, violence and idolatry of money.

While the world is raising concerns over rights abuses by anti-government forces in Syria's ongoing violent conflict, few would even know that militant Islamists have expelled the majority of Christians from the western city of Homs, according to the country's largest church.

Tim Tebow Receives More Flack From Jimmy Fallon After Jets Trade

Jimmy Fallon, comedian and late-night talk show ...

Colton Dixon Keeps God Talk Alive; Says 'God, Use Me' on Live TV

"American Idol" contestant Colton Dixon continues ...

Bruce Springsteen's New Album of 'Near-Biblical Significance,' Critics Say

Rock legend Bruce Springsteen is currently promoting his new album, entitled "Wrecking Ball," which critics say is chock full of religious imagery and holds "near-biblical significance" for the musician's latest commentary on the woes of American life.  

'The Hunger Games' Highlights Godless World, or Glorifies Violence?

With "The Hunger Games" hitting theaters Friday, ...

Tebow and Lin and Dixon - Oh Yeah!

Tebowmania is on the move. Linsanity is on the ...

Mark Sanchez Jerseys Discounted After Tebowmania Hits NY

New York Jets fans have given in to Tebowmania, ...

Will Smith's Ex Turned Preacher's Wife Starring in VH1 Reality Show

Sheree Fletcher, the mother of Will Smith's first ...

Tech & Biz


Kobe Bryant Buys New $329,000 Ferrari Amid Impending Divorce

By Benge Nsenduluka

Kobe Bryant spent an exorbitant amount of cash on a brand new Ferrari 458 Italia on Saturday, amid rumors that his pending divorce from Vanessa Bryant has become increasingly stressful.

GM has recalled over 6,000 vans and SUVs after discovering steering issues which could lead to an accident. Other vehicle recalls have also been made, which will be announced in April.

A new iPhone 5 concept has emerged that incorporates the rumored 4.6-inch display.

Toshiba unveiled a new tablet in Germany this week that possess a unique feature not found on many devices in the market.

'The Resurrection:' Hollywood Producer Aims for God's Sequel to 'The Passion'

By Alex Murashko

Eight years after watching the phenomenal success of Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ," Hollywood promoter and producer David Wood remains steadfast to a vision that he credits to God – the story of the resurrection of Jesus Christ told by way of a major motion picture.


Arguments on Obamacare

health care

How will the Supreme Court decide the Obamacare case? And what will factor into their decision?


Ex-Gay Becomes Deacon at Local Church

Dean is an important member of his local church. He is a deacon, and says he sometimes gets so busy with ministry that he has to shut off his phone so he can rest and not take any calls. Dean is also a former homosexual, who says sanctification – the process by which Christians are increasingly set apart for Christ through obedience – is a process that lasts a lifetime.


Why All Christians are Actually Non-Denominational

united methodist

Your church building may have a denominational name on it. Your mouth might speak often of your own particular denomination. And the majority of your friends may all belong to your denomination. But I'll tell this much....there is no denominational label imprinted on your soul....and there will be no denominations in heaven.


The Contraceptive Misnomer: Why Evangelicals Should Re-evaluate Their Stance on Birth Control

Plan B (File)

With all the furor generated lately concerning contraception and abortion, it would be very difficult for anyone who is even paying the slightest attention to not at least minimally reflect on these hot button issues. As Christ followers, it is not an unhealthy exercise to evaluate our own views on these topics.


Christian Wives Talk Thriving With Nonbelieving Husbands

The Bible is clear about not being "unequally yoked," but what if you become a Christian once married and your spouse doesn't follow suit?


Should Christians Boycott Starbucks?


In this case (and in many like it) a boycott exposes us to all of our worst tendencies. Christians are tempted, again and again, to fight like the devil to please the Lord.


What Is God's Relationship to People Who Are in Hell?

John Piper

God's wrath remains on them. He is separate from them, in that they are not allowed to enjoy any of his grace and beauty.


Entire Mosques Coming to Christ in Sub-Saharan Africa, Says Former Church Planter


The idea of tens of thousands of former Muslims coming to Jesus Christ in North Africa within a few short years is mind-boggling. But entire mosques coming to faith? That news is even harder to wrap one's mind around, but it is in fact what is happening according to reports from a former church planter among Muslims in West Africa.


The 60-Second Workout for Spiritual Health


Are you sick and tired of being defeated by the same sin in your life over and over again? If so, have you started fighting back like a boxer in the ring? Or are you taking a passive approach while sin and Satan just pummel you with body blows and head shots? My friend, it is well past time to start fighting back in the power of God.


TD Jakes: We Are Born Forgiving in Nature; Unforgiveness Is Learned

TD Jakes

Contrary to popular opinion, forgiveness is innate and unforgiveness is learned from our environment, says T.D. Jakes, pastor of the 30,000-member The Potter's House in Dallas and New York Times bestselling author.


Caring for Spiritual Orphans: Elephants in Our Midst


Over the past few years the desire and drive to place orphan care and adoption on the front burner of Christian life has been a success. However, there is another type of orphan that needs attention too. Yes, they can be found overseas, but more than likely they are within arms length of many church leaders and members.


SBC's 'Start-a-Church Sunday' Reminds Christians to Do Just That

Bryant Wright

There are currently more than 45,000 Southern Baptist churches across the United States. Most of those churches, however, are concentrated in the South, with fewer churches located in states like New York and New Jersey.


Is God Necessary to Religion? Part II, Critiquing Gutting

Gary Gutting's article cites John Gray's argument that religion's importance is based less on the content of a person's beliefs, and more about the way he or she lives. As we saw in Part I, Gutting writes that religion becomes problematic once belief in God and eternal life are seen to be centrally important.


5 Things You Should Be Careful Saying to Your Pastor


You may have caught my 5 Things a Pastor Should Never Say or my 7 Phrases a Pastor Should Regularly Say Off-Stage. Today's a bit different, though. Today, it's all about you. Because sometimes you forget that we pastors are people, too. We’re not superhumans. We’re not mini gods.


Are Some Professions 'Off-Limits' for Christians?


Are there some careers that should be considered "off-limits" for Christians due to the nature of the job? Not according to Gene Edward Veith, provost and professor of literature at Patrick Henry College


The Line Between Good and Evil


A decorated American soldier has allegedly become a mass murderer. Why? How? Well, look inside your own heart.


National Cherry Blossom Festival

cherry blossom infographic

It is Cherry Blossom season and that means it is time for the National Cherry Blossom Festival in downtown Washington, D.C. If you are near the nation's capital, this is an opportunity to see historic landmarks and nature and to give thanks to God for this nation.


Professor: Mother Teresa Taught Me How Secularism 'Radically' Diminishes Search for Truth

mother teresa

Christianity gives the best picture of how to bring justice to the poor, said a professor and author who had work with Mother Teresa in Calcutta, India.


Atheist Activist With Failing Vision Gets Help From Christians

Patrick Greene and his cat, Big Boy, pose for the camera.  Greene is an atheist activist who had to back off of his threat to sue Henderson County, Texas over a nativity scene a few months ago after he rapidly began losing his sight.

Atheist activist Patrick Greene had plans to sue Henderson County, Texas, just a few months ago if the county did not move its nativity scene from the courthouse lawn to a private property. He eventually dropped his threats, however, after discovering he was quickly losing his vision. Not long after his decision was reported, donations began pouring in from Christians who wanted to lend the non-believer a helping hand, with no strings attached.


Open Doors: Growth of Christianity in Iran 'Explosive'


Despite the Iranian government's ongoing crackdown of Christians living in the primarily Islamic country, the number of Muslims converting to become Christians is growing at an explosive rate, according to the persecution watchdog group Open Doors USA.


Koshering Jesus a Bit Too Much: A Jewish Review of Shmuley Boteach's 'Kosher Jesus'

Howard Teich

I was thrilled when I read that Rabbi Shmuley Boteach had taken on the very controversial subject of the Jews adopting Jesus as a "member of the tribe" in his new book, "Kosher Jesus."


Koshering Jesus More: An Evangelical Review of Shmuley Boteach's 'Kosher Jesus'

Paul de Vries

For me, reading the book "Kosher Jesus" by the articulate Rabbi Shmuley Boteach was the next step in Jewish-Evangelical Christian engagement — for promoting Judeo-Christian values and culture to America and the world.


Special Faith Claims and Special Interest Groups


An anonymous Mormon representative responded to my Op-Ed piece on Mitt Romney and Evangelicalism,published in the SunSentinel. The respondent made several striking claims in his comment. I have attached the comment here, as the linked version does not include it.


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