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"All I know is"

We're Back, We will be posting regualry again!
Yes! Jesus is Coming

Has been the motto for our ministry that is convinced and been preparing for the return of Jesus in our lifetime yours and mine.

That means:

1) We don't expect to use our retirement accounts. We have divested our investments INTO the Kingdom of God

2) We don't have a "back-up" plan or nest egg stashed away; we live what we say and say what we live: YES! We will see Jesus.

3) We don't expect to see our grandchildren grow up; we are growing up children in the Kingdom of God to know Jesus and the times they live in.

4) We don't compromise with the world and "live at ease" in a world that is passing away our "man-cave is a fellowship hall for prayer and discipleship."

5) We don't talk about Jesus coming then add it may be any day but who knows when and pretend that it may never come. WE KNOW THE CLOCK IS TICKING SINCE ISRAEL BECAME A NATION.

6) We don't waste time in endless debate and religious, political, moral or social dilemma's and alignments we know waste time because we know TIME IS SHORT and we would that all men "might" be saved by all means possible.

7) We don't care How you "get saved" but that you do because as God can lead a man to Himself we teach, preach, share, relate and dare to talk about Jesus in all we do. Get God and in all getting get to know Jesus.


We use all we have to Proclaim Good News that by Grace you can be saved and given that grace you share grace to the Ungodly and Unsaved no matter who they are or what they have done. 

It is by Grace we have been saved and it is Grace we will relate as we were given grace so too we will witness.

Therefore and WHEREAS;

We Promote a personal relationship with a Living God that intervenes and acts according to His own Will and His Own Plan according to any way He sees fit irregardless of our understanding or lack thereof of His Ultimate Design which he has made since the beginning of time in Creation; and has revealed as little as we try to understand in His Word as He speaks to us individually as We seek Him and He is known by each and every one of us singly as we relate to Him operatively by His Spirit and in His Word; and His direct intervention in our lives whereby He has "saved" us personally in knowing Jesus and Jesus knowing us because of what the Son of God has done. 

Without Knowing Jesus and Jesus knowing us there is no salvation.

Therefore whereas thusly;

We demonstrate an ongoing and developing religious life according to the Word of God and direction in our life from Jesus whom we have abdicated our rights and privileges in love to our individual and corporeal responses to His instruction in out lives as we have responded to His leading, calling, direction, plan, voice and instigation in our life to demonstrate a perfect religion in our relationship with the Father as He directs us as He did his Son.

Our religion is our relationship and our relationship is our religious life.

Seeing then we know these things;

We Live As in The Last Days of Man's Sovereignty given over to Satan and all His angels expecting the Day soon that Jesus will come again and set up His Kingdom for One Thousand Years ruling on earth in Peace and restoration of Fallen Israel to a knowledge of Messiah and Jesus as King over all the Earth.


We know Some will be Raptured and some will not;
We pray for those to be counted worthy as Jesus and Paul said and Watch Preparing ourselves soon for that event (It Will Not be in 2012)

We know Some will go into Great Tribulation and Some will Not survive. 
We pray for the Martyrs spoken of by Jesus in Revelation and We pray for those churches Jesus said will go into that time of trying and pray they overcome as Jesus said.


We live to do His Will Now, Daily, and have been preparing will all we have to RUN and RELATE all we can everyday we can the realization we know that from 2013 on ward 

YES! Jesus is Coming again.
YES! The World will see the Great Tribulation.
YES! Now is the time to lay aside every sin and distraction that chains us to this world because in 2013 onward:

"It is High time the Sleeping awake; for the Lord's Return is even sooner then we believed.

I am singing: 
I have a new song

"All I know is I'm not home yet 
This is not where I belong 
Take this world and give me Jesus 
This is not where I belong"
 ·  · 


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