Last Generation Christian Edition: October 16, 2012 Tuesday Tishri 30, 5773

October 16, 2012                   Tuesday                  Tishri 30, 5773


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There will always be poor and needy

You said and we often live it


For the sake of my brethren

For the Need of The People

Hear the Cry of the Poor and Needy

Even as you said you would


And Help Them





"You are a Missionary"


DAY 19 of 40 

In the Land You Gave us
We have gone astray

With the people you sent us
We have gone our own way

With the prosperity you provided
we have made for ourselves idols

With all we see and do O God
we have turned away from you

Righteous and True are you O God in all your ways
Forsake us not Almighty God

Thou we be not humble and we have no cried out
Save Us. Hear us. The few who call upon you now.

God have mercy on us.
Righteous and True are you O God in all your ways

God Help us


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Someone asked me this week what I thought about James MacDonald having T. D. Jakes at the Elephant Room. Well, to put it simply, I think it was great! James took a bold step in reaching out and inviting a man that some Evangelicals don't want to accept. I can understand having genuine questions about Jakes' position on the doctrine of the Trinity considering his longtime involvement with "Oneness Pentecostalism," and his own admission that he at one time held to an anti-trinitarian view of God's nature. But he has also, on several occasions over the past few years, stated that he no longer holds a "Oneness" or "modalistic" view of God and now believes in the doctrine of the Trinity. This he clearly articulated once again at the Elephant Room.

Jakes formally held the Oneness doctrine, also known as "Jesus Only," which teaches that Jesus is both the Father and the Son. The term Father refers to His deity, the term Son refers to His humanity. According to the Oneness doctrine, there is no Trinity—one God in three persons; rather there is one God who expresses Himself in different modes, sometimes as Father, sometimes as Son, and sometimes as Spirit. Now this teaching is certainly contrary to the biblical doctrine of the triune nature of God and is therefore "heretical," but to say that those who hold this view are not Christians is in my opinion going too far. Granted, it is an incorrect view regarding the nature of God, but it is not like other anti-trinitarian views that deny the full deity of Christ. I personally do not think you can put those who hold the Oneness doctrine in the same category as a Jehovah's Witness or a Mormon. I might be wrong, but that's the way I see it at this point. Should we seek to correct the view of the Oneness Pentecostals? Yes we should, in the same way we would seek to correct any person or group that has fallen into theological error. What I don't think we should do is spurn them or cast a final eternal judgment on them.

Now back to T. D. Jakes and those Evangelicals who are still refusing to accept him. This is sad! Give the brother a break. What else could he have done to affirm his belief in the Trinity? He's declared publicly that he "now" (showing he's moved away from his former position) believes that God exists in three persons. He even explained that during the process of changing his position he began to see that there were things the Bible says about the Father that couldn't be said about the Son, and things the Bible says about the Son that couldn't be said about the Father, necessitating distinct persons within the divine nature. He did say that he wasn't all that crazy about the use of the term "persons" when speaking about the distinctions within the divine nature, but others have expressed similar things, feeling that sometimes the term person might be too limiting or give the impression that God is a person just like we are. This seems to me to be the kind of theological "hair splitting" that has been the bane of the church from generation to generation, and something that, God help us, we really need to outgrow.

My hat is off to James and to the others who came together with T. D. Jakes for a time of honest dialogue and fellowship in Christ at the Elephant Room. The church desperately needs more of this kind of thing. After all, Jesus didn't say that the world would know we were His disciples by our total agreement on all the finer points of theology; He did say that they would know we were His disciples by our love for one another. The Elephant Room was a beautiful display of Christ's disciples doing just that.




Brian has been involved in pastoral ministry for over 30 years. He has served as senior pastor of Calvary Chapel Vista, California, and as senior pastor of Calvary Chapel Westminster, London, England. Brian has been extensively involved in missions and church planting work throughout various parts of the world. He now serves at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, California. Brian is the featured speaker on the Bible teaching program "Back to Basics." He is known for his clear and challenging exposition of the Scriptures. Brian and his wife Cheryl have four children and four grandsons and reside in Southern California. You can connect with Pastor Brian through his Facebook Page orTwitter





Growing up I watched John Wayne, Errol Flyinn, Classic movies of Good conquering Evil and even greater stories of Dying for your Country.


When I was a child I thought dying for your country was good thing.


Getting older I used to watch Battle Cry, King Arthur, Exodus and many movies that all wanted to tell me to die for and Idea. To give my life fo
r a higher calling, be devoted to the IDEAL even if it meant my death.


When I was a child I thought ideas were a good thing to believe in.


Later in life people told me I needed to solve social issues. I watched SCI FI and fantasy movies telling me I could make a difference, I could change the world, I could save the planet, the hungry, the poor and the unborn.

When I was a young man I thought solving issues were a good thing.

I got Old.


I have seen in retro movies and the same stories being told again to die for your country. And I have seen a generation of people actually think bombing each other and fighting wars for peace actually work....


I am too old for that. Been there, done that.


I have seen the ideal societies again playing push me pull you with everyone saying I have to make a change because it really is up to me stop Abortion, Fix the Debt, Create Jobs, Do healthcare, renew the world....


Sorry, I am too old for that.
Been there, done that.


You know even Christians now are telling me I have to vote Mormon and put away being a Christian because if I don't vote I am not saved or somehow I am not "with them"


So sorry, I have decided to Follow Jesus.
I don't follow men, I don't follow creeds. I don't follow you when you have high idea's or moral dilemmas. I don't worry or fret or act like I can save the World. I can't


I follow Jesus.




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The Religion of Politics


People don't want to admit how Religious they are by practicing  politics. And yert they do the same things in politics they do in religion.


People will put Faith in a candidate. Organizers want you to Believe in a party. Dogmas are campaign promises, made by men but now power in them to be true. Doctrines are party platforms people want everyone to agree on but seldon do. I really don't see any difference between a religious fanatic and poltical junkie. They both go to and use extremes to accomplish one purpose.

As good as religion can be at times and abused at others, I see the same truth in politics. Truth, Honesty, Integrity, Social Justice, Moral righteousness, just like religion I see politics wanting those to be done while in fact doing the opposite, much like religion. Wars, Debates, Agreements, Money, Economics, Health, Commerce, Trade. I do find the RELIGION OF POLITICS often more active in America than relgions of man.

Sadly I see On the Altar of Politcs America crucified of her Soul for the sake of Elections and little Grace or God involved at all

Religion and Politics cannot solve personal relationships, only people can.

Jesud wanted nothing do with Politics or Religion

If it meant giving up God in the Process

Have you?



16 Oct 12

Decision by Netanyahu, Barak to strike Iran is almost final — Israel TV
Channel 2 News, the country’s leading news program, devoted much of its Friday night broadcast to the issue, detailing the pros and cons that, it said, have taken Netanyahu and Barak to the brink of approving an Israeli military attack despite opposition from the Obama administration and from many Israeli security chiefs. Critically, the station’s diplomatic correspondent Udi Segal said, Israel does not believe that the US will take military action as Iran closes in on the bomb.  

Meningitis outbreak expands to 15 states with Pennsylvania case
A fungal meningitis outbreak linked to contaminated steroid injections expanded to 15 states on Monday as Pennsylvania reported its first case of the disease that has killed 15 people nationwide.  

Town insists cross will stay
A Michigan town is standing its ground and will not remove a bicentennial cross on city property. The cross is representative of the town's history.  

Catholic bishops: Biden’s debate remark on contraception mandate not true
America’s Catholic bishops have a problem with Vice President Joe Biden’s claim that religious institutions won’t be required to pay for insurance coverage that includes contraception, sterilization and drugs that may cause abortion. The U.S. Conference of Bishops disagreed, and issued a letter on Friday taking issue with Biden’s position.  

Klyuchevskoy volcano erupts in Kamchatka
The Level of Concern Colour Code has been raised to Yellow, which is a potential danger warning for aircraft. The giant volcano last erupted from September 2009 to December 2010, and it began to again wake up in June this year.  

Rare Tropical Cyclone in Indian Ocean
Tropical Cyclone Anais is estimated to have a maximum wind of 115 mph as of early this morning, which is equivalent to a category 3 hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean. The southwestern Indian Ocean is prone to tropical cyclones but what makes Anais so rare is that it is occurring in October, which is early springtime in the southern Hemisphere. The peak period for tropical events in this part of the world is normally during our winter months of January-March.  

Israeli parliament dissolves ahead of early election
Israel's parliament has voted to dissolve itself and to hold an early general election on 22 January. The unanimous vote followed a debate lasting more than eight hours. Last week PM Benjamin Netanyahu said he was bringing forward elections due in a year's time because parliament could not agree on a new budget.  

UN Tackles Looming Global Food Crisis
On the eve of the United Nations designated World Food Day, the UN on Monday kicked off a series of meetings in Rome to try and get ahead of could be the third global food crisis in four years. "Food prices are too volatile and are dangerously high," said Olivier De Schutter, who reports to the UN on the right to food. Summer droughts in the United States and Russia caused the prices of staples like corn, wheat, and soybeans to rise sharply.  

Tripoli prison suffers mass breakout
More than 100 inmates have escaped from the al-Judaida prison in the Libyan capital, Tripoli. The prisoners are said to be of various nationalities and officials say about 60 have so far been recaptured. It is not clear how the breakout happened. Al-Judaida is one of Tripoli's largest jails. Human rights groups accuse officials of abusing inmates.  

Bill Maher: ‘The Planet Is Too Crowded and We Need to Promote Death’
HBO “Real Time” host Bill Maher says he’s “consistently pro-death” – and “not one of those people who thinks all life is precious.”  

French business erupts in fury against "disastrous" François Hollande
“The pace of bankruptcies has accelerated over the summer. We are seeing a general loss of confidence by investors. Large foreign investors are shunning France altogether. It’s becoming really dramatic.” MEDEF, France’s equivalent of the CBI, said the threat has risen from “a storm warning to a hurricane warning”, adding that the Socialist government of François Hollande has yet to understand the “extreme gravity” of the crisis.  

EU’s ‘nightmare’ crisis pushing continent into ‘lasting depression’: Soros
There is a real danger that the “nightmare” euro crisis could destroy the European Union and Germany should either step up to fix it or step out of the currency union altogether, fund manager George Soros said on Monday. The crisis “is having tremendous impact in the state of affairs, it is pushing the EU into a lasting depression, and it is entirely self-created,” said Soros, Chairman of Soros Fund Management.  

U.S. to Help Create an Elite Libyan Force to Combat Islamic Extremists
The Pentagon and State Department are speeding up efforts to help the Libyan government create a commando force to combat Islamic extremists like the ones who killed the American ambassador in Libya last month and to help counter the country’s fractious militias, according to internal government documents.  



The Knesset voted to disperse late Monday night and head to early elections. One hundred MKs voted in favor, with no opposing votes and zero abstentions, of the motion that will lead to early elections.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last week called for elections “as soon as possible,” blaming minor parties for staking out what he called “irresponsible positions” in recent discussions over the state budget. With all sides agreed in principle to disperse the Knesset, a new elections date was agreed upon over the next few days.

Polls show Netanyahu heading for a smooth victory, with several likely options for building a new center-right coalition.

On Monday night, Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin, officially opened the 18th Knesset’s winter session after nearly three months of summer recess, speaking ironically of the Knesset’s longevity while MKs prepared to vote to go to national elections on January 22.

“For a Knesset to begin its fifth year is no small feat,” Rivlin said, noting that only three others in Israeli history had done it — and noting, as well, that only one of those managed to complete its fifth year.

President Shimon Peres, speaking after Rivlin, talked nostalgically of the early days of the state, when diverse political parties agreed to compromise for the common good, and when a spirit of volunteerism helped build the state. Peres also spoke with reverence of the military support that the United States had provided to Israel over many years — and then talked at length about the danger posed by what the president referred to as a radical regime of ayatollahs in Tehran, and their disturbing pursuit of nuclear power.

Next at the podium, Netanyahu listed his government’s achievements while members of the opposition called out arguments and insults. “In less than 100 days,” he said, “the people of Israel will determine who will lead them.”

Monday was the second time this year that a bill calling for the Knesset’s dispersal had been put forward. In May, the Knesset passed the first and second readings of a bill for the Knesset’s dissolution, but the measure was scuttled by a late-night, last-minute formation of a Kadima-Likud unity government. The brief coalition broke apart in July after Likud refused to accept Kadima’s proposals for drafting ultra-Orthodox Israelis into the military.



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