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Michael James Stone
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The Choice is ours alone to make.

We can pretend that God is not real and ignore him in the Morning.
We can contend that God is not personal and ignore him throughout our day.
We can even defend our selfish lives and seek him only in the days we say we need Him or the Day we say we worship.

But God is Love.

The choice was ours to make.

What we did with Love from God every morning.
What we do with Love form God every night.
Whether we choose to respond to God alone of we admit we only seek God in a crowd.

The Choice is ours to make,

God made His choice for you.
He demonstrated His love in Spirit and Truth once for you;
When Jesus died and rose again.

Now everyday he reminds you of His love by the sun that rises and the rain that falls.

What you do with that love;
What you do to that Love;

That is your choice to make
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