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values voter
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SPLC Calls on Ryan, Cantor to Boycott Values Voter Summit

By Paul Stanley

In a telephone press conference on Tuesday, the Southern Poverty Law Center and a number of gay rights organizations have called on elected officials such as GOP vice presidential nominee Rep. Paul Ryan and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor to boycott this weekend's Values Voter Summit being organized by the conservative Family Research Council.

'Trophy Child' Author: Children Should Focus on God, Not Achievements

By Stoyan Zaimov

A new book by Pastor Ted Cunningham, the author of parenting books such as Great Parents, Lousy Lovers and Young and in Love, has put out a new work that teaches parents that the greatest mission they have is not to raise their children to win "trophies," but to walk in the light of Christ.


focus on the family

Focus on the Family Curtails Millennial Outreach Program

By Alex Murashko

Focus on the Family announced that as part of a restructuring plan the ministry is letting go of Esther Fleece, who was a leader of the organization's millennial relations program and an assistant to the ministry's president, Jim Daly.

A Catholic academic institution in Ohio has come under fire for having a class in which homosexuality is declared a "deviant behavior" alongside things like murder, rape, drug use, and prostitution.

A church-state watchdog group has reported a Roman Catholic Church in El Paso, Texas, to the Internal Revenue Service after the church allegedly ran a notice in its bulletin that encouraged parishioners not to vote for President Barack Obama in the upcoming presidential election.

Despite its ongoing efforts to have the display of a cross near the World Trade Center memorial in New York City removed, legal experts strongly doubt the American Atheists organization has any chance of a court agreeing with its claim that the relic discriminates against those who are not Christians.

The credit rating of the United States government may face another downgrade, this time by Moody's Investor Services, the company warned Tuesday. The president and Congress must negotiate a deal by the end of next year that will lower the nation's growing debt relative to its economic production to avoid the downgrade.

Church & Ministries

Harvest Crusade

Thousands Make Decisions to Follow Jesus at Greg Laurie's Harvest Los Angeles

By Alex Murashko

Bianca had been brought to the crusade by way of her recently rekindled friendship with Lorena and Stacey – and like thousands of other stories to be told as the result of evangelist Greg Laurie's Harvest Los Angeles event this past weekend, her life, too, was changed by making a commitment to Jesus.

Craig Groeschel, senior pastor of, spoke to thousands of church leaders at the NewSpring Leadership Conference (NLC) on Thursday and told them a leader's "constant companion" is pain.

A member of the Exodus International board resigned this week, citing concerns over recent remarks made by Exodus President Alan Chambers. It was just three weeks ago when John Warren, who stepped down Thursday as treasurer of the Exodus International Board of Directors, defended Chambers for his biblical view of sin and repentance.

Tim Lucas, lead pastor of Liquid Church in New Jersey, hopes to elevate political discourse during the election season by not only talking about politics during Sunday worship services in September but leading live polling on hot button issues via text messaging.

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Last Ounce

'Last Ounce of Courage' Makes Debut on Patriot Day; Filmmakers Give Tickets to Military

By Alex Murashko

A film company plans to honor military men and women during commemoration of the 9/11 tragedies on Patriot Day by showing an advanced screening of "Last Ounce of Courage" on Tuesday and giving tickets to veterans and active military in 28 select cities.

Sarah D. Henson, daughter of Bishop T.D. Jakes, recently announced that she is divorcing her NFL linebacker husband Robert Henson after four years. On her personal website, the bishop's daughter asked for prayer while explaining that her marriage was ending.

During a recent movie screening in London Brad Pitt offered his opinion as to why he thinks his mother and conservatives are wrong when it comes to the issue of same-sex marriage, insisting that it "is inevitable."

Artist Jefferson Bethke released a new poem titled "Counterfeit Gods," questioning what people worship in place of the God of the Gospel. The spoken word poet, who shot to fame early this year for his "Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus" poem, delivers what many are calling another "powerful" poem.

Producers of a fictional movie about a mayor fighting a religious freedom battle in his own small town that mirrors the real-life culture wars in the U.S. have launched a social media campaign in hopes of starting a movement in support of liberty.



Youcef Nadarkhani Is Free, But His Lawyer Still Faces Threat of Imprisonment

By Katherine Weber

While Iranian pastor Youcef Nadarkhani has recently been freed from three years of imprisonment, his lawyer, Mohammad Ali Dadkhah, continues to face the threat of a nine-year prison sentence for his past involvement in human rights cases.

Youcef Nadarkhani, the Iranian pastor who captured the hearts of millions as he stood firm in his faith while facing execution, has been acquitted of apostasy.

Christopher Hitchens' widow says the topic of God never came up in the last days of the atheist's life. In promotion of the late atheist's newly released book, Mortality, his widow Carol Blue went on "CBS This Morning" on Friday and briefly talked about Hitchens' last days and his thoughts about life and death as expressed in the book.

A Judge in Pakistan has agreed to set bail for a Christian girl said to be mentally ill who was accused of desecrating a Muslim religious text. Judge Mohammed Azam Khan set bail at 1 million rupees, which equals U.S. $10,500. The girl's lower income family will have to receive financial support to raise the amount.

A Christian aid group has revealed that students from Myanmar's Chin ethic minority are being forced to shave their heads and convert to Buddhism, despite the president's insistence that religious freedom is protected in the South Asian nation.

Tech & Biz

iphone 5

Apple iPhone 5 Media Event Wednesday: Live Web Stream Fake?

By Audrey Barrick

Apple is expected to unveil the much anticipated iPhone 5 Wednesday morning at its media event in California. Live Web streaming of the event, however, may not be available.

A Chinese company known as Oppo is planning to release the world's first smartphone with a 1080p display.

Toys 'R Us is now offering a new Kindle Fire-like tablet called Tabeo specially made for youth needs. brings the stories of the Old and New Testament to life by providing people of all faiths with authentic 3D tours and maps of many of the significant landmarks in the holy city.

How Christians Should Engage Latter-day Saints

By Russell D. Moore

Christians often wonder why Mormons believe such an incredible system: golden tablets translated with "magic glasses," an advanced society of ancient American Indian Israelites who left behind no archaeological evidence at all, an eternity of godhood producing spirit babies, and special protective underwear. What we must understand is that Latter-day Saints believe these things for the same reason that people everywhere believe the things they do: they want to believe them.


New Film With Lisa Chan Explores 'True Beauty' the Way God Sees It

By Lillian Kwon

true beauty, lisa chan

Steve Carr may be a man but he knows the pressures and expectations women face when it comes to beauty and success. "Our culture's definition of beauty is impossible to achieve by most. However, if you buy the right products or get the right injections or have the right surgery, you can have a better life!"


Anger Is a Calling?

By Paul Tripp

Paul tripp

Suffering must not, cannot be okay with us. Injustice must not, cannot be okay with us. The immorality of the culture around us must not, cannot be okay with us. The deceit of the atheistic worldview – the philosophical paradigm of many culture-shaping institutions – must not, cannot be okay with us. Righteous anger should yank us out of selfish passivity. Righteous anger should call us to join God's revolution of grace.


Render Unto Caesar – Everything?

By Christian Post Guest Voices


Before they got caught and scrambled to fix it, the Democrats’ Platform as approved by their Platform Committee suggested that America has forgotten or should forget God. The Party’s guiding document didn’t just refuse to acknowledge our Creator as the one who endows us with our rights


9/11: Pain, Ashes and Hope 11 Years Later

By Greg Stier

Greg Stier

It astounds me that it has already been eleven years since the terrorist attacks of 9/11. Never before have three numbers defined our country in such a tragic way.


Evangelicals Rejoice Over Youcef Nadarkhani's Release; Pray for 'More Outcomes Like This'

By Katherine T. Phan

Youcef Nadarkhani

Prominent evangelical leaders whose advocacy efforts helped make Iranian pastor Youcef Nadarkhani into an international poster face for religious freedom are rejoicing over his recent release from prison but are now asking Christians to stay vigilant in supporting the rights of persecuted religious minorities worldwide. The leader of the largest evangelical group in the U.S. says Christians should "pray and press for more outcomes like this."


Remembering 9/11: Extraordinary Stories From the Sidelines

By Paul de Vries

9/11, world trade center

As many as 30,000 people who "should have been" in the WTC that morning did not come – detained by a whole host of unusual factors.


Pastors Are Hurting

By Thom S. Rainer

Thom Rainer

Not all the news about pastors is discouraging. Pastors feel privileged to be called to their places of ministry. They have a deep love for those they shepherd. Most of them could not conceive of doing anything else. But please hear me: Many pastors are hurting.


iPledge Sunday to Mobilize 2,000 Churches Ahead of 2012 Election

By Paul Stanley


The Family Research Council is hosting iPledge Sunday: A Call to Faith, Family and Freedom on Sunday via a nationwide simulcast that will reach over 2,000 churches with the goal of encouraging and equipping Christians to make their voices heard on Election Day.


Why Blasphemy Laws Are Wrong

By Russell D. Moore

russell d. moore

It's worth Christians asking: just why are blasphemy laws wrong? Now, obviously, as Christians we disagree with Islam and its teachings. And, obviously, we stand in solidarity with our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ. But why would such laws against blasphemy not be appropriate in the reverse case.


Study: Most Churchgoers Do Not Read Bible on Daily Basis

By Michael Gryboski

The Holy Bible

A recently released study by a Christian research organization shows that most churchgoers do not read or study the Bible on a daily basis. The findings of the Transformational Discipleship Assessment released by LifeWay Research noted that 19 percent of respondents report reading or studying the Bible outside of church "every day."


Roll Away Your Own Stone

By Joyce Meyer

megachurch pastor

All of God's children have faith. The question is are we willing to do what He tells us right away, or are we going to analyze every little thing He asks us to do?


Are 'Entitlements' an Oxymoron?

By Jerry Newcombe

social security

It's one thing to have a social safety net. It's another thing when virtually half the country is in that safety net, when government-dependence is a way of life. The estimates are that 49 percent of Americans now receive substantial government assistance.


Pounding the Table About Abortion

By Ken Connor

Ken Connor

The fact is, no one really likes talking about abortion, even those who are in favor of the practice. You hear plenty of vague references to the profound importance of a woman's "right to choose", but most advocates of this "choice" prefer to maintain a 30,000 foot view of the issue, where pesky moral and ethical questions are easily deflected by grandiose rhetoric designed to appeal to feminists and their sexual consorts who wish to abdicate any responsibility for the consequences of their actions.


Do You Live in a Generous State?

By Jim Daly

Salvation Army

A recent study commissioned by the Chronicle of Philanthropy revealed something that won't surprise many people of faith: the more "religious" a state or region of the country, the more likely its people are to give generously to charity.


ParaNorman and the Fear of a Christian America

By Russell D. Moore


I think this movie might be one more window on how the people we are called to love view us. The movie itself veers at times toward empathy. If there's any group easier to be demonized by Hollywood, one would think it would be undead Religious Right activists.


Selective Compassion: Disregarding the Unborn

By Eric Metaxas


People say they want to live in a compassionate, inclusive society. Then what about compassion for the unborn? The unborn here are the great exception to the pattern of expanding the circle of those deemed worthy of inclusion and protection in American society.


God Fixation Can Fix This Nation

By Rev. Mark H. Creech

flag, cross

Quite to the contrary of the atheistic mindset, it was a "God fixation" that actually built and prospered this great country. All the values most beloved by Americans – those that changed much of the world – derived from a Christian perspective.


Do You Believe We Should Cast Out Demons Today?

By John Piper

John Piper

I do, and I think there is a steady state, normal way to go about it. Occasionally you see a manifestation of demonic power that is so in your face and so possessive and controlling of a person's life that an extraordinary intervention and exorcism is called for.


Look Where the Soul Goes During Sex

By Dan Delzell

Dan Delzell

Sex is more than just a physical act. There is also a deep spiritual aspect to sex. But you probably knew that already, didn't you? Or at least you may have had an inkling of it in your soul.


Nine Things That Every Leader Struggles With and How to Overcome Them

By Perry Noble

perry noble

I threw out a tweet asking leaders what was the top thing that they struggled with…and received lots and lots of answers. If you are a leader (especially a church leader) then one of the things we are most guilty of is believing God's Word for other people but not for our own lives.


If God Weren't Angry...

By Paul Tripp

Paul tripp

Called to represent God's work of grace in the lives of others, many of us in ministry need to reevaluate how we think about the anger of God. Sometimes we can treat God's anger like the embarrassing uncle in our extended family. It's as if we're working hard to keep this attribute of God away from public exposure.


Survey Suggests Unwanted Same-Sex Attractions Can Be Reduced Through Counseling

By Jeff Schapiro


Survey results from a study conducted by People Can Change, a nonprofit organization that seeks to help people with unwanted same-sex attractions (SSA), show that over half of those who sought counseling for SSA felt their attractions diminish as a result.


Minimizing Suffering Minimizes the Cross

By Tullian Tchividjian

Tullian Tchividjian

It is ironic that one of the most beautiful and encouraging verses in the Bible is also one of the most dangerous. You probably know which one I'm talking about. "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose"


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