God Bless You

God Bless You



You can Bless Someone

You can Bless Anyone

Not because anyone or someone deserves a Blessing

But simply because that is how you Father In Heaven operates.

He choose when and How He blesses.

For God

He is able to set aside His anger and able to store His Wrath

He choose this time and this place to show His Love

He has decided in this moment in time to reveal His Mercy and Grace

If God has so chosen to do this

Can you do anything less

Than to Do as God is Doing.

It is His Love that will save the world.

You cannot

There is nothing you can say and nothing you can do

to save the world.

Jesus has done it.

Jesus has saved the world

By revealing the Truth of Who God Is and God revealing Who Jesus is

The World can be saved by God

God chooses this as a time for salvation

You can choose to work with God or against Him.

God wants you to be revealed by Him

He wants to show you off to the Universe

He wants to declare His Salvation in you to all the Angels in heaven and all creation

You are His Workmanship

He wants to Bless you

So He Does.

Since God so does with you

Can you not do the same?


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