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 (Chp2:2) "The Households"
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One Thousand Years: Genesage

"The Households"



The household of Mormons, or House of Mormonhad been absent lately, which Eben remembered he meant to visit them today. Eben usually followed up sooner, but there was always plenty of time. The house hold of the Brethren had Brother Michael in attendance. The Survivor Party was represented by Apple. The Quakers had Caleb, and Allah house sent Abdullahvivor. Juan came from Hacienda House, the Woman’s Cottage sent Delilah.

Everyday most “houses” were represented.

Donald McVivor would pop in and out of meetings at times and Eben enjoyed his company. Donald was tall as far as Survivors went. He wasn’t as tall as the Angelic, who for the most part were about six foot to start with and larger, but he was tall for humanity about six foot six. 

Six foot six and full of tricks many of the Old Timers (OT or Oties) said. He was a handy man to have around.

They said that because he reminded them of a popular Television show called McGivor which rhymed with his name. He seemed to fit the part. It was because he was ingenious with his circumstances. No matter where he was or how he found himself, he always came up with a solution. A lot like the television show hero did.

Debbie, a friend of Ebens and the Leader of BethD, a local community nearby, said he would have been better named Felix the Cat. Debbie before the rapture had a Cat when she was back in the World. Apparently she loved cats which if you mentioned her cat, that was about the only thing she really didn’t comment much about. She really loved that cat.

Debbie was a genius so she had lots to say. She also missed her cat. That wasn’t why she said Donald’s nickname should have been Felix rather than “Six foot six and full of tricks” like McGyver.

It wasn’t because Felix the Cat could reach into his bag of tricks either. It was probably because Debbie was rather forthright having an astronomical IQ. She would have associated the obvious. Felix the Cat was black. So was Donald. Maybe too simple a connection, but Debbie really loved her cat. Of course in the mixed up days at the end of the World you couldn’t say black or white or green or yellow which made no sense at all.

If you saw a Blue Horned Lizard, you didn’t call it a lower mobility animal with a protrusion of color, you called it a Blue Horned Lizard. Besides the Lizard like it.

Race was not an issue in the Kingdom. The would have been considered absurd to the “newborn”. Even in the Old World it was pretty absurd.

Race was not an issue unless you were running it and you wanted to win.

Then no one cared what color the person was, they just cared who won. They cared who won in respect to who hadn’t won yet. Because no matter who won the race last time, someone new had to win the race the next time.

It was considered the “Law of Competition”. (Sports had greatly changed in the New world). Those who had not won the race were helped to win. Something to do with cooperation and preferring one another over self. The other winners had to help, without hindering.

The Oties had a hard time with this kind of racing because they were Aggressive Competitive or (AC) as Debbie put it. Rather than Objective Competitive(OC).

They liked to win for themselves. Be the Champion. Win the Prize. Have a Loser and a Winner. Take Pride.

Debbie said it was a great way to brainwash someone into Bi polar thinking. Better/Worse. Winner/Loser, Success/Failure. She said the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and the Eternal Kingdom to Come would always be greater than two dimensional mentality of divisional competition creating separation rather than elevation and incorporation.

She would talk like a genius like that for a moment or two, look around at who she lost in the jargon, slap her hand to her blond head, say “duh” shaking it back and forth a few times with a humorous look on her face then say something in plain English like:

“Ok, it’s not about Winning or Losing or how you play the game, but everyone achieving the same result.”

About that time maybe half her class would get it, which then Debbie, who would be watching intently, would then get a Cross Eyed look and beam a beautiful smile and say;

“When we all Win, We all win”

For some reason, when Debbie did it, people got it. If Eben had tried something like that no one would have respected him in the morning. Nor the evening, or even the day.

Debbie being a blond did have a way of catching everyone’s attention. Either with her looks, her brains, her vocabulary, her antics or the fact that her last name was Dubrowski, she was a center of attention. She used to be called DD for short.

Of course she was also called Double D by some but it wasn’t for her initials.

Debbie called Donald Felix the Cat, and he didn’t mind at all.

Donald had moved into Samaritan House, and when he was in Bethleben and not BethD, he represented them at the Meetings.

The Twelve Survivors houses in the Refugee city of Bethleben were:

House of Mormon, (beitmormon)

Household of the Brethren, (beitbrethren).

Quaker House (beitquaker).

House of Survivors, (beitsurvivor).

Allah’s House, (beitallah).

The Woman’s Cottage, (beitisha.)

Children’s home, (beitchildren.)

The Mans House (beitish).

M&M’s House, (beitm.)

Hacienda Home, (beithacienda.)

The Samaritan House, (beitsamaritan)

The House of America (beitamerica)

Communities in the Kingdom did not have streets or house numbers. So far they had not been needed. Whoever lived in the house that was the name of the house.

Sometimes the people living in the house chose some other name. An example was the family that had survived the Tribulation Period was Quakers. So in choosing, they decided to have their house called the House of Quakers. It was not formal or limiting, just a way for the occupants to personalize their dwelling place. It was their home. They made it feel that way to them. It didn’t mean everyone in the House was a Quaker, but it didn’t hurt.

Eben once commented asking if anyone had asked the house how it felt about that. If anyone asked the “house” how it felt being called a certain name. No one was quite sure if he was teasing or not. It was rumored that when a Survivor mentioned the old adage “if these walls could speak”, Eben commented be careful what you wish for.

Certainly things were different in the Kingdom.

If you wanted to find someone you just asked a person living in that community where they lived. Usually the person would then be directed to the house based on the name of the person or sometimes the affiliation. More often than naught, when you arrived at the community asking for directions, the person you asked would take you to the home of that person personally. Showing them where someone lived was a chance to visit. Likewise people felt connected.
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