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 (Chp.2:3)Post Tribulation Traumatic Stress Disordr
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One Thousand Years: Genesage

"Post Tribulation Traumatic Stress Disorder (P.T.T.S.D.)"



One unusual case of PTTSD: Post Tribulation Traumatic Stress Disorder involved Eben’s class asking him how many ‘Survivors’ were left over from the Tribulation Period. Eben said bluntly no one numbered the Survivors in the Kingdom of God. It was not “the Way” they should go. (halacha-the way).

Brother Michael wanted to know why since the days of King David numbering the Children of Israel were long gone. He presumed since those days were gone, why not count the people now. He was sincere with a genuine interest in knowing how many had “made it”. Though sincere, he was sincerely wrong.

Eben raised his right arm with his fist pointed inward and the back of his hand faced outward.

The Salute of the Damned.

The instant reaction in the class was evident on the face of everyone there. They recognized that gesture instantly. They had seen it a thousand times before or more. Every time they were stopped. Every time they went shopping, whenever they went to the store. Everyplace they bought or sold, no matter where they were, the Salute of the Damned was expected.

Walking down the street it had become a source of pride to raise the fist to your chest and show yourMark of Fidelity. Fidelitas Unitas. Pride of those damned to hell that is. The open palms held downward and outward as a universal sign of giving or ‘revelation’ of being unarmed, became a raised fist to your chest with the defiant symbol evident on the back of the hand. Instead of a sign of openness, it was obvious a ‘self’ symbol of war. The Last War.

When done properly the hands down and open swearing allegiance “Fidelitas Unitas”, then beat back to the chest to reveal the Mark of Fidelity, the arrogance was evident.

When Eben raised his fist in that salute he said numbers were meaningless to count in the Kingdom of God because every single “One” was the most important person in the Universe. Every person, One by One by One by One. There was no Mass of One, nor a group of Ones but one to one in the Son. One to one to one. One as diverse and yet One in the Unity of the Fathers, not a counterfeit “Unitas Fidelitas”.

Numbering would only remind those who hadn’t been numbered that they were spared. But those who had been numbered, they hadn’t been spared. They were in Hell. Those who had been numbered, they were gone forever. Never again would anyone be numbered again. Never.

When Eben said Never it was as though a spell had been broken no one ever mentioned numbering anyone or anything again, except the One hundred and Forty-four thousand, but that was different story. 

With what most of the people had been through at the “End of the World” just taking care of the Survivors had been enough for Eben. Each person suffered from a Post Traumatic Tribulation Syndrome as Debbie, a friend of Ebens coined it.

Though they were healed from most physical and emotional scars, there were “memories” that took time to forget. Generations to unlearn destructive patterns and change. Develop past the Judgment phase of Humanity which likely would last, to the Third and Fourth Generation[1].

P.T.T.S.D. that made almost all the Survivors appear and act like drones. The first few years of the Kingdom you would have thought the Land was full of Zombies or Night of the Living Dead. Thinking about ti now Eben still wasn’t too sure if Man wasn’t his own worst enemy as the Survivors had literally lived as “Living Dead” in the Tribulation. Then in the First Few Years of the Kingdom, they were Zombie-ish.

Almost all were bald, so it took time to regrow hair. Nearly every Survivor had been healed of the direct effect of missing vital organs that some had been “harvested” by the Clash of Nations as they had fought for Survival in the Tribulation. Armies needed parts and in the end, excess humanity was just a resource.

Those early years of Survivors were horrific, but like a shepherd tending a flock, Eben had cared for these Survivors as though they were his own children.

Surviving the End of the World was bad enough, but the people, all who actually came through that experience, had also seen God. That left them “soul seared” as Eben once explained. It isn’t easy to have your world literally torn apart and see God.

Messiah had once said to let your eyes see light and not darkness, but to see holiness was a different matter entirely. There had been those who had seen holiness with their eyes melting in their sockets and their flesh dripping away as Ezeq-Kiel reminded Eben once in describing his visions.

At the time Eben had thought of Nuclear War and the physical properties of exposure to a bomb burst. As Eben had tried to explain it Ezeq had understood immediately and disagreed with him. He said it would be like walking into the Holy of Holies not being the High Priest, then looking inside the Ark.

Eben really wanted to tell Ezeq-Kiel about a movie called Raiders of the Lost Ark but he was pretty sure something would get lost along the way if he tried to explain it. The Prophet of God was more of a literalist.

Despite seeing holiness and living, ( a real miracle Ezeq said), the Survivors also dealt with just the memories of everything being so “over the top” of their understanding, that for Eben, PTTSD about summed it all up.
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