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Michael James Stone
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 Praise Jesus For everyone 
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POKE ! What a beautiful day to reach out and share some love and remind you who you are in Christ Jesus who has came to save us from a dying world. 

A world that is a very painful place to be in these times. I pray this day is your day to feel the love of Christ through you. Sharing in all His goodness. All His plans for each of us and being a part of His loving kind relationships. 

Thank you for being here with me and for your loving encouragement and prayers over my family. Praise Jesus . He gave me you ! POKE - You are never alone. Call out his name. even poke Him if you have to. He comes. He rescues. He saves. He heals. He loves YOU. ♥ 

No matter how hard it is or how hard it feels we are called to be a light for the lost and broken so that others may know HIS LOVING KINDNESS , not our own. That we would over look offenses and make the sacrifice we are called to make through the righteousness of Jesus Christ. 

Giving Him our hearts so He may us them for His glory so others may come to know Him personally. His love. His beautiful body. Dont be fooled being a hearer and not a doer. Jesus IS LOVING KINDNESS. Anything else is not born of Him and His Holy spirit. Test every spirit and stand firm in the faith. 

Outside Jesus the evil one brings slander gossip hate anger blame cheating lying stealing etc. trust God will bring others into your life for a purpose. And seek Him, not men. We all fall short of His glory. 

We all need a savior. 

Praise Jesus ♥ 

For everyone :)
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