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 Friendship day.....
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Friendship day..... 

A clever title for loving without Jesus. 

Friends come from God. They are born in an instant. Not formed over the years. that is love. that is God using someone to bring you through things in the world. 

Without Jesus these relationships become soul ties with expectations and separation. IN Christ we can love everyone and do all things for the glory of the Lord. ALL THINGS for the good of those who serve Jesus Christ. :) 

Be careful creating soul ties. 
The evil one is setting traps and snares. 
Trust Jesus and build everything through Him abiding in HIM. 

LOVE and trust God the Father to keep you upright when you are attacked. Never returning evil for evil. 

NEVER :) That is love. 

NO drama. No competition. NO offense or jealousy. Just faithful trusting loving kind and gentle relationship making sacrifice for others in your life because you have made the ultimate sacrifice to follow Jesus.

Keep Moving. He is a river. 

Not a pond. get out from under men. 

Get our from the buildings and ideas built up around religion. 
Get your mind off this world. 
And know God is a friend to those who love Him.
With EVERYTHING. Not just what you have extra but ALL YOU HAVE to serve and lift our brothers and sisters. 


Praise Jesus there is no I in His name :) thank you for loving me and being family in Christ. 

YOU are more than a friend to me. 
YOU are Gods greatest treasure. 
regardless of what you are all about - 

God sent His Son to come for you. 

Then and NOW. I do not come as a friend but a faithful servant. 
I am not your pastor or preacher. 
I am spirit filled and a Son of God on most high. 
I am your servant.
I belong to the living body of Christ Jesus. 

I hate what Sin is doing to us all But I do not hate you for the choices you make. I have made them too. 

And been burned many times.

Now I abide in Christ who keeps me from letting in evil spirits in my life. 

He keeps me from soul ties that sent me to prison and influenced me to suicidal hopelessness. 

From an anger turned to hate and murdering others who betrayed me.

Jesus taught me what it means to be a friend. 


Be on guard brothers and sisters.
The warring is great. 
The evil one is moving in the masses. 

Either our minds are on Christ or the world. Choose who you serve today. Or you will fall away worried fearing hating slandering gossiping with pride filled hearts and letting discouragement and despair control your time. 

Jesus gives us good people. He knows our hearts. 

Trust Him. :) BE PATIENT. God is doing a great work. 

And it is not for you to get a job a house a car a status a position a financial windfall or to even be comfortable.

Jesus did not have a place to lay His head. He wandered into the lives of many. WANDERING. Not saving storing building for the future. He used what he had been given and always had enough. ALWAYS. Dont pretend to know Christ.

It dont word. God will not be mocked. He wants all of you. try. He will help. And release what he takes. Nothing is worth what he has in store to show you. Wonderful things !!! 

God bless you - thank you for sharing with me always Praise Jesus
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