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 “Pennies From Heaven”
« Thread Started on Aug 11, 2012, 9:22pm »
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“Pennies From Heaven”

Do you believe in miracles? Do you believe in small miracles or blessings ? Do you believe small miracles or blessings may lead to bigger ones?

I have had a problem with pennies for many years. I had always thought they were useless and threw them away on the ground.

One day I kept thinking I wish I had some money so I could open some savings accounts for my grand children. It was a heart’s desire. Well than, I kept seeing pennies every place I went. He told me; “pick them up” so I started picking up pennies. I placed them in a bank and just kept picking up pennies. Some time passed and than I started picking up nickels, dimes, and quarters.

Than I was at the bank one day and asked; “ How much do you have to deposit to open a savings account for a child? “ The answer was $25.00. So I went home and thought I wish I had enough to open a savings account for all my grand children, for their education. I than had 7 grand children. Than a small, quiet voice said; “ open your bank. “ I opened the bank and started pulling out pennies and change and started counting it. I kept counting and counting. It just kept coming out of that bank, I counted to $ 75.00 and left the rest. I had enough to open three accounts and I am still picking up pennies. Soon, I will have enough for the rest of the accounts.

Than that quiet still voice came again and said; “ Pennies are a blessing from Heaven, they may be small but they also are a blessing.”

Small miracles, blessings may be small but they are still miracles, blessings. It may be a kind word, encouragement, a note, a telephone call, it can be anything. They are still miracles, blessings. Don’t regret the beginnings. Enjoy the journey and know that God does know your heart’s desires.

This was at the beginning of my love walk, when I came back to the Lord for I had fallen away. The picking up of pennies started in the year 2000 and I still pick up pennies. That still small voice had also told me that penny bank would not run dry, and it has not even to this day. He also reminded me how He multiplied the oil for the woman in the Bible.

Though the blessing is small, God has taught me, even the small stuff is a blessing not everyone will have earthquake experiences. Where God guides He truly provides, we have to be willing, and we must also obey, but first we must listen, and always pray.
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