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Michael James Stone
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 I Love you Lord. 
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I Love you Lord. 

Thank you for this day and for the time we will spend in the lives of others. 

Please bless our relationships and help us all keep our minds set on you. AND your goodness. sharing with others our lives and seeking your righteousness always. 

Thank you for surrounding us with love especially in our deepest sorrows. 


Thank you for your new mercies this day and for your promise. I will rejoice and give thanks. Praising your name on most high Jesus. 


What is your excuse for not seeking Gods Kingdom today. 

Jesus said go and observe what they do but do not do as they do. 

Join the assembly of praise and worship. And keep your mind on Jesus - NOT MEN !

If you are not doing what God said to do how can you Expect to grow close to Him or others in relationships. 

Loving kind relationships. 

Praise Jesus

when the world sees the light, they will dance with Joy like were dancing now.

Praise Jesus :)

♥ Our loving merciful savior of grace and forgiveness. 

Hallelujah !

Have a beautiful day faithful servants. 

May your hearts be cheerful and your faith produce works that bring others to Christ so He may save them so you dont have to. 

God bless you and through you :)
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