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 There is...NO ROOM for ERROR!!
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There is...NO ROOM for ERROR!!
By Dontwobears

My Dad was in the Military for better than 30 years, He was a WWII Hero and stood guard over Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry S. Truman. He was in the Battle of the Bulge, He had seen Normandy beaches and he had been in Germany at the end of the War. He was extra-ordinarily devoted to our Nations Military, so much so, I can't remember a time He was not in Uniform, except for Church on Sundays. I have lived in places, in the Orient, as far as Burma to the Mississippi river and as far North as Alaska to the South Pacific Islands of Figi.

In later articles, I will endeavor to take you there personally and let you see everything I saw and to know the Love of a Dad, such as mine. You must ask yourself though, why would a God so wonderful, allow countries of the Orient to be so filled with poverty, sickness and death. These questions resounded in my head, like Sonic Booms, for years.

“Hi there young man!” the Pastor stated as he stepped from his old 1942 Ford five Window pickup truck. The young boy had been riding a rickety old tricycle, in the dirt filled front yard, on that hot and dusty Saturday morning. “Hey Mister! Ain't you that there Preacher from the church up the road a piece?” the Boy asked as he peered, rather squint eyed at the tall man. “Well I sure am Son. Do you go to Sunday School there?” 

The Pastor asked as he wiped the sweat from his brow, raising the old straw hat he wore, higher in the air above his sparsely haired head. “Naw sir, Momma don't like all that there holler'in 'n such. She said she gets enough of that, right here at home.” The boys South Texas slang ringing in his ears. “Mind yer mouth boy!” The boys Momma stated as she stood there on a front porch that looked pert'ner ready to fall, the rest of the house wasn't much better, missing lots of paint and filled with withering boards. 

“Mornin' Ma'am, I'm Pastor Joe, from the church up the road.” The Pastor stated as he reverently approached the woman, wringing her hands in a dingy apron.

“Life isn't about how well you live or how poorly! Life is about How well you live with Jesus Christ! Jesus Christ never had a home and He never had a sure meal everyday, He never was sure where he would lay His head that night! Still!! He walked a Life of righteousness! Jesus Christ is God Almighty, HE is the Great “I AM”, HE is the First and the Last, the Alpha and the Omega, HE IS GOD!!”

The pastor shouted and then banged his hand on the podium for emphasis. You could feel that bang in your chest and it resonated off the walls and then was split apart by all the overhead fans, whirring at full speed You could feel the tingle in the air as if the very ions of Oxygen and Hydrogen were rattling against each other, from the BOOM. The Pastor paused, looked about the sanctuary and saw the Boy and his Mom and Dad, Dad was evidently nursing a slight hangover and the sounds from the Pastor were annoying. A slight smile spread across the Pastors mouth. “Well Pastor, no offense meant, but I don't know if'n I can get ma man to come, but I'll try none the less.” the Pastor recalled of their conversation over a glass of water. “YOU! Can run from God, but you can't hide! You can turn your back on God, but HE will never turn HIS back on you! God Almighty Chose YOU!” BOOM with the hand again. “and there is nothing HE won't do to bring you home! HE!! GOD!!

Chose you before the creation of the Universe!! And NOW...HE is talking to YOU! He is talking to you in your heart, He is telling you, that you need HIM! My Brethren!! God ALMIGHTY!!! 

Came here and was CRUCIFIED....on a Roman Cross....TO SAVE YOU!! Can I get an Amen?!” “Amen Brother” was quickly heard, every head was up and all the eyes were on the Preacher. “WHAT USE...IS YOUR LIFE HERE?!?!” pause “IF IT IS NOT FOR GOD?!?! WHY...should you even be alive, if you are going to turn you back on a GOD...THAT WOULD DIE ON A ROMAN CROSS....JUST TO SAVE YOU?!! IF YOU!! 

Think you are here to carouse around like a tom cat, getting drunk and acting the fool...YOU ARE WRONG!!!” And there was another boom from the pulpit, a few heads were bowed, but it wasn't in Prayer, they were wide awake now, looking like a deer caught in the headlights. 

“JESUS CHRIST...”pause “Died on THAT CROSS...HE SHED HIS BLOOD!! GAVE UP HIS LAST BREATH!! SPIKES IN HIS HANDS AND FEET AND A SPEAR IN HIS SIDE!!! For.....YOU!! To CLEANSE YOU...pause...TO WASH YOU CLEAN...pause...OF YOUR SIN!!!” this time the Pastor wiped his brow, took a drink of his water. “I AM SICK pause AND TIRED!!! I AM WEAK!!! I NEED JESUS CHRIST...pause...MORE TODAY THAN EVER BEFORE...pause...AND SO DO YOU!!! WAKE UP and give me an Amen!!” Quickly there was an “Amen Brother”

The sermon sort of ended strangely, but the Pastor had a reason. The little boys Dad was sitting there tears streaming down his face. “Brother and Sisters...pause...at this time, I want to ask for those that wish to....to come and approach the Alter of God and give their lives to HIM. Lets quietly and reverently Pray that those that come will be strengthened and held in the hands of our Lord and Savior as they walk forward. 

My Family, this is not something easy for any of us to do! We are saying in front of God and everyone sitting here, that I am a sinner, that I need Jesus Christ, that I need to change my Life and follow HIM. Wrap your arms around them and hold them...Tell them, just as Our LORD and Savior JESUS CHRIST told you...EVERYTHING is alright now!” And with that the Pastor walked over to the little boys Dad and put His arm around the Dad's shoulders and they bowed in Prayer. You could hear the Prayer the Pastor Prayed, “Ohhhh...Holy and JUST Father! James and I come before you, in humility Father, asking for your forgiveness of our sin, that you wash away the pain and suffering that one man must bear in this Life. 

That YOU lift him and hold him in your Great and Awesome hands Father. Give this man the strength and the willingness to follow you in all that you have designed for him Father! Give him Peace for his troubled heart and rest for his worried mind and Soul Father.....In JESUS name Father We Pray....Amen!” 

The room resounded with “AMENS” from every corner and every mouth. The Boys Mom sat in the pew bewildered and wide-eyed, that her Husband had walked forward and given his life to Christ and with in minutes, as the idea settled in her head, a smile broadened her mouth. Years of pain and suffering and anguish...simply slipped away, to be forever forgotten
Jesus Christ said, Matthew 11:28-30 "Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light."

Is there really anything that could ever be so wonderful, to anyone, to hear someone say that to them?!
In one of this Pastors later sermons he said “My Brothers an Sisters!! There is coming a day, when the Lord God Almighty is going to come in the air and the clouds. 

Then everyone on earth will see and hear the Trumpet of God sound...and then our Lord will say “COME UP HITHER” Praise Gods name!! And the dead in Christ shall rise first!! And then WE who are in Christ!!! Will rise and be instantly Changed!! AND SO SHALL WE EVER BE WITH THE LORD!!! The Pastor paused and took a drink of water, he looked at the Congregation quietly as the words filtered into their minds and hearts. “THE QUESTION IS, pause, WHERE ARE YOU GOING TO BE?!?! STILL HERE ON EARTH?!?! LOST, pause, LEFT BEHIND pause FORGOTTEN?!?!? There was another BOOM from the pulpit, made you sort of jump in your seat.

“GOD FORBID THAT YOU ARE LEFT BEHIND!!!” And then came the call to the Alter of the Lord and many responded. The best description for the call to the lord is, according to the Bible, God's Holy Word, “There is NO room for error!! YOU are either SAVED TO JESUS CHRIST...OR YOU ARE DEAD in your SIN!!”

You may contact the Author at; dontwobears@sbcglobal.net
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