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 "Song of Limmud" (Chp 1:1)
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“Song of Limmud”
(Chap 1:1)

Eben was humming. It wasn’t his normal habit to hum, but this morning he was. He was happy. Though He wasn’t happy every day, he liked to think he was happy most of the time. Days like today he was happy. Humming showed it.

Some days were just real hummers.

The tune he was humming was familiar; familiar like trying to name that tune. The melody of a song you thought you knew. Recalled but just couldn’t remember the words. A silly song. Like a song that once you did remember the tune the words you couldn’t get out of your head. 

It stuck with you.

Lyrics that would keep repeating themselves, over and over again, replaying in your mind. It just so happened, Eben liked this song. But the words were more for him. It was a song of joy.
“All I have seen, all I have heard…,”

Eben hummed the words to himself. If you hadn’t heard the song, it might have been strange. An odd kind of melody with unique words attached. But nearly everyone had heard the Song of Limmud; At least nearly everyone alive and well and living in the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth that is.

It was one of the Songs of the 144,000.

While in this part of the land, they had sung this song more than once. Other songs not so often. It didn’t mean everyone remembered it, but at least to most it was familiar. 

While once was not enough to remember,
twice was a better chance to retain;

Eben chanted a familiar refrain,
but three times sung it will remain.

Catchy line and a fact in the Kingdom. Songs of the 144,000 were always sung three times. There was a reason why, and like most things in the Kingdom, there was a reason and purpose for everything being done the way they were.

Some said the reason why would be revealed at the end of the thousand years. They had said the same thing about getting to heaven and when you did you would know why. 

That hadn’t worked the way people said. 

Getting to heaven seemed to open up doors for more learning to discover.

The same was true in the Kingdom.
You learned as you went.

You didn’t suddenly wake up and know it all.

Three times was like a lucky charm. Only luck had nothing to do with it. Once was sung as unto the Father; Twice was sung as unto the Son; Thrice was sung as unto the Spirit. 

No song undone till all three were sung.

Never was song sung blue, but song sung in the Kingdom was worth repeating. Repeating to the Father; the Son; and the Spirit that is; always good to cover your bases.

This particular song was one of Eben’s favorites. He could recall lots of songs the 144,000 had sung so far, but he liked this one the best. Ever since the first time he heard it he thought it had great meaning for his life.

Somehow it just fit.

Seemingly attaching itself to him; the song was a part of him. He recalled sixty nine years ago when he came to Jerusalem. It was quite a day back then. 

That was the first time he heard the song sung; today though he was just humming it.

Getting ready for his meeting with the other members of his community Eben was happy his recall was as though it were just yesterday. 

But Sixty-nine years after the fact, he was still singing that song, the Song of Limmud.

Who would have thought that heaven was all about singing and so little about speaking?

Eben mused as he walked from his house to the lake to freshen up.

Thinking about his visit to heaven sixty-nine years ago reminded him that no matter where you went, there you were, in heaven. There you were in the midst of song and there you are music going on.

Where ever you were, it was heaven.

Non-stop it was the language of the heavenlies; singing that is. 

At that Eben smiled for a moment recalling the Old World Ideas about a “heavenly language”.

Everything from groaning and moaning to telepathy and empathy.

What were ears for if not for hearing?

So many wanted it to be a tongue, others wanted it to be a language, some ancients had said it was a power, few realized it was song. From incontrollable utterances, to babblings or ramblings in many vernaculars; there certainly had been way too many divisions and strife for modern man to have the final answer on what was going on in heaven.

Hell maybe but heaven?

No, modern man had no idea.

It was a lot more peaceful than that. If mankind couldn’t come up with one translation of the bible everyone agreed on, he certainly had no idea what was happening in heaven. The tower of Babel would have been surprised had it gotten close enough or high enough to hear singing.

Maybe they would have joined in, maybe not.

Eben chuckled. 

The Truth was far simpler than anyone had imagined.

“Rather than argue… if they had just sung about it they would have gotten the “Big Picture”.

Eben laughed thinking about old ways, old days, and wrong ideas. He had done much the same thing with his own ideas of how it would be like till he got there.

Once he got there, it wasn’t a surprise he was wrong.

At first he was too busy taking it all in to really care.
Looking back now, he was about as accurate as everyone else had been; not at all.

Heaven was certainly an experience he would not soon forget. 

Mind blowing to say the least and in the old expression, it was the ultimate trip. Certainly there was no way to really describe a different dimension.

The greatest paradigm of a paradox was expressed in a common expression used to describe location, time and space in proximity about heaven:

No matter where you went in heaven, there you were…,
In heaven.

He might have said it was….heavenly… but the lake was close by and he arrived at it interrupting his thoughts.
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