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 Rapture Ready News 23 Jul 12
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23 Jul 12

2 neurosurgeons banned from human research
The university has admitted to the federal government that the surgeons' actions amounted to "serious and continuing noncompliance" with federal regulations. The actions — described by two prominent bioethicists as "astonishing," and a "major penalty" for the school — threaten both the doctors' professional careers and the university's reputation and federal-funding status. 

Debt crisis: Greek economy is in a 'Great Depression' says Samaras
Greece is in a "Great Depression" similar to the American one in the 1930s, the country's Prime Minister Antonis Samaras told former US President Bill Clinton on Sunday. 

China approves military garrison for disputed islands
China has approved the formal establishment of a military garrison on disputed South China Sea islands, state media reports. The command will be based in Sansha city on Woody Island in the Paracels; a city formed in June to govern the area. On Sunday 45 legislators were also named to the new city's congress. 

Thousands flee rioting in Indian state of Assam
Tens of thousands of people have fled their homes in the Indian state of Assam following weekend clashes that killed at least 17 people, police say. The fighting was between indigenous tribespeople and Muslim settlers in the state's Kokrajhar district. There have been tensions between indigenous groups and Muslim Bengali migrants to Assam for many years. 

Drug-resistant HIV 'on increase' in sub-Saharan Africa
Drug-resistant HIV has been increasing in parts of sub-Saharan Africa over the last decade, according to experts writing in the Lancet. Studies on 26,000 untreated HIV-positive people in developing countries were reviewed by the team. They said resistance could build up if people fail to stick to drug regimes, and because monitoring could be poor. 

Turkey sends military reinforcements to Syrian border
Turkey on Sunday sent military reinforcements to its border with Syria via the southeastern province of Mardin, the Anatolia news agency reported. Anatolia said the military deployed ground-to-air missiles to military barracks in the Nusaybin district, along the border with Syria, via a train that was loaded from a station in Mardin. 

Al-Qaida: We're returning to old Iraq strongholds
The first online statement from the new leader of al-Qaida's affiliate in Iraq claims that the militant network is returning to the old strongholds from which it was driven by U.S. forces and their Sunni allies prior to the American withdrawal at the end of last year, and that it is preparing operations to free prisoners and assassinate court officials. 

'Arab League backs Palestinian bid for UN nod'
The Arab League has voiced support for the Palestinian plan to ask the U.N. General Assembly to recognize a state of Palestine in the West Bank, Gaza and east Jerusalem, Palestinian officials reported this week. Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said that no date for such a step was set in Sunday's Arab League meeting in Doha. Instead, a committee was to prepare a U.N. appeal and report back to the Arab League on Sept. 5. 

US poverty on track to rise to highest since 1960s
The ranks of America's poor are on track to climb to levels unseen in nearly half a century, erasing gains from the war on poverty in the 1960s amid a weak economy and fraying government safety net. Census figures for 2011 will be released this fall in the critical weeks ahead of the November elections. 

Syrian TV Shows Bodies of Terrorists of Arab Nationalities Killed by the Syrian Army in al-Qaboun Neighborhood
The Syrian TV showed footage of bodies of terrorists from Egypt and Jordan who were killed by the Syrian armed forces when it was clearing al-Qaboun neighborhood in Damascus from armed terrorist groups. The Times newspaper had reported that the so-called "rebels" in Syria are no more than mercenaries who are funded and given weapons from external sides. 

Mayor Michael Bloomberg demands action on gun control, says ‘somebody’s got to do something’
Bloomberg again called out President Obama and presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney to put up or shut up on gun control. 

Debt crisis: IMF ‘suppressed signs that Europe was facing debt crisis’
The International Monetary Fund deliberately suppressed evidence that Europe was heading for a debt crisis, according to a blistering resignation letter from a senior economist at the fund. 

Turkey sends missile batteries to Syria border
Turkey sent batteries of ground-to-air missiles to the border with Syria on Sunday, media reports said, boosting its firepower as rebels in Syria seized several border posts. As fighting raged in Damascus and Aleppo, rebels were said to have taken control of three crossing points on the border with Turkey, which is sheltering thousands of Syrians who have fled the conflict at home. 

Assad rebuilds fighting command, retaliates against Turkey
President Bashar Assad quickly recovered from the blow he suffered with the loss of his four top allies last Wednesday, July 18. Within 24 hours, he had put in place a new command for fighting the rebels headed by his younger brother Gen. Maher Assad, commander of the 4th Division, debkafile’s military and intelligence sources report exclusively... Despite a wave of desertions, the Syrian army was soon back on the job, showing no signs of shock or wavering at the command level. 

Two hours for Syrian chemical weapons to reach Lebanon. Four armies prepared
The IDF, the Turkish and Jordanian armies and US Middle East forces have switched to preparedness mode in the last few hours in case the Syrian chemical weapons arsenal starts moving west toward Lebanon...
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