THE CHRISTIAN POST: Friday July 20, 2012 Av 1, 5772

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(Photo: Reuters/Mario Anzuoni)

Pew Report: Asian-American Evangelicals Less Republican Than White Evangelicals

By Napp Nazworth

Asian-American evangelicals are mostly Republican and more likely to be Republican than other Asian-Americans, but less likely than white evangelicals to be Republican, according to a new report by Pew Research Center. The difference may have to do with different ideas about the role of government.

Colorado Shooting at Batman 'Dark Knight' Screening Kills 12, Injures 50

By Daniel Blake

At least 14 people have been killed as a lone gunman opened fire at a midnight theater screening of new Batman blockbuster "The Dark Knight Rises" near Denver.


Gay military

US Defense Memo: Military Members Can Wear Uniforms in Gay Pride Parade

By Alex Murashko

The U.S. Department of Defense gave permission Thursday for all service members participating in San Diego's Gay Pride Parade this Saturday to march in uniform for the first time in history. Christian chaplains in the military previously said that the DoD's recent recognition of Gay Pride Month less than a year after the repeal of "Don't ask, don't tell" (DADT) is the new "stark reality" that behavior once considered by the military as grounds for court martial is now celebrated.

A Connecticut school board that had been in a legal fight over whether they could hold graduation ceremonies at a nearby church building has decided to reach a settlement wherein they stop the practice.

Ed Rollins, the GOP strategist and former campaign manager for Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn., is calling on his former client to apologize on the floor of the House of Representatives and "ask forgiveness" over accusations she made concerning one of Sec. Hillary Clinton's most closest and trusted aides and her possible association with the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Black AIDS Institute has released its latest report on HIV infection and death rates in the U.S., revealing that infection rates among black gay men have gotten worse. Some Christian churches have stepped up efforts to address the issue, with one pastor even getting tested from the pulpit.

Plans by anti-abortion activists to construct a replica of the Western Wall at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem that will be fronted by 60 crosses, each one representing 1 million aborted fetuses, are being met with strong opposition.

Church & Ministries

JI Packer

JI Packer Talks Mortification: How to Put Sin to Death

By Audrey Barrick

Renowned theologian J. I. Packer recently elaborated his views on how to put sin to death, saying that the first thing a Christian should do is ask God to "enable me to see the sin as He sees it."

Without Walls Pastor Randy White revealed on Sunday the "hell" that he's been through over the last five years, including a battle with depression, an addiction to prescription drugs and being the subject of an IRS investigation.

Alan Chambers, president of Exodus International, which up until now had supported the so-called gay "cure," isn't fazed by a call from an evangelical scholar for his resignation. In fact, he's heard it many times before. But this time, the concern isn't centered so much on the practice of reparative therapy. It's on Chambers' theology.

Pastor Ed Young from Fellowship Church in Grapevine, Texas, warns that relationships have become too dependent on technology, which decreases people's ability to connect with one another.



Michael W. Smith Says Atheist Lawsuit Threat Is 'Absurd'

By Michael Gryboski

Contemporary Christian music star Michael W. Smith has denounced a recent lawsuit threat from a Utah atheist who wants a concert canceled because of possible church-state concerns.

Ryan Reynolds is set to play God's son in the upcoming season of "Family Guy." But producers of the TV show are not creating a Jesus character for the actor. Rather, Reynolds will be portrayed as "God's previous attempt at an immaculate conception"

Teen heartthrob Justin Bieber has said that he does not believe in abortion, and that it equates to "killing a baby." The singer's comments come in a personal interview in Rolling Stone magazine, where he discusses various hot button topics such as premarital sex, and abortion in the case of incest and rape.

International pop star Madonna is set to be embroiled in more controversy after a group of young Catholics announced the launch of a petition to cancel a concert of hers in Poland that coincides with a World War II commemoration.


Western Wall, Judaism's holiest site

Israeli Official Criticized for Ripping New Testament Pages From Bible

By Jeff Schapiro

A member of the Knesset, Israel's parliament, is being criticized by the Anti-Defamation League and by other Israeli officials after he publicly ripped out the New Testament pages of a Bible and threw them into the trash.

A disturbing action known as "love jihad" is gaining notoriety after several reports have emerged of young impressionable women being seduced by Muslim men who wish to manipulate them and use them in an effort to aid their jihad.

Syria's defense minister, President Bashar Assad's brother-in-law, and other government officials were killed by a suicide blast at the National Security building in Damascus on Wednesday, with the country's embattled regime vowing it would not be shaken by such an attack.

Iranian pastor Behnam Irani, who is serving a five-year sentence, has finally been taken to the military hospital after becoming so ill that he became unconscious within the last week.

Tech & Biz

Samsung Galaxy S3 image

Samsung Galaxy S3 64GB Edition to Be Released Later This Year

By Myles Collier

Rumors have been swirling online recently that the 64GB version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 would be dropped, but new reports have now indicated that it will definitely launch later this year.

The President of one of the largest fast-food chains in America explained that he takes pride in being able to live out his Christian faith through his restaurants, but that we as a nation are challenging God's principals when it comes to the same sex-marriage debate.

The two hour documentary "Mermaids: The Body Found" which aired on Animal Planet in May, has been re-aired on the Discovery Channel on Sunday, and has caused another huge stir. has officially launched with its motto of "Seek, Find & Share." The site is comparable to YouTube but has a distinctively family-friendly focus with a Christian mission. It is the brainchild of Michael Jay Solomon, who took time to speak with The Christian Post.

Look What He Found in Grandpa's Attic

By Dan Delzell

If Karl's grandpa knew what he was doing by saving all those cards, don't underestimate what God can do by choosing to leave an inheritance for His children. You are probably not wiser than your grandfather....and you are definitely not wiser than your Creator. Don't allow your defiance to defeat your faith.


Interview: Phoenix City Prosecutor on Jailed Pastor, Zoning Violation Case (Pt. 1)

By Michelle A. Vu

arizona state capitol

The Christian Post spoke with the chief prosecutor of Phoenix, Aaron J. Carreon-Ainsa, to hear the city's side of the story. The following is an edited transcript of that conversation.


Evangelicals Debate Theistic Evolution, Historical Adam

By Lillian Kwon


Evangelical Christians have launched a civil debate on their opposing views on evolution and its compatibility with Scripture. Rather than a "tit-for-tat" exchange, they sought to start something more "charitable" and "respectful" in the science and faith discussion.


10 Reasons We Have Not Reached the Unchurched

By Thom S. Rainer

Thom Rainer

Let us look with stark honesty and candor at the ineffectiveness of most American believers when it comes to sharing their faith. One of the main reasons many Christians do not share their faith is simply explained by the word disobedience.


Whatever Happened to Hell?

By Jerry Newcombe

love wins

Belief in Hell doesn't seem to be taken too seriously these days. Millions of high school students have been taught about Jonathan Edwards' famous sermon, "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God," as a supposed example of Puritan excess.


The Dark Knight in You

By Lane Palmer

dark knight

What, exactly, is worth saving in Gotham City? Callous, cruel, corrupt and downright cold blooded might be some of the more positive descriptions for the object of Batman's loyalty. He believes there is something bright and beautiful behind the shroud of darkness in Gotham city.


On the Uniqueness of the Individual: Humanism and Theism

By Jeremy Egrerer

Creation Museum

For once the shock and dehumanization of Durden's statement wears off, the viewer is left with an entirely inconvenient question: supposing God doesn't exist, if a man isn't known by many (or any), how much value can he possibly have?


Penn State Sin Makes Every Man a Suspect

By Jim Daly

penn state

The sins of one man at Penn State can be addressed in a court of law, but the consequences ripple like waves from the wake of a big boat. How many adults will keep their distance from kids out of a desire to protect and preserve their reputation?


What to Make of Obama Crediting Community Over the Individual in Business Success

By Jordan Ballor

Barack Obama

But even though the president's words here may have been designed to cater to a base more inclined toward collectivism, conservatives and independents should not respond by rejecting the kernel of truth contained in the president's remarks.


Phoenix Pastor Jailed Over Home Bible Study to Serve 3 Years?

By Michelle A. Vu

Michael Salman family

The Arizona pastor who is currently imprisoned for hosting regular Bible studies at his home may have to serve up to three years for violating his probation.


The Grace Effect: Making the Case With Our Lives

By Eric Metaxas

The Power of Grace

The best arguments against secular atheism and for Christianity are not made in the ivory tower; they're made at street level in every day life. Larry Taunton calls it the "grace effect."


Would Striking Clichés Make Christians More Tolerable?

By Alex Murashko

JOHN 316

Author and speaker Christian Piatt believes Christian clichés can do more harm than good and if stricken from their vocabulary, can make believers more tolerable.


Food Stamps: Let's Provide a Safety Net, Not a Mattress

By Ken Connor

food pantry

Government provision of food stamps has become the second-largest welfare program in the country and is expanding rapidly. As a society, we have an obligation to reach out and help the poor and needy. At the same time, it is important to strike the right balance—we should provide for those in need without blunting their initiative to provide for themselves.


Why No Denomination Will Survive the Homosexuality Crisis

By Kevin DeYoung

Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles

There is no way, short of a miraculous and full-scale changing of hearts and minds, for North American denominations to survive the homosexuality crisis. I'm not suggesting most of our old, mainline denominations will disappear. But I do not see how any of these once flourishing denominations will make it through the present crisis intact.


Faith Found the 'God Particle'

By Larry Alex Taunton

god particle large hadron collider

Mankind has searched for a great many things in the firm conviction that they could be found: the Northwest Passage; a cure for HIV/AIDS; and a way to safely send a man to the moon and back again. Sometimes that conviction—faith, really—was misguided (El Dorado and perpetual motion); sometimes it was not (Troy and heliocentricity).


How to Respond to Verbal, Emotional Abusers

By June Hunt

June Hunt

At one point, she expressed anger at him for hitting her in the face and breaking her teeth – while she was holding their daughter. His reply? "You [expletive] deserved it."


Joe Paterno and the Sandusky Statue

By Wallace Henley

Former Penn State head Football Coach Joe Paterno

Though Penn State may be able to take down the Paterno icon, it may never be able to rid itself of the Sandusky statue. It is the largest sculpture on the Penn State Campus. Some may protest that there is no Sandusky statue at Penn State. But there must be, because its shadow casts darkness over the Paterno statue, and blocks the light that normally glittered off the bronzed rejoicing face of the coach who always seemed so grim and resolute on the sidelines.


God's Plan for Human Sexuality

By Eric Metaxas

Prayer breakfast

I'll bet you when most people think about the Christian view of sex, a whole host of "thou shalt nots" pops into their minds. And that's a shame.


Alan Chambers Talks Gay 'Cure,' Salvation for Homosexuals

By Lillian Kwon

exodus, chambers

Alan Chambers is currently on vacation with his family. But his much needed break is hardly going uninterrupted following his announcement that Exodus International no longer supports reparative therapy.


Seven Questions to Help Leaders Avoid Committing Sins of Omission

By Thom S. Rainer


It's easy sometimes not to make a decision, to let the perceived status quo become our daily agenda. Instead of becoming a leader who is a change agent, we become managers who carry out routine tasks. How can we leaders make certain we are not seeking the comfort of sameness and committing sins of omission?


How to Grow Your Faith While You Wait for God

By Paul Tripp

Paul tripp

In ministry there are often moments when you are propelled by a biblical vision but called by God to wait. Waiting can be discouraging and hard. So what does it look like to wait in a way that makes you a participant in what God is doing rather than someone who struggles against the wait? Let me suggest several things.


Just a Thought ... About Sin

By Greg Stier

Greg Stier

Sin rips and ravages. Like a sinister and dangerous predator it tricks us and then pounces. From burning lust to to juicy gossip to gloating pride sin draws us in through portals of hormones, bitterness and arrogance before killing us with the consequences.


Theology of Glory vs. Theology of the Cross

By Tullian Tchividjian


It is not exactly breaking news to say that our culture has an aversion to suffering, regardless of how inescapable it may be. This is because we—you and me—have an aversion to suffering. Who wants to suffer? But the conscious avoidance of pain is one thing; the complete intolerance, or outright denial of it, is another.


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