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Rapture Readiness, the Millennial Reign of Jesus Christ, End Time information, exposing False Prophets and Prophetesses, identifying the One World Church, the Antichrist, and defending the infallible King James Bible are key subjects of this website. We want to help you be a “Salty Saint,” be healthy by providing good vitamins and nutrients, and to be a light of Jesus Christ in this sin-cursed world. Our “LIVE” Radio Broadcast, Open Bible Dialogue, keeps you up-to-date on End Times news.

Biblical Sanctuary Sermons!!

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Receive You The Holy Ghost

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Here is our new PNA series called “John The Revelator Saw….”

We expect to have about 50 of these exciting visions that John was shown by the Holy Spirit!

…Saw the Rapture like a drama

…Saw the Saints at the Marriage Supper

…Saw the drama of our present church world

…Saw repentant sinners dying like flies

…Saw the city of Celestial Bliss

…Saw a beast of a god worshiped by the world

…Saw the Shekinah Glory of Jesus Christ

…Saw the Nature of the Antichrist

…Saw Jesus Christ crowned King of Kings

…Saw the Title Deed of this earth

…Saw the Beastly “Assyrian Antichrist”

…Saw the weather patterns gone berserk

…Saw the reversal of God’s order for the world

…Saw 144,000 Jews converted to Christ after the Rapture

…Saw Jesus Christ in all His Glory

…Saw The Father on His throne

…Saw Babylon, capitol of the antiChrist, obliterated

…Saw the Temple of God in Heavenly Jerusalem

…Saw The Golden Kingdom of Jesus Christ

…Saw the feminization of the end times church

Keep checking back here for the latest of these articles.

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