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 "The Man who Committed Murder"
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While I know "everyone" that I know that prays in such a times as this in regards to Familes, Friends, Neighbors and people near and far.....

FOR that which occurred in Aurora Colorado.


Now as I am led, I do not expect anyone to agree, AND I only post this because God said to and 


That the Spirit of God might want to encourage someone else who might be led to pray for the 

"The Man who Committed Murder"

I can't understand so I won't try to.

David committed the most heinous crime the nation of Israel could imagine in premeditation, planning, execution and afterwards so many of the nation dying for David's Sin........

I can't understand so I won't try to. I only know what you did. I don't really know why and I don't really know how, but you spared David.

Even those others died because of His Sin.

I can't imagine Lord you on the Cross not really and even watching any scene of it makes me cry; and when in each you say "Father forgive them foe they know not what they do, I bawl like a baby.

God, I don't know how you do it.

Father, I don't expect this man to live. I suspect he will perish sooner than later. I realize without a doubt that everyone will want the full recompense of the law to be exercised and his life now extinguished.

I don't fault anyone or disagree with those that fell that way.

But God, though the Flesh may perish the soul goes on and I CAN PRAY for this man's Spirit. 

I don't know Him. I don't like what He has done. I fully expect you to cause Him in this life to reap what he has sown.

But God?

If you have any mercy at all, if you can change the Spirit of Man so he can find you somehow, if your grace is not shortened that you cannot save and your ability in love greater than anything or anyone in life has ever known


Could you save the man "in eternity" though in this life he is going to die. 

I know He deserves Hell Father, but so did I. So if you can beyond all understanding IN YOUR TIME and according to your will, Will you not write his name in the Lambs book of Life and somehow, someway, save this soul from Hell, even though we may cause His flesh to perish for the sin and crime is in.

Jesus I don't know that any man could do this; but could you so when he dies....

He doesn't go to hell, though many may want so, but because you can, 

GOD SAVE THE MAN.....from hell.

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