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 STATE-of-AMERICA: "In Need in Deed"
« Thread Started on Jul 14, 2012, 8:30am »
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Jesus said,

"They will know we are Christians by our Love"

In America in Crisis we can see the reality of a Christian Nation by how the followers of Jesus almost without thought come to the aid and necessity of those in need.

When there is a need; We see Christians Respond.

Others "help" and join in caring not because of being Christian at times but because they live in a Christian Nation that has influenced the soul of the people and the heart of it's citizens by giving to them a conscience principled upon Christian values and morays.

The American may argue about temporary social issues; but Oh Say Can You See, not the Star Spangled Banner but the hand and the heart the monies yes, but the volunteers and the people who are willing to at least try to "lend a helping hand" 

Because this Land is your Land and it is mine the soul of America is still found I find in this time when people berate and denigrate the greatness God has allowed this country to be, by seeing the heart when those people who need HELP find it in America.

As long as I can see Americans helping Americans I don't give a damn what others say, I see in meeting the need of even ONE person in this land a Christian value and a Christian Nation because in meeting the Need of Even Only One.

"If you have done it to the least of these; you have done it unto me"


Michael James Stone
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