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 The Redeemer's Return -Arthur Pink (Contents)
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Arthur Pink wrote many outstanding books on prophecy that have become classics of the faith. He spent several years preaching in America and Australia. Pink was a man of great talent, but he never achieved much success in his personal ministry. He wrote the following to a friend shortly before returning to Great Britain: "This is the chief reason why I am leaving the States. God’s blessing has been and now is upon my written ministry in a most unmistakable and gracious way; but my personal ministry through direct contact is almost a complete failure."
The Redeemer's Return

1 - The Need of the Redeemer's Return The Redeemer's Return Is Necessitated:
Section 1 - By Old Testament Prophecy
Section 2 - By His Own Affirmations
Section 3 - By The Ratification Of The Holy Spirit
Section 4 - By The Humiliation Of The Cross
Section 5 - By The Present Exaltation Of Satan
Section 6 - By The Present Disorganization Of Israel
Section 7 - By The Present Degradation Of The World
Section 8 - By The Lamentation Of All Creation
Section 9 - By The Supplications Of The Church
Section 10 - By The Expectation Of The Dead In Christ
2 - The Hope Of The Redeemer's Return

Section 1 - The Character Of Our Hope
Section 2 - Our Hope Is Not The Salvation Of The Soul
Section 3 - Our Hope Is Not Death
3 - The Fact Of The Redeemer's Return

Section 1 - The Statement Of This Fact
Section 2 - The Interpretation Of This Fact
Section 3 - The Twofold Bearing Of This Fact 
The Redeemer's Return...
Section 4 - Typified In The Lives Of Joseph And Solomon
Section 5 - Foreshadowed in Israel's Day Of Atonement
Section 6 - Illustrated in The Gospel Narratives
Section 7 - The Mount Of Transfiguration
4 - The Time Of The Redeemer's Return

Section 1 - Post And Pre-Millennialism Defined
Section 2 - Post And Pre-Millennialism Examined
Section 3 - Post-Millennialism Refuted
Section 4 - Pre-Millennialism Established
5 - The Imminency Of The Redeemer's Return

Section 1 - Our Lord Himself Spoke Of His Return
Section 2 - The Apostles Referred To The Redeemer's Return
Section 3 - Why The Language Of Imminency
Section 4 - Why Is It That Our Lord Has Tarried Till Now?
6 - The Sign Of The Redeemer's Return

Section 1 - The Blessed Hope Itself
Section 2 - Apostasy Prepares The Way For The Antichrist
Section 3 - The Laodicean State Of Christendom
Section 4 - The Prophecy Of The Perilous Times
Section 5 - The Overturning Which Is Visible On Every Hand
Section 6 - The Present Distress Of Nations
Section 7 - The Conflict Between Capital And Labor
Section 8 - The Rejuvenation and Restoration Of Israel
Section 9 - The Limitations Of Earth's Great Week
Section 10 - The Analogy Between The Two Advents Of Christ
7 - The Beneficiaries Of The Redeemer's Return

Section 1 - The Partial-Rapture Theory
Section 2 - The Rapture Is The Consummation Of Our Salvation
Section 3 - The Rapture Is A Finished Work of Christ
Section 4 - The Rapture And The Manifestation Of The Man of Sin
Section 5 - "No Judgment" for Believers
Section 6 - Nothing Can Separate Believers From The Love Of Christ
Section 7 - The Partial-Rapture Theory..
Section 8 - The Partial-Rapture Theory Introduces Confusion
Section 9 - All Believers Will Be Raptured At The Lord's Return
Section 10 - Not A Single Scripture Teaches A Partial Rapture
8 - The Churchward Results Of The Redeemer's Return

Section 1 - The Lord's Descent From Heaven
Section 2 - The Resurrection Of The Sleeping Saints
Section 3 - The Translation Of Living Believers
Section 4 - The Transformation Of Believer..
Section 5 - The Examination And Rewarding Of The Believer's Works
Section 6 - The Presentation Of The Church By Christ To Himself
Section 7 - The Manifestation Of The Church With Christ
9 - The Worldward Results Of The Redeemer's Return

Section 1 - The World's Consternation At Removal Of The Church
Section 2 - The Hopeless Condition Of The Left-Behind Ones
Section 3 - God's Dealings With The Earth...
Section 4 - The Revelation and Career Of The Anti-Christ
Section 5 - The Situation Of The Jews During This Period
Section 6 - The Battle Of Armageddon
Section 7 - The Return Of Christ To The Earth Itself
Chapter 10 - The Consummation Of The Redeemer's Return

Section 1 - The Millennium In Relation To Satan
Section 2 - The Millennium In Relation To Christ
Section 3 - The Millennium In Relation To The Church
Section 4 - The Millennium In Relation To Israel
Section 5 - The Millennium In Relation To The World
Section 6 - The Millennium In Relation To Creation
Section 7 - The Millennium In Relation To Sin
Chapter 11 - Conclusion
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