My Prayer


 14 minutes ago 

This is My Prayer I offer to you;
Today in the day we say we will Pray....,

May it be O God you see;
The Sin we are in and the Choices we have made;
And truly we have reaped what we have sown.

But God I am Thankful you have not forsaken us;
for at our worst we are still a Christian Nation;
though some complain and shame your name you have given us.

There is no God likened unto you, and even when your people fail;
You alone are Faithful and True; You alone are God
And O My God I thank you.

For there is no other Nation likened unto Our Nation;
There is no other land, like our Land.
God the things you have done in so short a time are marvelous.

Here me Righteous One who sits on high and hears me when I call.
Your people are divided and about to fall, 
they forget your mercy, they need your grace.

Hear me Father as I pray...

Bless them not with Prosperity I pray,
Give them not the riches they desire,

A heart that will seek out for you.

Nothing else I ask from You God today;
but your people seek your heart today.

Your people follow you.


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