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Stormy skies suggest the coming end time judgment in the prophetic years of Bible prophecy and Revelation

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Pink Slime Is spreading Across America Like The Blob And You’re Lunch
Remember the 1958 move where the Blob came from outer space? At first the police in that rural area just dismissed the accounts of those that encountered the Blob. Only after the Blob consumed a lot of people and continued to grow bigger did local authorities start to take notice. That was...

25 symptoms that argue that America has a fatal disease
I think America has gone past the point of no return. I see no political solutions to the problems because the problems are really a result of the immorality of the people. Just changing some of the government overseers for a slightly different set of government overseers will just bring u...

New evangelicalism usually also means denying Bible inerrancy
I recently read the book “New Evangelicalism“, by Paul Richard Smith, founder of Calvary Chapel Victorville CA. Paul Smith is a leader in the Calvary Chapel movement founded by his brother Chuck Smith, who also wrote the foreword to Paul Smith’s book. The book gives a bri...

Koenig’s perspectives on Bible prophecy and world issues Apr 2012
There hasn’t been much change in the big world picture since last month. The big march on Jerusalem that many Arabs nations were supposed to participate in did not even make the major news medias. That proves that hate indoctrination only goes so far as a motivator. Most Arabs in the...

Thanks for your input but this is why I decided to close comments
You may have noticed that I have closed all comments. There remain over 11,000 comments on this site. I will get into the reasons why I closed the comments, but first let me thank the few dozen people that have regularly contributed their thoughts here and scores of others that from time t...

If Bible prophecy will be fulfilled, why expect worldly solutions?
American Christians who are aware of Bible prophecy should not be surprised or unduly concerned by the lawlessness and insanity that we are seeing in our nation and the world. If we believe Bible prophecy will be fulfilled in our generation why would we now expect America or the world to c...

Insider Guide to Modern Protestant Christian Banalities and Names
American Christians sometimes talk in banalities and often the names and phrases that they use do not always give people a correct thought-for-thought translation. Seekers coming into our American seeker-friendly Christian churches might like to know some insider information. The following...

Koenig’s perspectives on Bible prophecy and world issues Mar 2012
The death of outspoken conservative Andrew Breitbart last week was quite a shock especially since he was telling everyone that something would be unveiled on March 1st about Obama that would be the beginning of the end for Obama. Breitbart collapsed and died while walking home from a bar s...

Christian leaders need lesson from Jonah and Nineveh about America
There is no political solution to America’s problem because it is a sin problem. Americans are choosing evil. A nation would not go down the path that America is going down if moral people were in control. In a democratic republic evil leaders can only rule if the majority of voters ...

The prophetic end of the age is likely to occur around 2030 AD.
I personally think we have about 20 years left before we complete the prophetic end of the age and enter the millennial reign of Jesus. If that is true, I think many things must happen in the next twenty years, so be very careful about what you buy into. If my timing is correct, and [...] ...

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