The Holy Days: Rosh Hashana (Feast of Trumpets) Sounding of Shofar (Rapture) 2 of 12

"A Study of Those Days God Alone Calls Holy"
Our Look
At the Fall Feasts Begins with Rosh Hashana
#A greater study of an accurate grace based Jewish Christian Perspective can be found Here:

("Rosh Hashana Courtesy of H4C)
This Year
Yom Teru'ah
(Day of Sounding and Hearing the Shofar)
Rosh Hashana
(Head of the New Year adpated by the Rabbinate)
Part of Tabernacles
(One of Three times a Year required of the Lord to appear)
 September 28 (at sundown) 

Yes! Jesus is Coming! 

Is it Scriptural: Calvinism And Arminianism -Jack Kelley



The Christian Issues Network

"Sometimes some say things are scriptural when they may not be Biblical"

Jack Kelley

Calvinism And Arminianism

Q.  Would it be safe to say that you espouse Arminianism?


A.  No it would not.  Both Calvinists and Arminians are correct in what they affirm.  Calvinists affirm eternal security and Arminians affirm agency (freedom of choice). But both are incorrect in what they deny.  Calvinists deny agency and Arminians deny security. I affirm both agency and security.  I believe we can (must) choose to be saved (Matt. 7:7-8) and that once we do it can never be revoked for any reason (Ephes 1:13-14).

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