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Koenig's International News
Washington: 6:42:35 pm - July 8, 2011 - Jerusalem: 1:42:35 am - Tammuz 7, 5771

Christian News

EasyJet plane moments after 
landing Photo: Ben Kelmer


Fly-in continues – Sixty two tourists who landed on Friday in Israel were taken in for questioning by the Interior Ministry's Population Immigration and Border Control authority, after being suspected of involvement in the pro-Palestinian Gaza fly-in.

So far, a total of 69 activists from Belgium, France, Spain, Germany, Holland and the United States were denied entry into Israel and will be deported back to their countries on the earliest flight available. Four have already been deported and the rest have been transferred to detention facilities until their departure, scheduled for the weekend.


UN Security Council plans to discuss
Palestinian statehood bid in July, the Quartet is 
expected to meet July 11 in Washington


Christian News


The UN Security Council plans to discuss in July the possibility of Palestine becoming a United Nations member state, the Security Council president said on Tuesday.

The Arab League has said it would request UN membership for a Palestinian state in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, with east Jerusalem as its capital at the UN General Assembly in September.

An open debate on the Middle East has been scheduled for July 26 according to a provisional calendar for the Security Council for July.


Iranian submarine returns home


Christian News


The Yunis accompanied Iran's 14th Fleet on a mission that took it to the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea. Tehran-made 'Yunis,' whose voyage included sail in Red Sea, returns to base after 66 days.


'Koenig's Eye View from the White House,' July 8, 2011 ... 
Major Church leaders tell Obama to take bold action in Israel ... The U.S. has accomplished Iran's dream by removing Saddam and opening the door to the Shiite hegemony … How Iran is rapidly moving into power in Iraq ... Obama’s Middle East decisions could put 40 percent of the world’s oil at risk ... Iran nuclear warhead capabilities in short time ... Muslim Brotherhood infiltration at the President’s invitation



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Zechariah 12:3,9: 
And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people; And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.

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'Koenig's Eye View from the White House' – July 8, 2011: The U.S. has accomplished Iran's dream by removing Saddam and opening the door to the Shiite hegemony ... How Iran is rapidly moving into power in Iraq 

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on Israel's security 

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Featured News 

'Air Flotilla' lands, 69 
activists barred entry

Gaza fly-in gains momentum 

'US made a really concerted 
effort to support Israel'

Congress votes in favor 
of PA aid suspension

Israel blocks 200 pro-Palestinian 
activists from flying into country

Israel expropriates Palestinian 
land in order to legalize 
West Bank settlement

UN report on Gaza flotilla 
delayed to enable 
Israel-Turkey talks

Israel instructs foreign airlines 
to prevent departure of 300 
pro-Palestinian activists

Netanyahu falls short of 
securing Bulgarian pledge 
against Palestinian UN bid
Latest News 

Atlantis Blasts Off on Final Flight 
for Space Shuttle Program

Syria: Over 450,000 
protesters in Hama

Airplane carrying 112 crashes 
in DR Congo: source

U.N. Eyes Playground for Site of 
Second Expensive NYC High-Rise

American Ambassador to Syria 
Visits Focal Point in Uprising

Pakistan orders troops in 
after 65 dead in Karachi

NY Archbishop Worried 
Polygamy May be Next 

Phone-hacking scandal is biggest 
PR disaster of Murdoch’s career

CEOs reap huge payouts in 
2011, corporate filings show

Mullen: Pakistan sanctioned 
reporter's killing

Mullen Accuses Tehran 
of Arming Iraq Militias

Atheists challenge ‘Heaven’ on 
New York City street sign

Private hiring jumps, 
sparking recovery hopes

Michigan Police Say 7 
Killed in Shooting Spree

Anti-Terror Sensor That 
Scans Crowds For Bombers 
Tested in U.K.

As in the Days of Noah and Lott: Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Lifts Stay, Fed Gov't Must Stop Gay Military Ban 

Gunman fires on mourners 
of man killed on Las Vegas 

Worst drought in 60 years: 
12 million Africans face 'fight 
for survival'
White House News 

Where will Washington find $4 
trillion in cuts? Leaders grapple 
with big changes in benefits 
and with revenue increases

Would-be Obama rivals slam 
him over poor jobs news

Mortgage Aid for Unemployed 

Pentagon No. 2 William Lynn 
to Resign
Israel News 


Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall neither
slumber nor sleep. - Psalms 121:4 (KJV) 

UN to advise Israel to offer 
apology and pay compensation 
to Turkey

Cancer cell breakthrough 
reported by Hebrew U.

Leak causes Negev's worst 
ever environmental disaster
Provocative Commentary 

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Egypt's gas pipeline a target 
for anger at Israel, Mubarak - 
Mohannad Sabry

Face The Enemy: Gaza Flotilla 
is no humanitarian mission - 
Any Americans abroad should 
be prosecuted - Mario Loyola

Obama and his Jewish loyalists - 
Dick Morris And Eileen McGann

Egypt rejection of U.S. aid 
a sign of future rifts? - 
Hannah Allam

The Tipping Point: Embracing 
the Muslim Brotherhood - 
Frank J. Gaffney, Jr.

Obama's Declaration of 
Dependance - Mark Steyn

The churches against Israel: Christian blood libels revived, with Israel being painted as evil, having no right to exist - Giulio Meotti 

More than just a game - 
Cal Thomas

Liberal Frankensteins: From Greece 
to California, The Liberal Dream 
is Dead - Victor Davis Hanson

Unmasking the ‘international 
community’ - Caroline B. Glick

An inconvenient cooling - Sun’s 
coming quietude burns global 
warmists - Washington Times

Same-sex marriage, cancer, and 
fig leaves - Marvin Olasky
Inspired by God 


Christian News

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