OneThousandYears: Genesage (Chapter 2:1) “The Households"

One Thousand Years



"The Households" 


The household of Mormons, or House of Mormon had been absent lately, which Eben remembered he meant to visit them today. Eben usually followed up sooner, but there was always plenty of time. The house hold of the Brethren had Brother Michael in attendance. The Survivor Party was represented by Apple. The Quakers had Caleb, and Allah house sent Abdullahvivor. Juan came from Hacienda House, the Woman’s Cottage sent Delilah. 

Everyday most “houses” were represented. 

Donald McVivor would pop in and out of meetings at times and Eben enjoyed his company. Donald was tall as far as Survivors went. He wasn’t as tall as the Angelic, who for the most part were about six foot to start with and larger, but he was tall for humanity about six foot six 

Six foot six and full of tricks many of the Old Timers (OT or Oties) said. He was a handy man to have around. 

They said that because he reminded them of a popular Television show called McGivor which rhymed with his name. He seemed to fit the part. It was because he was ingenious with his circumstances. No matter where he was or how he found himself, he always came up with a solution. A lot like the television show hero did. 

Debbie, a friend of Ebens and the Leader of BethD, a local community nearby, said he would have been better named Felix the Cat. Debbie before the rapture had a Cat when she was back in the World. Apparently she loved cats which if you mentioned her cat, that was about the only thing she really didn’t comment much about. She really loved that cat. Debbie was a genius so she had lots to say. She also missed her cat. That wasn’t why she said Donald’s nickname should have been Felix rather than “Six foot six and full of tricks” like McGyver.


It wasn’t because Felix the Cat could reach into his bag of tricks either. It was probably because Debbie was rather forthright having an astronomical IQ. She would have associated the obvious. Felix the Cat was black. So was Donald. Maybe too simple a connection, but Debbie really loved her cat. Of course in the mixed up days at the end of the World you couldn’t say black or white or green or yellow which made no sense at all. 

If you saw a Blue Horned Lizard, you didn’t call it a lower mobility animal with a protrusion of color, you called it a Blue Horned Lizard. Besides the Lizard liked it. Race was not an issue in the Kingdom. That would have been considered absurd to the “newborn”. Even in the Old World it was pretty stupid.


Race was not an issue unless you were running it and you wanted to win.Then no one cared what color the person was, they just cared who won. They cared who won in respect to who hadn’t won yet. Because no matter who won the race last time, someone new had to win the race the next time.


It was considered the “Law of Competition”. (Sports had greatly changed in the New world). Those who had not won the race were helped to win. Something to do with cooperation and preferring one another over self. The other winners had to help, without hindering. The Oties had a hard time with this kind of racing because they were Aggressive Competitive or (AC) as Debbie put it. Rather than Objective Competitive(OC).


They liked to win for themselves. Be the Champion. Win the Prize. Have a Loser and a Winner. Take Pride.

Debbie said it was a great way to brainwash someone into Bi polar thinking. Better/Worse. Winner/Loser, Success/Failure.  She said the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and the Eternal Kingdom to Come would always be greater than two dimensional mentality of divisional competition creating separation rather than elevation and incorporation.

She would talk like a genius like that for a moment or two, look around at who she lost in the jargon, slap her hand to her blond head, say “duh” shaking it back and forth a few times with a humorous look on her face then say something in plain English like:

“Ok, it’s not about Winning or Losing or how you play the game, but everyone achieving the same result.”

About that time maybe half her class would get it, which then Debbie, who would be watching intently, would then get a Cross Eyed look and beam a beautiful smile and say;

“When we all Win, We all win”

For some reason, when Debbie did it, people got it. If Eben had tried something like that no one would have respected him in the morning. Nor the evening, or even the day.  

Debbie being a blond did have a way of catching everyone’s attention. Either with her looks, her brains, her vocabulary, her antics or the fact that her last name was Dubrowski, she was a center of attention.  She used to be called DD for short. Of course she was also called Double D by some but it wasn’t for her initials.


Debbie called Donald Felix the Cat, and he didn’t mind at all.

Donald had moved into Samaritan House, and when he was in Bethleben and not BethD, he represented them at the Meetings.

The Twelve Survivors houses in the Refugee city of Bethleben were:


House of Mormon,                       (beitmormon)

Household of the Brethren,                    (beitbrethren).

                 Quaker House                       (beitquaker).

         House of Survivors,                             (beitsurvivor).

Allah’s House,                                   (beitallah).

The Woman’s Cottage,                          (beitisha.)

Children’s home,                              (beitchildren.)

The Mans House                               (beitish).

M&M’s House,                                     (beitm.)

Hacienda Home,                                 (beithacienda.)

The Samaritan House,                      (beitsamaritan)

The House of America                                 (beitamerica)

Communities in the Kingdom did not have streets or house numbers. So far they had not been needed. Whoever lived in the house that was the name of the house.

  Sometimes the people living in the house chose some other name. An example was the family that had survived the Tribulation Period was Quakers. So in choosing, they decided to have their house called the House of Quakers. It was not formal or limiting, just a way for the occupants to personalize their dwelling place. It was their home. They made it feel that way to them. It didn’t mean everyone in the House was a Quaker, but it didn’t hurt.

Eben once commented asking if anyone had asked the house how it felt about that. If anyone asked the “house” how it felt being called a certain name. No one was quite sure if he was teasing or not. It was rumored that when a Survivor mentioned the old adage “if these walls could speak”, Eben commented be careful what you wish for.

Certainly things were different in the Kingdom.

  If you wanted to find someone you just asked a person living in that community where they lived. Usually the person would then be directed to the house based on the name of the person or sometimes the affiliation. More often than naught, when you arrived at the community asking for directions, the person you asked would take you to the home of that person personally. Showing them where someone lived was a chance to visit. Likewise people felt connected.

It was a new way of living.

OneThousandYears: Genesage (Chapter 2:1) “Bird Brained"

One Thousand Years


"The Promised Land"



The Sparrow


Today was the sixty ninth year in the Kingdom of God.

While Heaven had come to Earth it met with Hell on Earth.

The world had literally fallen out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Nothing was left when the World began .........again.......

It was birthed into a Kingdom, but what had been before, like an afterbirth, was dead and useless. It was no longer needed for the “new birth”. Slowly the world got better. The results were sixty-nine years later the Nation of Yisra’el was well on its way to recovery. That was the good news; the bad news was nothing remained of what man had wrought.

All was gone.


Survivor’s mental and emotional states were still getting around to where they should be, but without a frame of reference, the memories were mostly nightmarish.  Some were learning to move on with life, others held to ideas of the Old World. The world outside in the One Continent Eretz was still changing. Changing from chaotic devastation to something resembling creation.

  It was a far cry from where it had been; but judging as to where it was headed, the world still needed time. Time to develop.

As with almost every other day, a sparrow returned to visit. It was morning. In the early mornings the little bird arrived to an open window as if to listen. Maybe he just came to look for food, perhaps to join in somehow. Either way He would watch the young and old, twelve in all, gather around a long table.

It wasn’t too small and it wasn’t too tall; some might have said, it was just right.

The table was low to the ground so the occupants reclined or sat cross-legged. No one fell asleep but all were relaxed when they came. Or at least no one had fallen asleep ….yet. If they had, there might have been a few in attendance that would have enjoyed the idea of someone falling asleep while they were there.  They would have “helped wake them up.” 

So far that hadn’t happened…, yet either.

The sparrow was a character. He looked more like a student than a bird. He didn’t fall asleep either. He certainly paid attention. He seemed genuinely interested. At times the students appeared more like the sparrow. They seemed intent on looking all around except where they were. Often carrying on conversation, they seemed less interested at times of where they were, than what they were going to do.

Bird brained or human brained there were times when it was hard to tell the difference.

The bird probably would have resented being called “man-brained”.

As the people assembled together in the meeting place, the sparrow was always the first to arrive. He landed outside, wide awake and attentive. Perky and rather chipper, with an open window in front of him, it was an obvious invitation to come in. So the bird did. No hesitation on his part, he just made himself to home.

The bird would hop up onto the window sill. While waiting it would dart it's head to and fro, cocking it from one side to the other, to watch the arrivals enter. Scoping them out, the bird eyed every activity. He watched every person that came or went in the morning meeting.

Being eagle eyed by one so small was certainly amusing but he did appear alert….for a bird.

There was nothing particularly remarkable about the little one, just the fact that he showed up whenever everyone got together.  He was always there, he never missed. Nothing unusual per se except the bird knew how to look you in the eye. In the morning meetings the bird, a sparrow, serenaded the arrivals as they streamed in one or two at a time. Singing a song as sparrows do, no one knew the words to name that tune. But they did enjoy the sparkling notes of the repertoire the bird could sing. Sometimes some of those in attendance would whistle a tune at the bird. Or at least they used to.

The first time they did the bird stopped singing and stared.

The sparrow as small as he was seemed to grow in stature as he glared at the one whistling. No longer darting its head or twisting its neck, the bird would hold as dead pan a stare as anyone had ever seen. A stare at whoever was whistling at him. Looking at the bird in the eye, one could almost imagine that the person whistling had said something stupid and the bird took umberance with it. Maybe he did, no one knew for sure. They just didn’t whistle when the bird was singing anymore deferring to the little one.

This morning the bird was singing with no competition.

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Air Force lesbian who won reinstatement retiring
6 minutes ago (AP)
An Air Force Reserve flight nurse who sued to overturn her dismissal under the "don't ask, don't tell" law against gays serving openly in the military said Tuesday she is retiring with...
Cellphone alert system announced in NYC
9 minutes ago (AP)
The U.S. government and local authorities will soon be able to reach people directly on their cellphones to warn them of imminent danger or alert them about missing children _ even in the...
Bomb squad detonates Connecticut package
9 minutes ago (AFP)
The Connecticut state police bomb squad detonated a suspicious package found near a bus station Tuesday that caused delays on an Amtrak train line, local media reported. The Day, a...
Fugitive in $7 mn US heist caught in Puerto Rico
11 minutes ago (AFP)
A fugitive from one of the biggest robberies in US history was arrested in Puerto Rico on Tuesday 25 years after a warrant was issued for his arrest. Norberto Gonzalez Claudio, 65, was...
"Once in a lifetime" flood submerges farm land
14 minutes ago (Reuters)
CHICAGO (Reuters) - Nearly 3 million acres of farm land in three southern states have been submerged by flood waters from the raging Mississippi River and its smaller tributaries, adding to
Federal judge blocks Utah immigration law
18 minutes ago (AP)
A federal judge on Tuesday blocked a new Utah immigration law that would have allowed police to check the citizenship status of anyone they arrest. U.S. District Judge Clark Waddoups...
Nassau County may bet on casino to boost revenue
31 minutes ago (Reuters)
NEW YORK (Reuters) - New York's Nassau County, whose rickety finances were taken over by the state, is considering boosting its revenue with a new casino, County Executive Edward Mangano...
Young US Muslims find hope in post-bin Laden world
31 minutes ago (AP)
Many young Muslim Americans think their lives will be better without Osama bin Laden in the world. Muslims across the country say they hope the al-Qaida leader's death _ along with the...
Yankee Stadium concession workers sue over tips
35 minutes ago (Reuters)
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Three current and former waiters who served fans in premium seats at Yankee Stadium have filed a lawsuit against their employer over the withholding of tips...
Players group mum on online poker recommendation
39 minutes ago (AP)
An organization of card players pushing for full legalization of Internet poker is staying away from recommending whether Americans should gamble online after indictments of executives at...
Appeals court blasts VA mental health care system
40 minutes ago (AP)
Noting that an average of 18 veterans a day commit suicide, a federal appeals court on Tuesday ordered the Department of Veterans Affairs to dramatically overhaul its mental health care...
Federal judge blocks Utah immigration law
47 minutes ago (AP)
A federal judge has blocked a new Utah immigration law that lets police check the citizenship status of anyone they arrest. U.S. District Judge Clark Waddoups ruled Tuesday in Salt...
Memphis school wins graduation address from Obama
48 minutes ago (AP)
An academic turnaround at an urban high school with a rich tradition of educating African-Americans has earned graduating seniors a commencement address next week from President Barack...
Obama mocks Republican position on immigration
1 hour ago (AP)
Delving into an explosive issue, President Barack Obama stood near the border with Mexico on Tuesday and declared it more secure than ever, trying to build pressure on Republicans to take...
Slain neo-Nazi's beliefs could air in son's case
1 hour ago (AP)
White supremacist Jeffrey Hall saw threats in the protesters who demonstrated outside his Southern California house. He installed a surveillance camera pointed at the cul-de-sac outside...
Appeals court in Va. hears health care cases
1 hour ago (AP)
A federal appeals panel dominated by appointees of President Barack Obama heard arguments Tuesday in two Virginia lawsuits challenging his health care overhaul. The three-judge panel...
Players group mum on online poker recommendation
1 hour ago (AP)
An organization of card players pushing for full legalization of Internet poker are staying away from recommending whether Americans should gamble online after indictments of executives at...
US seeks to balance message on bin Laden death
1 hour ago (AP)
The United States calls Osama bin Laden's death a potential "game changer" in Afghanistan, but has also begun to modulate its message for fear that runaway optimism will create pressure to...
Yemeni cried 'Allahu Akbar' as rammed cockpit door
1 hour ago (AFP)
A Yemeni man arrested on a San Francisco-bound airliner repeatedly shouted "Allahu Akbar" as he tried to break into the cockpit, a court heard Tuesday, as he made an initial appearance. ...
Young US Muslims find hope in post-bin Laden world
1 hour ago (AP)
Shortly after Osama bin Laden's death was broadcast to the world, Linda Sarsour posted on Twitter, "Osama Bin Laden is dead. Good, now can I get my identity back? 10 yrs is a long time.

Europeans: Greece may need and get more aid soon
1 hour ago (AP)
Eurozone nations will likely offer Greece more support soon, but any new help will come in exchange for further austerity and reform measures, European officials said Tuesday. A year...
Tripoli sites bombed, rebels claim Misrata gains
1 hour ago (AP)
In a one-two punch against Moammar Gadhafi's forces, NATO warplanes struck a command center in the capital, Tripoli, on Tuesday after pounding regime targets around the besieged port of...
Al-Qaida likely to elevate No. 2 _ or name no one
1 hour ago (AP)
A week after the death of Osama bin Laden, his longtime deputy is considered the front-runner to succeed the iconic al-Qaida founder. But uprisings in the Middle East and changing dynamics...
Reuters says its reporter expelled from Bahrain
1 hour ago (AP)
Reuters' Bahrain correspondent has been expelled from the country amid an ongoing crackdown on media in the Gulf kingdom, the news agency said Tuesday. Frederik Richter, who had been...
Quebec coroner suggests driving curfew for motorists under age 24
1 hour ago (Canadian Press)
driving curfew for motorists between the ages of 16 and 24. Yvon Garneau wants the curfew to be in effect between midnight and 5 a.m., although he is suggesting there be exceptions for...
Syrian military tightens grip in areas of unrest
1 hour ago (AP)
More tanks and troops rolled into southern villages Tuesday near the heart of Syria's anti-government uprising, with activists saying the regime has isolated parts of the country. A human...
Vancouver mayors ask Ottawa to reconsider opposition to safe injection site
2 hours ago (Canadian Press)
VANCOUVER - Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson and five of his predecessors are asking the federal government to reconsider its opposition to the city's controversial safe injection site.
Dad emptied handgun at daughter's boyfriend, killing him in front of her: Crown
2 hours ago (Canadian Press)
YORKTON, Sask. - A Crown attorney says a Saskatchewan father fired 10 shots at his daughter's boyfriend, killing him right in front of the 16-year-old girl. Kim Walker is charged with...
NDP's Ruth Ellen Brosseau didn't complete diploma despite online bio: college
2 hours ago (Canadian Press)
KINGSTON, Ont. - A rookie New Democrat MP who made headlines for vacationing in Las Vegas during the election campaign is back in the news. An Ontario college says Ruth Ellen Brosseau...
Italy goes to enormous lenths to debunk quake myth
2 hours ago (AP)
Italian officials are going to extraordinary lengths to try to debunk an urban legend predicting a devastating earthquake in Rome on Wednesday. The country's Civil Protection...
Ex-Guatemalan president absolved of corruption
2 hours ago (AP)
A court has absolved former Guatemalan President Alfonso Portillo of charges that he stole $15 million from the country's Defense Department. A panel of judges voted 2-1 Monday night...
Liberal brass approve rules that nix Goodale, Rae as interim leader
2 hours ago (Canadian Press)
and Ralph Goodale from becoming interim leader of the decimated party. The party's national board has issued a final statement outlining a plan to defer a vote for permanent leader for...
Brazil police arrest suspect of drug gang
2 hours ago (AP)
The last suspect of a drug-trafficking ring that used a Brazilian Air Force cargo plane 12 years ago to fly cocaine to Europe has been arrested, police said Tuesday. Jose Roberto...
Most Canadians lack confidence with math, money management skills, poll suggests
2 hours ago (Canadian Press)
TORONTO - A new survey suggests most Canadians lack confidence and skills when it comes to math and money matters. The online poll of more than 1,000 Canadians found 79 per cent aren't
Canada-U.S. border back in spotlight as report reveals U.S. myths about Canada
3 hours ago (Canadian Press)
WASHINGTON - The Canada-U.S. border will once again be under intense scrutiny in the United States as a congressional hearing aims to push for tighter security measures along the...
Stricken Russian nuclear icebreaker due at port: official
3 hours ago (AFP)
A Russian nuclear-powered icebreaker that developed a radiation leak while on an Arctic mission was due Tuesday to arrive in the Barents Sea port of Murmansk after a five-day trek. The...
TSB gives federal minister more time to respond to its report on chopper crash
3 hours ago (Canadian Press)
ST. JOHN'S, N.L. - The Transportation Safety Board is giving the federal transport minister more time to respond to its recommendations resulting from the crash of Cougar Flight 491 off...
WikiLeaks' Assange gets Australian peace prize
3 hours ago (Reuters)
LONDON (Reuters) - WikiLeaks' Australian founder Julian Assange, who enraged Washington by publishing thousands of secret U.S. diplomatic cables, was given a peace award on Tuesday for...
Son says bin Laden sea burial demeans family: report
3 hours ago (Reuters)
LONDON (Reuters) - A statement purporting to come from a son of Osama bin Laden denounced the al Qaeda leader's killing as "criminal" and said his burial at sea had humiliated the family,...
Merkel FDP allies trigger German cabinet reshuffle
3 hours ago (AFP)
Germany's pro-business Free Democrats (FDP), junior partners in Chancellor Angela Merkel's ruling coalition, on Tuesday triggered a cabinet reshuffle by designating a new economy minister.


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Prophecy Article Today: "When Is Pentecost Sunday 2011?"- Chuck Missler


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Prophecy Article Today

Question: When Is Pentecost Sunday 2011?
Pentecost Sunday, which marks the end of the Easter season in the Christian calendar, celebrates the descent of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles. Pentecost 2011 falls 50 days after Easter 2011.
Answer: Pentecost falls on Sunday, June 12, 2011.

The Feasts of Weeks:

Pentecost in May

by Chuck Missler



On May 16-17 (the 6th of Sivan) Israel will celebrate Hag Ha Shavuot, the Feast of Weeks, or Pentecost.(May 1994)

This is based on Leviticus 23:15-22, which points to "the morrow after shabbat after Passover" (the Feast of First Fruits) plus 50 days--in Greek, Pentecost.

(For another insight into the interval of 49 days, review our article on the hidden message in the Torah, found in the May, 1993 Personal UPDATE newsletter.)

Pentecost is one of only three of the seven feasts of Moses which was compulsory for every able male to attend.1 This seems to indicate that these three were of particular significance.

The Feast of Weeks is associated with the birth of Israel and the giving of the Law in Exodus 19. Thus, it is also called the Feast of Revelation.

Since the Passover was on the 14th of Nisan, and there were three days to the Red Sea crossing, then 46 days into the wilderness, and three days of Moses' preparation, this is deemed to correspond to the 49 day interval between the Feast of First Fruits (17th of Nisan) and the 6th of Sivan.

There is also a tradition that David died on the 6th of Sivan.

Prophetic Implications

The seven Feasts of Moses are not only commemorative, they are also prophetic.2 The first three, in the month of Nisan, are predictive of the First Coming of Jesus. The last three, in the month of Tishri, are associated with His Second Coming. It is this one, in between, which is associated with the Church.3

The Birth of the Church

The Birth of the Church appears to be a fulfillment of the Feast of Pentecost, or Shavout. Jesus predicted it,4 and it was also fulfilled precisely on the Feast of Pentecost.5

(It is interesting to carefully compare Acts 2 with Exodus 19, both of which apparently occurred on the 6th of Sivan.)

It is also interesting that this is the only Feast of Moses in which leavened bread is allowed, which seems to give it a Gentile flavor! (Leaven is always a "type" of sin. Jesus and Paul both used it this way.6 It corrupts by puffing up.)

Most writers assume that the Feast of Pentecost was completely fulfilled in Acts 2. But maybe there's still more to come.

Enoch Traditions

It is interesting that there is a rabbinical tradition that Enoch was born on the 6th of Sivan. Enoch is an extremely interesting mystery in the Old Testament. (The first prophecy by a prophet in the Bible is a prophecy of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ,7 uttered by Enoch before the flood of Noah!)

Another tradition about Enoch is that he was translated ("raptured?") on his birthday, the 6th of Sivan.

There were three groups of people facing the judgement of the flood of Noah:

  1. those that perished in the flood;
  2. those that were preserved through the flood (in the Ark);
  3. those that were removed prior to the judgement of the flood.

It is interesting that Enoch might be a foreshadowing of a removal prior to judgement, in contrast to Noah and his family who were protected through it.

The Trumpet of God

Paul mentions the "Trumpet of God" in connection with the rapture.8 It is interesting that this term appears only twice in the Bible: at the giving of the Law at Sinai9 and at the rapture.

(Don't confuse the "Trumpet of God" with the temple trumpets or the shofar. Also, remember that these trumpets continue during the Millennium, so they aren't "the last trump.")

Could both of these references to the "Trumpet of God" be connected with the 6th of Sivan?

The Feast of Harvest

Another name for the Feast of Weeks is Hag Ha Kazir, The Feast of Harvest, since it is celebrated at the time of the "first harvest." It is interesting that Jesus frequently used "the harvest" as an idiom to refer to the ingathering of believers.10

An Interval in God's Plan for Israel

In the famed Seventy Week prophecy in Daniel 9, where the Angel Gabriel outlines God's plan for Israel, we find four key verses:

  • 9:24 the scope of the prophecy;
  • 9:25 69 weeks (of years)climaxing in the presentation of the Messiah the King;
  • 9:26 an interval before the 70th week;
  • 9:27 the 70th week.

(See our Audio Book, The Seventy Weeks of Daniel for a review of this most amazing passage in the Bible.)

It appears that the sequence of events regarding Israel directly is interrupted for a period of time. This interruption appears to be associated with Israel's rejection of the Messiah11 and God's program for Israel is resumed at the completion of the Church.12

Paul tells us that the Church is a mystery not revealed in the Old Testament13 and if we examine the scriptures carefully we can find this mysterious interval throughout the scriptures.14

The day is approaching when the Church is "complete" and God will remove it and again continue with His program with Israel. Is it possible that His "clock" will restart on the 6th of Sivan, the very day that it was halted?


While these conjectures are fun to explore, let's remember they are always just conjectures. We don't believe in setting dates: expect Him at any moment. "For in such an hour as ye think not the Son of Man commeth."

The Master Counter

Paul tells us that there will be a time coming when the "fullness of the Gentiles" will be complete.15There is apparently a heavenly tally counter that is yet to be full or complete. It seems that every time someone trusts the Lord Jesus for their salvation, that counter is incremented by one. Someday, when it is finally complete, the Father will say to the Son, "Go get them!" But only He knows the completing number; no one else does.16

Satan also knows of this counter but not the final number when it will be complete. Every time someone comes to Jesus, Satan doesn't know whether or not the counter is finally full! When it is, and the rapture occurs, he knows that he has but a little time to unfold his final schemes.

(Do you realize that for almost 2,000 years, Satan has been in shock treatment? We can understand why he is so anxious for each of us to be unfruitful: he will do anything to slow that counter down!)

Our Opportunity

Every day that the Lord tarries is another day for us to do His work, to share His blessings, and to pray for our unsaved loved ones.

Have you taken the imminent return of the Lord Jesus seriously? Are you personally really ready? Is this just a conceptual acknowledgement or is it the active dynamic in your personal life? How about in your professional life? Or your family life?

Isn't it time to take the Bible seriously? Isn't it time to take Him seriously?

Are you one of the ones remaining to complete the counter -- and holding all the rest of us up?

For Further Study

A study of the Feast of Pentecost is not complete without a review of the Book of Ruth. The Jewish observance of the Feast of Weeks has always included the reading of this particular book. Why? It is provocative to note the interesting parallels relating to the Church.

This elegant love story exemplifies the role of the goel, or kinsman-redeemer. As we examine Boaz's role, we notice that he, in many ways, pre-figures our own kinsman-redeemer, Jesus Christ.

Through his act of redemption, Boaz returns Naomi (Israel) to her land, and also takes Ruth (a Gentile) as his wife. This suggests a parallel with the Church as the Gentile bride of the kinsman-redeemer.

The parallels between Boaz, Naomi, and Ruth with Christ, Israel, and the Church, have been widely recognized, but it is remarkable to notice how any additional details of the story are consistent with this viewpoint. For example, who first introduces Boaz to Ruth? An unnamed servant! (John 16:13)

(For further details, see our Audio Book on The Romance of Redemption. One cannot fully appreciate Revelation Chapter 5 without it.

This article was originally published in the 
May 1994 Personal Update NewsJournal.






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