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The Question of Easter

Michael James Stone
 The Question of Easter
(one of many....)
There is every year some who don't want to celebrate Easter. The view it is a pagan celebration of a deity called Ishtar and usually spend most of the time telling others they can't celebrate anything that has anything to do with that "cultic practice. That is one side and often these people are fervent and adamant about what they beleive in.
Every Year at this time on Saturday or Sunday there is Easter Egg hunts with family activities planned; get togethers with children searching for brightly colored eggs; barbecues; family outings and church's getting people together to enjoy the the day and season Jesus rose from the dead.
So far I haven't heard of any drunken orgies with women being raped, children being slaughtered, and promiscuity and a false deity sacrificed to anywhere in the world on Easter or during the time of Passover when Jesus rose from the dead.
So what is the issue?
I rememeber my first "nursery rhyme" that someone taught me. "Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall; Humpty Dumpty had a great fall; All the Kings horses and all the Kings Men; couldn't put humpty together again." I know at the time I thought of a picture I say somewhere and it was an egg looking kinda guy falling off a wall and I never thought about it. Years later in Hight School I read about Grimms Fairy Tales and what they meant and frankly since I wasn't a Chrisitan at the time, it gave me nightmares of a guy with dysentery and the plague rotting and infested with worms. 
It ruined the way I treated Nursery Rhymes, and so in some small way I saw the point that some make about teaching your children scripture stories over literature stories. Since no one raised me with Scipture, I had only popular stories to go by and those could be about anything.
Today, there is a small portion of people who want to "inform" others about the pitfalls of Easter. While they have a point about the history of a pagan day "once celebrated" in a pagan way, is there a point to the arguement about Easter being pagan.
The simple answer is; If it is for you then it is pagan.
The reason is simple. It's not the day or what you do on that day that becomes the issue in any way for a Christian. It is what you do and how you conduct yourself honestly before God on easter and everyday you live. The choices you make and why you make them are the criteria for God. He looks on your heart and not your head when it comes to your attitude about the day; the people; the way you do what you do.
Where is the Love and Where is the Focus?
A person who is focused on condemnation will condemn. A person focused on love will love. The person focusing on jesus will focus on jesus. If you loose you focus, you can't see where you are going. Often those who want to "save a person" from Eggs and Bunnies and Baskets and parades and easter bonnets are focused on what "NOT TO DO" they have little time to do what they say a person should do. Focus on Jesus. 
If you Focus on Jesus everyday is a Holy Day and holy unto you. THAT is the point Jesus tried to make, Paul explained and God gave us. It isn't that a day is lesser of greater for how we use it, but we bring our focus of God in it and we see how we can appreciate everyday as God intended and created the day to be. A Celebration of Him. 
Can we celebrate God in a egg hunt or choclate bunnies or some other modern marketed way? Of course; IF you bring God in it. 
Knowing the truth about pagan days that were once used to be some other pracrice in some other place and some other times doesn't mean we have to run from anything that reminds historians where it came from; but if a person has chosen to bring God to it, there is no compromise in it.  God is the Key. He is the center of our existence and as such has a place of honor in all our Holy Days and holidays.
A person can easily celebrate Passover on passover; Easter on Easter, Resurrection Day on Resurrection Day; First Fruits on First Fruits; and everyday as this Scripture commands:
This is the Day that the Lord has Made;
I will rejoice and Be glad in it.

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