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Sunday, February 20, 2011
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Mark 8:1-21 "What Satisfies You

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John 15:14 - 16:11

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Sunday February 6 2011

Scripture: Matthew 13

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A Legitimate Ministry in Pakistan

By Way of a Innocent "friends" connections On Facebook I was confronted with an Issue of a request from I thought was a dubious source for money.
The person was using a "scam" tactic of tagging photos and when confronted started a long and protracted debate. Upon asking for "accounting" of
funds and where they would be distributed. I was given a source that turned out to be a shell corp and has since disappeared.

The "tagging" stopped but numerous Pakistani "evangelist" have cropped up with varying degrees of reliabiltiy. Of four I investigated only one I would "feel"
comfortable donating anything to.

Because of an "issue" with "some" people who supported the initial "contacts" questionable pracitces, I passed on my information to others who do investigations
on the Internet and watchdog groups for scams etc.

All along I kept reminding God; "Lord, You never bring me into a confrontation like this except you have always provided a solution."

For those who know this ministry, Praise the Lord, for those who don't here it is.

All I can say is there are Cult and False Doctrine Evangelists using Facebook and Tech means to bilk Americans out of funds.

1) The rule of thumb is this: Show me the Money. (Ask them for accoutability)
2) Show me the Results. Ask for a Source you can contact that oversees them.

Those two items can be of course easily by passed by some, so be careful, but of the rash of "questionable" "Requests" on Facebook recently, the
few I deal with couldn't do these basics.

Since where God abides, God Provides, I have always trusted that if God wanted me in it, he would show me where I could feel confortable giving, praying,
doing and partcipating.

He did again:

Be a part of our life and ministry in Pakistan

Announcing: “Reason for Hope” ~ In Urdu

This is a Welcome and Introductory message from me, Nadeem Massey, of Calvary Chapel Pakistan.

I am announcing a new internet ministry called


Please listen to the audio message that I made for you by clicking on the link directly below. In this message, I give a brief introduction of Reason for Hope; I explain a little about cults and how very destructive their poisonous teachings can be; and I stress the need to be focused on the Word of God and the necessity to keep our eyes, minds and hearts focused on the Cross of Jesus Christ our Lord.  I have also requested that you who listen to my messages pray for Calvary Chapel Pakistan.

Please enjoy the message and contact me if you have questions or need clarification. You may post comments below.

Thank you, Nadeem Massey


Message of Welcome & Introduction by Nadeem Massey

For more in Urdu, please continue on to “The Urdu Corner”


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Newsletter January 2011

Important Notice: The ministry of Calvary Chapel Pakistan Missions respects the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and does nothing to violate the Blasphemy Laws ( § 295-A, § 295-B and § 295-C ). Our purpose is to evangelize the unreached “Christians” of the villages and remote areas and strengthen the faith of those who are “born into” the Christian faith.

We Celebrate God’s Goodness!

Dear Friends and Family,

Blessings! We hope and pray that all of you and your families are fine by the grace of our Lord! We all are fine by His grace. 2010 was a wonderful year and we praise Lord that He blessed us with numerous opportunities to serve Him far and beyond.

Your prayers and support was great help for us to encourage the most unreached people in the villages of Pakistan. Many hundreds of them were blessed to receive the Word of God and receive Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. Glory to God for everything that He did in and through our lives!

The winter starts in Punjab Pakistan from the month of November.  This is the ideal time for most of the people, but the majority of the population go through many hardships during this time.  Because of the limited resources of gas and too much consumption. People don’t have gas for cooking food and using heaters, etc..  We started our Bible class last year reading the Bible verse by verse. We praise God that many joined us and we learned a lot from the

Book of Genesis.  As we have our Bible class on the rooftop of Mr. Arif’s house, it was not possible for us to continue the class during the winter as there is much fog and cold air.  The weather is warming up now and by the grace of our Lord, we are going to restart our Bible class the first week of February.

Please pray for more people to join the class and grow stronger in the Lord!

Above, the team celebrates Christmas & the goodness of the LORD with students of the “Upper Room” Bible study. Shown in photo from left: Joseph Arif, Joseph’s father Mr. Arif, Farah and Nadeem.

Come and See what the Lord has Done!

So many poor village children were blessed by the special Christmas programs which you provided for them. They were told that the beautiful children’s Urdu Bibles and Bible Story Books came from you.  They loved the Nativity Pageants which they performed for their family and friends. Project Pakistan Children’s Program was a huge success. The children were very thankful and felt very loved that you remembered them.  This is the only celebration most of these children will have during the year.   We speak for these little ones when we say “Thank You and God bless you!”

Photos: Children receive copies of the beautifully illustrated Bible Story books and also Childrens Urdu Bibles given as  gifts from our donors. They loved the books so much and were so thankful to you!

Big News of A Big Shipment!

I am so happy to share with all of you that Lord has done marvelous work here recently.  World Missionary Press, a friend ministry, blesses us and all unreached, persecuted and frightened Pakistani Christians with a special priceless gift of ONE MILLION PLUS Urdu Scriptural booklets every year.  We are always thankful to WMP for this and Praise God for the wonderful fellowship and love we share with this ministry.

World Missionary Press sent a twenty foot shipping container of materials last November which arrived in Pakistan on December 14, 2010.  We were very much happy for this precious gift but we were a little afraid too, as the situation in Pakistan can always be dangerous for Christians.  We hired a custom clearance agent and the process was started.  The container was supposed to come out of the port within the first week of its arrival as our custom agent had assured us it will take a maximum of five days.

BUT….. the process prolonged. The devil tried to raise many problems for us.  One inspector passed it but the other raised many questions.  Our agent did his best to convince the inspectors that all these books were just for Christian Churches and they contain nothing abusive for any other religion.  But the matter was not solved.  The inspector tried to raise religious issues, which could cause problems for us.  The container was thoroughly checked.  All the pallets were shifted from one container to the other, but praise God finally it was allowed to be taken out of the port.

It took the container to arrive to us about four days by road.  We are praising God that He handled everything Himself and we received the wonderful gift of God’s Word—a container full of seven types of beautiful Urdu Scripture books, many English New Testaments and Bibles along with some devotional books for our ministry.  God is so Good!  We are always thankful to all of you for praying for our protection, our families and our ministry.

Over 1,000,000 pieces of Christian Literature Arrive!

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More than 1,000,000 pieces of Christian literature was received from World Missionary Press

● The shipment is priceless and is a gift to support the Christian ministries throughout Pakistan at no charge to them.

● The shipment arrived safely and was unloaded by both young and old.

● Materials were stored away and the people praised God, sharing in a hot meal of rice, boiled egg & tea.

● Please pray for safe distribution of the literature and for those who will receive it.

Announcing a “Reason for Hope”


An Internet Ministry for Pakistan!

The year 2010 was very special for one more reason for the Lord led us to realize the fast spread of cults and their poisonous teachings in our area.  Most of Pakistani Christians in towns and villages are nominal Christians and just a few are born again.  People don’t know the doctrinal differences between Christianity and cults.   Jehovah Witness, Mormons, New Apostolic, etc. are considered simply another denomination or sect of Christianity.

We do not have any Urdu source in Pakistan to help Pakistani Christians beware of all false cults.  We have been printing some Urdu pamphlets to help people recognize the cults and be Bible based.  By the end of 2010, the Lord so powerfully stirred our hearts to work on this, that for a whole month we gave Counter-cult Seminars. We went to the villages, towns and even other cities.  It was so appreciated by all Christians, churches around us and many Christian Schools.

Because of the severe weather of the winter, we were unable to have Bible class on the rooftop of Mr. Arif’s home. As we were waiting for the weather to warm up, I felt led to use the time to write a book about Mormonism—the most prominent cult in our town.  I praise God for all the reliable resources, guidance and wisdom He has provided for this project and very soon my first Urdu Book “Mormonism in the Perspective of Christianity” will be complete.

As we have been praying and seeking guidance and wisdom from the Lord, we feel led to start a project in Urdu by the name of  Reason for Hope.  This will be a website, where we can give Christian Apologetic and Research information for Pakistani Christians.  We will start this on a small scale and expand as the Lord leads.

I am asking you to help by praying for us about this first “Urdu and English” Christian website in Pakistan with authentic Biblical information and teachings.  I am very excited about this.

I mentioned in my December 2010 update that we feel Lord is leading us to use media resources like video recordings so we can distribute the DVD or CDs as needed. We feel this will be very much helpful for all those villagers who are illiterate, as listening and watching is always easier than reading. The media ministry, along with the internet ministry, will allow us to reach into the lives and homes of Christians in an expedient manner. The times are becoming increasingly difficult in Pakistan and these innovations can help us get the Word out quickly.  We will continue with our door to door witnessing and visits to villages and conferences, but will supplement with media where possible.

Please pray for us with this project—while the window of opportunity is yet open and while there is yet day. We need your prayer, encouragement and support.  We thank you in advance. If you have suggestions, please contact me at

Nadeem Massey

Calvary Chapel Pakistan captured the cover of the latest edition of Calvary Chapel Magazine.  The cover photo shows Joseph Arif, one of  the ministry’s partners, reading a pamphlet contrasting true Biblical doctrine to that of Mormonism’s distortions.   The villager lives in Sensra, Pakistan—a village that has been inundated with false teaching by cult members.  Calvary Chapel Pakistan has armed itself with pamphlets and brochures to expose the false teachings, and gives lectures and group meetings to liberate those who have fallen for the deceptions.
We thank you Calvary Chapel Magazine for bringing the importance of God’s work in Pakistan to millions of people through your  informative and inspiring article.   We thank our talented writer Debra Smith , photojournalist Geraldine Wilkins and Graphic Designer Dave Beeler, who together captured the heart of our work in Pakistan.   Our sincere appreciation to editor Tom Price for selecting our story from among many beautiful works God is doing throughout the world.
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