BuildingTheBodyOfChrist: Myself, My Mother, My Sister. Pt 1

I think the greatest joy I have is to know that My family knows the Truth.

They understand and the know this:

Thy Word is Truth.


Today my sister is visiting on her way to southern california. She is going to meet with the mother of the man who used to beat the crap out of her. Both as young people were stupid and never married but gave birth to a son. Later My sister married and is still married to the same man who is admired as a "good man" and is a role model in the community. They both are Christians.

The amazing thing is my sister took it upon herself to stay in touch and care for the mother of the man who used to beat her. That woman is also a Christian. I admire that. My sister rarely realizes how much I am proud of her. I have three and when it was time to leave my filial family behind, my sister Chick-a DeE began to watch over my other sisters and family.

Today she runs a Free Book and Tape Library completely independent of any church's and open to all. Alot like the FireFighters for Christ Library, she took it on after my mother died. She buys used books and pays the rent on the downtown location and provides Christian Books and Tapes free of charge or dues. Thousands of books are inside it's tiny walls and many Pastors and people have used the resources. She is a legacy of faithfulness to Jesus. She is building the body of Christ, and while she says nothing but lets people borrow, if they lose them, there is no charge.

Likewise she seeks out the family and friends she knows and tries to help them in need.

I admire that.

Everyone has a gift and ability.

Chick-a dee would be the first one to say she is no one special.

She would not be the last.


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Saturday Schedule

Saturday Schedule

Alot of the Ministries shut down on weekends.

The Schedule for Saturday is Hit and Miss then with only Sporadic Posting.

A few New Series were started this week and a few new Books.

We hope to have the Missler Study 24 hours of the bible Next Week.

I appreciate the comments and "likes" people have used.

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