DailyHope: Godly Goals Require Faith

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Godly Goals Require Faith
by Rick Warren


Without faith it is impossible to please God …. Hebrews 11:6 (NIV)

"We must set goals that are bigger than ones we can reach on your own."

Godly goals are set through faith. The Bible says, “Without faith, it is impossible to please God.” In order to please God, we must set goals that require faith.

What does this mean? It means we must set goals that are bigger than ones we can reach on your own.

For instance, I want you to set a health goal for this year. As I’ve said, if you don't have a health goal, then your goal is to stay the same or get worse. To move forward – to get healthier -- you must set a health goal.

Let’s say you need to take off some weight. If you say, ‘My goal is to lose one pound’ – well … you know you can do better than that. Set a goal based on what God tells you to do and I have no doubt that will be a goal that will require you to remain dependent upon Jesus.

You haven't believed God until you've attempted to do something that can't be done unless his power is at work in your life.



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GodCalling: " Relax,"


Relax, do not get tense, have no fear. All is for the best. How can you fear change when your life is hid with Me in God, who changeth not - and I am the same yesterday, today, and forever.

You must learn poise, soul-balance and poise, in a vacillating, changing world.

Claim My power. The same power with which I cast out devils is yours today. Use it.  If not, I withdraw it. Use it ceaselessly.

You cannot ask too much. Never think you are too busy. As long as you get back to Me and replenish after each task no work can be too much.  My Joy I give you. Live in it. Bathe your Spirit in it. Reflect it.

Jesus came and spoke with them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.  Matthew 28:18

blessings to you and yours this day and always ...


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Now to Him who is able to keep you from falling, and to make you stand in the presence of His glory blameless with great joy, to the only God our Savior, through Jesus Christ our Lord, be glory, majesty, dominion and authority, before all time and now and forever. Amen. Jude 1:24-25

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OpposingViews: Solving the Great Issues Christians Face..., well maybe....(Abortion)

Solving the Great Issues Christians Face..., well maybe....


by Michael James Stone on Saturday, January 15, 2011 at 10:38am     OddThoughtsOnSaturday:


The problem with abortion issues is Men decide. They are often the first ones to "make" a knee jerk decision and remind a "religious" minded person what the scriptures say and not "add the rest of the law" if they are determining a "course of action".

If I were strictly and purely "legal." MAN is guilty of abortion. While the Woman may determine the "participation" on her part of the initial act, and the subsequent "consequence" result, i.e. pregnancy then choice of abortion;

The "original sin" in an abortion is the man.

You can't get pregnant and have an abortion unless a man has "Unaccountable Seed" that is "his responsibility" of where it goes. He has the ability to determine where and what his "seed" is used for.

Whether for good or evil, whether to give life or take life(eventually) or whether to waste his "seed" as in spilling on the ground and abusing (not using as in the way and purpose it was designed.)

The "issuance of life" are those things that proceed out of a man, and in Jesus case he said it was Our words from our heart, but in "the Law" it would be the "seed of man" is responsible to the man who initiates it.

Seed" is the Issuance of Life that man is allowed to participate with a woman and God in "creating" life, and propagating birth. 

Man Conceives; Woman receives; God breathes; and you have a living soul.

If you participate in sex, as God intended, then you are Initiating life, and progenitor of "life issuance" which is orderly usage of the body for godly purposes meaning pregnancy and birth.

Inordinate affection, though often used to only include homosexuality in Romans, is ANYTHING that is NOT THE NATURAL ORDER and usage of the body. Since you exist forever, heaven or hell etc, then it makes sense.

If you live only now, "throwing your sperm around" without consequence and irregardless of accountability, then that is the rationale of many.

BUT, if you admit, like WE MEN DO, we dodge the issue and BLAME everyone else AFTER THE FACT OF OUR INDULGENCE, and pretend we are not accountable for where and what we did with our seed, then of course we say like ADAM....,


IT WAS THE WOMAN at fault.


ABORTION is a MAN dodging his accountability for his own body, by blaming a woman for what he did with her body in the first place.

You don;t have an abortion without a man participating in the first place. No woman rapes a man to go out and have an abortion. Nor does a woman get inseminated to have an abortion.

It's just we men, much like society portraying mean as boys, need to grow up and own up to our own Seed.

If we do, it won't eliminate all abortion, but 99% of it. And if it were "eye for an eye" than the man who impregnated a woman and woman who had an abortion ending life, the woman might be sterilzed, but if you castrated just one man, MALES the world over would think twice about Inordinate, Irresponsible SEX with no accountability.   


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WeekEndswithBob Coy: "Conflict Resolution"

Articles by Active Word On-the-Go Devotional

Pastor Bob Coy photo
Conflict Resolution
Pastor Bob Coy
Psalm Chapter 7 is attributed to David, a man who endured more than his fair share of conflict. David’s very own son, Absalom, as well as Saul, Goliath, Shimei, and at least 200 Philistines were all less than thrilled to see him (1 Samuel 18:27). For David, conflict was a way of life, and so we would be wise to pay attention when he says something about it. Notice what he says here concerning those who persecuted him and the conflict they brought: He implores the Lord to come and save him. He doesn’t glory in the fact that he was a mighty man of valor, one of the world’s greatest warriors, or someone who could take care of himself. No, first and foremost he cries out to God to be his help and to come between him and his enemies. When it comes to conflict in our own lives, we need to do as David did and put the Lord between us and those causing the conflict. In doing so, we’re reminded that those who oppose us will have to go through God in order to get to us. With that understanding, we’re able to handle everything that comes our way. It may not alter their actions; God might actually use what they’re doing to teach us, or it may be His will for us to flee the situation. But our confidence at the end of the day is in knowing God lies between our antagonists and us. 

When He [Jesus] was reviled, did not revile in return; when He suffered, He did not threaten, but committed Himself to Him who judges righteously… (1 Peter 2:23 NKJV) 

Father, helps us to not focus on our persecutors but to put You between us and them; help us to entrust our defense to You.

What does this passage reveal to me about God?
What does this passage reveal to me about myself? 
Based on this, what changes do I need to make? 
What is my prayer for today?

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WeekEndswithJoyceMeyer: "Accidental Sin"

Accidental Sin

January 15
No one born (begotten) of God [deliberately, knowingly, and habitually] practices sin, for God's nature abides in him [His principle of life, the divine sperm, remains permanently within him]; and he cannot practice sinning because he is born (begotten)of God.
1 John 3:9

I like to put it this way: I used to be a full-time sinner, and once in a while I accidentally slipped up and did something right. But now that I have spent many years developing a deep, personal relationship with God and His Word, I concentrate on being a full-time obedient child of God. I still make mistakes, but not nearly as many as I once did. I am not where I need to be, but thank God I am not where I used to be. 

There are times when I accidentally make mistakes, but it is not the desire of my heart to do wrong. I do not deliberately, knowingly commit sin. I do not habitually sin. So I don't allow those occasions to make me feel insecure. I don't do everything right, but I do know that the attitude of my heart is right. I can be having an absolutely wonderful day, feeling very close to the Lord and quite spiritual. Then my husband, Dave, comes home and says he does not care for the outfit I am wearing, and I suddenly become angry and defensive, telling him everything I don't like about him either. I don't intend for that to happen; in fact, I plan to be very sweet and submissive when he comes home. 

But, as Paul said in Romans 7, the things I want to do, I don't do, and the things I don't want to do, I end up doing. We plan for right behavior because our hearts are right, but like Paul our plans don't always work. Thank God for His mercy that is new every day (Lamentations 3:22-23).

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WeekEndswithCharlesStanley: "Steps of Faith"

Devotionals by In Touch

Dr. Charles Stanley photo
Steps of Faith
Charles Stanley

The Bible portrays the Christian life as a walk. It speaks of walking in the Spirit, in God's ways, in love, and in truth. Our lives, then, shouldn't be stagnant; they ought to move and develop to be increasingly like Jesus'. Scripture calls this "sanctification."

But what if you feel that you're going backward instead of forward? Do you know how to turn around? Only by faith in Christ can any of us move in the right direction. Here's how to correct your course:

• First, have assurance that God keeps every promise. The Bible contains an amazing number of guarantees for believers, including wisdom for the asking, God's constant presence, and peace when we focus on Him.

• Second, anticipate the Father's response. In other words, prepare for what He will do because of your confidence in His promises.

• Third, be aware daily of His involvement in your life. By spending time in the Word, prayer, and meditation, you will become sensitive to what He is doing.

• Fourth, pray boldly because you are God's child (Heb. 4:16). Approaching the Father in such a manner isn't a prideful confidence, but an overflow of your assurance in Him.

• Finally, obey the leading of the Holy Spirit. This is the true test of your belief—in fact, the Bible says that without action, faith is dead (James 2:17).

Can you sense that your life is progressing and you are maturing into Christ's likeness? Or do circumstances and character traits seem to hold you back? God promises to continue making His children beautiful throughout their lives. You can resist Him or cooperate with His gracious work in you.

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WeekEndswithGregLaurie: "Do You Want to Change?"

Articles by A New Beginning

Greg Laurie photo
Do You Want to Change?
Greg Laurie

It’s interesting to look through the pages of Scripture and note how God came to various people in the way they needed Him to come.

To Abraham the pilgrim, God came as a traveler. Remember those three visitors who came to his tent before the judgment on Sodom and Gomorrah? One of them was the Lord himself.

To Joshua the general, Jesus came as the Commander of the Lord’s army, telling him to take off his sandals because he was standing on holy ground.

Jacob, in turn, was a wrestler. Figuratively speaking, he was always wrestling with people: he wrestled with his father Isaac . . . he wrestled with his brother Esau . . . he wrestled with his father-in-law Laban.

So the Lord came to Jacob as a wrestler. Psalm 18:26 says of God, “With the pure You will show Yourself pure; and with the devious You will show Yourself shrewd” (nkjv).

Therefore, the Lord shrewdly came to Jacob. Genesis 32:24 tells us, “Then Jacob was left alone; and a Man wrestled with him until the breaking of day” (nkjv).

Jacob had been left alone with God. He was always conniving, always scheming, always plotting, and always had an idea. So the Lord stripped everything away and said, “OK, I want you alone with Me.”

As the commentator C. H. McIntosh said, “To be left alone with God is the only true way of arriving at a just knowledge of ourselves and our ways.”

The conniving, plotting, scheming Jacob was all alone with God, and they began to wrestle.

What God wanted from Jacob was his surrender. But that wasn’t going to happen until Jacob came to the end of his strength. So on it went throughout the night.

Then a life-changing moment transpired for the scheming Jacob. Instead of fighting with God, He was clinging to Him. The Lord said, “Let Me go, for the day breaks” (Genesis 32:26 nkjv).

Jacob responded, “I will not let You go unless You bless me!” (verse 26 nkjv). It was a valid response on Jacob’s part in asking for this blessing, because in surrender to God’s plan, he would find what he always wanted.

There is a wrong kind of wrestling with God in which we try to run from His work for our lives and refuse to go in the direction He wants us to go. But there is a right kind of wrestling with God when we are trying to get His blessing.

Jacob won, in one sense, because he called out to God and asked for His will.

Then God asked Jacob an unusual question: “What is your name?” (verse 27 nkjv). Did God ask this of Jacob because He didn’t know his name? Hardly.

For Jacob to state his name was an admission—an admission he did not necessarily want to make. The name Jacob means, “heel-catcher, supplanter, grabber.”

In essence, the Lord was saying, “Jacob, do you want to keep living up to your present name and deceiving others, or will you admit what you are and let Me change you?” This is a question only Jacob could answer.

Jacob finally gave in. He surrendered. He had gone from cunning to clinging, from resisting to resting. He had been brought to the end of his resources. And God gave him a new name: Israel.

The name Israel is not an easy word to translate. Scholars differ as to its meaning. Some translate it as, “One who God commands,” or “Let God rule.” Others translate it, “One who fights victoriously with God,” or “A prince with God,” or “God’s fighter.”

Whatever the meaning, it is clear that a complete surrender to God and His will took place for Jacob. His loss was his victory. He won by losing, because now he was able to go in new strength as he walked in God’s power, will, and timing.

This is exactly what Jesus meant when He said, “Whoever loses his life for My sake will find it” (Matthew 1625 nkjv).

We might look at that statement and think it doesn’t make any sense. But it makes perfect sense. To lose your life simply means that you come to the understanding at some point in your life that God’s plan is better than the plan you have for yourself.

I want to ask you today, are you ready to walk in God’s ways? Are you really ready to change?

If you are, then just watch what God will do.

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JonCourson: “the miracle of manna ceased,”

May blessings be abounding to you all this day!

And if I may, let me share with you something that has truly blessed me in a profound way . . .

My son Benjamin has just released his third book entitled "A Generation Chosen."

Everything from the front/back cover, to the layout and sizing, and (most importantly) the content of his writing is very, very fresh and just plain ol' cool!

But don't let the cool factor fool you . . . for the book is written as a clarion call to this new generation of young adults to take seriously the command to take up the Cross, die to self and live a consecrated life for the Lord.

As a young adult himself (with a very wise 'old soul'), Ben speaks the language and understands the battles facing his generation. He pulls no punches, yet he preaches grace. He issues an exhortative invitation to grow up and get serious about living for Jesus, and explains why this is the way to really experience the abundant life.

If you are linked to folks in their twenties (or teens), please consider putting this book in the hands of every one of them!

And if you yourself desire to be inspired and encouraged in your own walk with Jesus, I promise you this book will most definitely do just that.

Truly, this book is a bargain at $10.00, and you can order today by clicking onto the following link:
A Generation Chosen

You can also order this book and other books by Ben, or take in his teachings, by visiting his website at www.bencourson.com

Ah, I have great, great hope for the impact that this new generation will make on this old, broken world that so needs to passionately fall in love with and seriously follow after the Lord Jesus Christ, who "is the same yesterday, today and forever."

Amen and amen!

All Blessings,


January 15
  And the manna ceased on the morrow after they had eaten of the old corn of the land; neither had the children of Israel manna any more; but they did eat of the fruit of the land of Canaan that year.  
  Joshua 5:12  
It is interesting to me that it was in the Promised Land, a picture of the Spirit-filled life, that the miracle of manna ceased. If there was ever going to be manna from Heaven, I would think it would be when we’re Spirit-filled, when we’re moving in the arena of the miraculous, when we have the anointing of the Holy Ghost. But this passage tells me differently, for when the Israelites were in the wilderness - which speaks of carnality and dryness - miracles abounded. But now that they’re in the Promised Land, the manna stops. 

In the Azusa Street Revival of the early 1900s, during which there was a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit, the leader of the movement prophesied that three things would cause the movement of the Spirit to be quenched: more attention given to the Holy Spirit than to Jesus Christ, more attention given to praise than to prayer, and more attention given to the gifts of the Spirit than to the fruit of the Spirit.

When they were released from Egypt and as they wandered in the wilderness, the children of Israel saw more signs and wonders than any other group of people in history. Yet it was unbelief that kept them from entering the Promised Land (Hebrews 3:19) because faith doesn’t come through seeing miracles. It comes from hearing the Word. Therefore, the new generation would eat the formidable fruit found produced in the Land of God’s promise rather than the manna of the miraculous. 

Cling to the Word. Cling to the promises of God. Not only will this please God as you walk by faith, but you will find them to nourish and sustain you more deeply than even a miracle would.

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DailyLeadership: Do you have the necessary conviction to become a great leader? (156-5)

Do you have the necessary conviction to become a great leader? (156-5)

Written by Barry-Werner on January 14th, 2011. Posted in Courage/Risk-TakingIsaiahLeadership PrinciplesOld Testament,Persistence.

Great courage comes from great conviction in the leader’s relationship with God. Read Isaiah 63:11-14.

Moses led Israel during one of Israel’s most difficult times. What was Moses’ key to success? Isaiah recalls that Moses received his courage from his convictions. Moses’ relationship with God came first. That relationship established a foundation for his convictions and finally from his convictions came his courage to lead others without compromise. 

Conviction is more than simple belief; it is a firmly held belief. Conviction is something that is set deep in a leader’s spirit, something they believe in wholeheartedly. A leader’s every thought involves certainty and assurance about an area where a leader has conviction. Moses had a great relationship with God and great conviction that God loved the Israelites and had their best interests at heart. That conviction gave him courage to lead the Israelites even when they openly rebelled against his leadership and even God’s leadership.

Good leaders believe in their assignment; great leaders are convinced that God gave them their assignment. Their relationship with God is such that they will overcome any obstacle to please God with their service born out of love for Him. When a leader believes in something with all their heart they find the courage to complete the task.

Joshua 1:9, “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

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